Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas – Hi everyone, I’ve been a little inactive on the blog lately, but for good reason. I am renovating an old spacious house for my father.

Let me hold you. My dad had a brain tumor a year ago and has been slowly dealing with dementia ever since. Well, we’ve recently seen it go downhill fast and realize that it really shouldn’t be left alone. So we decided to move my dad into a mobile home to help my brother and his wife.

Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas

My father has a mobile home. When my parents moved, I didn’t update much because it reminded them of our childhood home. Even though it is very old, they love it! So it really needs some TLC.

Double Wide Manufactured Home Kitchen Remodel

I was planning to replace the floor because I had to remove some sub-tiles due to my dad’s uncontrollable dog. OH! Well, I never replaced the tile because it didn’t match, so I was expecting to replace the entire floor, which was nothing. So it had to be done.

When I finally got the new floor, I thought how nice it would be to paint the cabinets.

Then I realized that the closet/toilet in the lobby was just a bad design and completely empty and needed to be fixed.

You get the idea. I just can’t help myself. So for two weeks I updated many things about my father’s house.

Old Waynesboro Rd #f, Hephzibah, Ga 30815

We needed to quickly renovate this mobile home so my husband and wife could move on a tight budget, which I knew I could do. Although my husband is really worried about my growing to-do list, I know I can do it all for free. The only cost I’m concerned about is the cost of installing the floor from Home Depot. Sorry! About $10,000 was spent on production and installation. No they are not. It won’t happen.

My father-in-law, who is a contractor, offered to help, but it all came out and the more I thought about it, the more I knew I could do it myself. At least I can in my head. I don’t know if my knees and back will do, but I thought I’d give it a try. So my brother and I made our own room and saved thousands of dollars! The floor itself is already around $2,000. So we saved about $8,000. OH!

So the lesson here is to think about what’s involved in a home improvement project before you commit. This type of room is very easy to build, which overcomes the pain problems. 🙂

Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Here’s a list of projects I’ve worked on and how I did them. I haven’t added up all the costs yet, but I believe the project is under $3000. Wait to see how that changes. Here are the before and after details of the mobile home renovation.

How Do You Update An Old Mobile Home?

We started with existing stained wood kitchen cabinets. My father has a glass cabinet in the upper corner of the kitchen. It takes up a lot of counter space and the only thing in the cabinet is a cable box, wires and other junk. There’s nothing you want to see in a glass bottle. So I decided to take it out. For more space on this account. Now you have a place to put a microwave without taking up all the counter space.

There is also a floor-standing cupboard in the back corner of the kitchen. This cabinet has random items like some food, cookbooks, plant food, and flower pots. Again, not a good use of space. So we took it out. This made a good angle for my brother’s water cooler.

A boy is your best friend. Paint can really transform a space from dark to bright and cheerful for very little money. I bought 1 gallon of water and 2 gallons of paint to clean my dad’s kitchen cabinets, walls in the kitchen, lobby and living room.

This first barn renovation was another great example of how paint can transform a space. Read Camper Remodeling – Before and After.

Our Mobile Home Remodel — Tara Vander Dussen

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The first step for this project is to first wash the cabinet with a teaspoon. This is a powerful cleaner that removes all grease and paint from the cabinet to ensure the paint adheres to the surface. I can’t believe how clean my closets are after using this product.

Then I bought a good primer and painted all the panels and cabinets. I chose to use light gray for the cabinets and light white for the walls. It’s amazing how much brighter the whole place looks than just the picture.

Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas

When I was shopping for paint colors, I was looking at the backsplash types. I don’t really need to wash much, but you know…I do. 🙂 It goes well with the tile and grout, my chosen paint and floor color.

Modern Home Kitchen Renovation Flip

Setting up a backsplash is quick and easy. I learned something. When starting back, place one side of the brick in a straight line and start at one corner. I started at one corner, but I didn’t cut the plot first, and then I had to go back and “fill” a row of cells. This works fine, but I would save a lot of time if I started with a straight line.

I had to change the place. This is a necessity. The dog did some work on the existing vinyl flooring and had to replace it. Additionally, this vacation home has 4 different floor plans from the back bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. It really has to be the right layer.

I chose a floating vinyl board from LifeProof that I could install over the old floor. Of course we replaced the floors that were damaged and had some updates, but other than that it was pretty easy to install.

This layer changes the space dramatically. This not only modernizes the space, but also makes it look bigger. It’s amazing what a cohesive layer can do for a space. There are no more than 3 different vinyl tiles that work everywhere. Now that’s a nice, even layer.

Before And After Kitchen Makeovers To Inspire Your Own Renovation

Want some fresh outdoor ideas? Check out our post on “How to update and modernize the exterior of your split-level home”.

One way to do this was to use the tools available in the cabinet. However, they should be cleaned carefully. I soak them in the spoon solution for an hour and then wash them. A type of metal oxidizing solution. But I like it! Anyway, I was looking for a farmhouse style and I love the blue/green brass. Oops that was good.

Another way to make a big difference in your space without spending a fortune is to organize what you already have. Just moving things around, cleaning up and organizing leftovers makes a big difference.

Single Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Since we had to clean out our closet for the shoot, I cleaned out and salvaged some of my dad’s unused items. It made room for some of my brother’s stuff. It’s amazing how clean and organized your place will look just by doing this and not spending a dime.

Double Wide Mobile Home Kitchen Cabinets

The closet in the hotel is driving me crazy. There are the cheapest elevator doors that never work properly. My father tried to “fix” the cells by knocking on them and turning them into open doors, but that didn’t work either.

The shelves are very deep and there are only 3 shelves so it is useless for storing food. Everything just fades into the background. Completely empty space.

For some reason, there are two pieces of wall between the gates. ??? I don’t know what it is. This allows the entire medium to reach the cabinet. It just needs to be destroyed.

Note: Since the doors are actually doors, I figured there was a reason why the sides were between the doors.

Single Wide Lot Models

I removed the door and the track. I tore down the partition walls inside the closet and removed all the shelves.

Once the closet was fully opened, I decided I didn’t want to cover the shelves. I decided to purchase free standing units that can be customized to your liking. I am a

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