Ranch Style House Remodel Before And After

Ranch Style House Remodel Before And After – I often post about my house, but for a change I wanted to show you the exterior makeover of Ed and my good friends Debbie and Martin’s house.

They were our neighbors for 22 years when we lived in Pennsylvania. They moved into this house from our old neighborhood a few years before we moved to Lake Murray, South Carolina.

Ranch Style House Remodel Before And After

Ranch Style House Remodel Before And After

They were about our age, empty nesters, and didn’t need a big house, so they decided to find a small house in the country.

Can A Raised Ranch Home Become A Traditional Home?

After months of searching, they found what they were looking for, a seven-acre red brick ranch.

They don’t stop at changing the look of the house. A small farm with full barn and extra driveway was added to the wide open and empty yard…  

I know you’ll love seeing how they change their look to suit their lifestyle and dream vision.

This is what the house looked like before the renovation. Red brick is fine, but not just the way you want it to look.

Before & After: A 1960s Ranch House In Colorado Gets A Fabulous Update

All brick white paint, added metal roof and oversized flat clapboard siding, new doors and lights.

Take a look back at how they turned this 1970s brick house into their dream home a few years later. Red/orange bricks, red roof and rust/red shutters.

Not only did Debbie and Martin paint the house white with black shutters, but they added a metal roof and a pergola. A long porch paved with stone and fenced with white picket leads to an elevated garden with cuttings, herb and vegetable gardens.

Ranch Style House Remodel Before And After

Gardening is one of Debbie’s passions. There are green flowers everywhere and her gardening skills are everywhere.

Adding A Second Story To A Ranch Home In East Greenwich, Ri

After the house was bought, the internal damage was repaired before moving in. Over the next few years, the exterior of the house changed.

Replace shingle roofs with metal roofs. Metal Roofs in Drekel Metal Roof Systems Colors

This is the metal roof chip. Colors will look different depending on the amount of light. On a sunny day, it looks more like silver, and on a gray day, it looks more like dark gray.

In this photo you can see the lush landscaping after adding the metal roof and taking root.

Renovating And Modernizing A Ranch House

Shortly after moving in, they designed a barn and a chicken coop, both built to the side of the yard out of sight.

With a vintage truck and tractor out front, the property gives the impression that the property has always been a farm with a barn, rather than a lonely brick ranch house on 7 acres.

As I said above, the look of the house will not change all at once, but within a few years. They know what they want and take the time to get it right. See how designers, architects, and graphic designers transformed these traditional ranch homes into absolute wonders…stunning before and after remodels. According to Zillow, nine out of 10 homes from the 1950s and 60s are ranch style. As the ’80s rolled around, more squares were opted for; however, the McMansion trend was quickly ending, and the ranch of the ’50s returned in a big way. Ranch home in high demand and ready for updates.

Ranch Style House Remodel Before And After

This client from Michigan wanted to update her front porch and overall curb appeal. The flagstone walkways, wooden garage and dark colors that blend in with the surroundings make this design one of my favorites!

Ranch Curb Appeal Before And After

This Atlanta wonder needs some updating and lighting! Removing the blinds and adding stunning visual comfort lights does the trick. Choose an earth-toned plant and your eye will be drawn to the front door. Now, this house is a turning point!

Sometimes you have an idea but just need a visual before you start. This client wasn’t sure if she wanted to paint, but she was looking for an easy change. After seeing this beautiful color, she couldn’t help it! The goal was to draw all eyes to the circular staircase to the updated front door. Usually wood is the best choice; however, in this design we chose a rich black door to enhance the metal and lighting.

This guy from North Carolina wanted to ditch the traditional ranch style and create a truly bold masterpiece. Black interiors aren’t for everyone, but when done right, the exterior can be beautiful and timeless. Using all glass and huge side lights, the opening of the front door transforms the patio space from a dark hole into an open oasis. This home screams curb appeal!

As you can see, traditional breeding doesn’t have to be a curse. The ranch is back! Some people have ideas they need to see before pulling the trigger. Others look for simple changes. A handful of solid designers want you to download and be impressed! Update and love your home instead of selling that beautiful ranch. Welcome to Sissi & Mike’s Modern Navy and Cedar Ranch renovation style! Whoa, that’s a mouthful – ha! 🙂

Sopo Cottage: Creating An Open Concept Living Space In A 1950’s Ranch Home

When a college friend of mine called to tell us she had a ranch in downtown Jenks, she said we’d check it out and we got into the truck. I knew I wanted it when we pulled up to a large ranch style house. Mike Miller is more convincing when looking at the peach colored walls, floral wallpaper (I might add the ceiling), and the enclosed kitchen with dark cabinets and suspended ceilings. Oh yes, the house is a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom that Mike thinks is hard to resell.

As we were walking through the house, my friend told us the original owner’s daughter had passed away and he was selling it. The same people built and owned this house for over half a century. She raised her family and created thousands of memories within those walls. We decided to buy and make it as we left. I didn’t know it at the time, but in the process of renovating this house, we met a neighbor born in the 90s, Dorothy, who is a close friend of the original owner, and we fell in love ever since. Along with the history of this house. We love hearing Dorothy recall sitting on the back porch drinking coffee with her friends and playing around the kitchen table. After meeting Dorothy, we truly fell in love with the house and community and were proud to be part of its history…  

See, I understand that every house has a story. What an honor. Part of this story is uncovering the memories embedded in the walls and preparing the new family, the sweet newlyweds who bought this home, to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Ranch Style House Remodel Before And After

Sign up! Welcome to the Modern Navi & Cedar Ranch renovations by CCC & Mike.

Before & After: You Won’t Believe What The ‘home Town’ Hosts Did To This Old House

Inside this beautiful ranch style home originally built in the 1950’s. i don’t want to do that

If you know what I mean. Make no mistakes. I like white. My entire house is whitewashed brick.

But I think the beauty of this house is that it can totally capture something a little more dramatic and exciting because of the very large exterior. I knew I wanted to go for the light blue look and pair it with cedar shutters and trim. I absolutely love how it turned out.

Paint Colour: Brick Sherwin Williams Galle Strength, Trim and Door is the front porch of Sherwin Williams Galle:

Before & After Pictures That’ll Inspire You To Buy A Fixer Upper (2023)

At the beginning of this project, HGTV came here to film the pilot episode. Mike and I were soaking up the excitement of “Screening Day” as the film crew cheered us on! Unfortunately, they decided not to continue filming and we’re over the wall! We literally sat in the house for a year before Mike finally let me do more design work. Otherwise we wouldn’t tear down the wall, because that’s a blessing. It looks great and opens up the house completely. Thanks HGTV!

Here are some amazing before and after photos showing how we transformed this kitchen from a dark, closed ceiling and printed wallpaper to a stunning open concept kitchen with a large island, open shelving and many WOW!

The folding kitchen was a great opportunity to have fun and practice my design skills.

Ranch Style House Remodel Before And After

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