Small Apartment Patio Ideas On A Budget

Small Apartment Patio Ideas On A Budget – Sarah Walk overcame three major challenges while building the deck. The bloggers behind Tell Love and Party wanted to save money, so this was a budget update. The terrace was also small so we had to make the most of the small outside space. Plus, he’s renting, so he needs a patio repair for the tenant.

Watch as he overcomes all these challenges and ends up in the great outdoors… all in one weekend!

Small Apartment Patio Ideas On A Budget

Small Apartment Patio Ideas On A Budget

When we moved into our house we had big plans for our backyard. Great plan! But for the past few years I’ve kept putting it off, and our sad little yard has been getting no love.

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I want it to be a place where we can all hang out, but I’m going to turn it into a place where my kids draw with chalk and spiders. I need some serious motivation!

What better way to do something than a challenge, right? The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge was my must-have.

The problem with renting is that nothing is permanent or you have to get permission from the landlord. Therefore, we want to make a few small changes that will be easy and effective and guarantee the return of the deposit upon departure. It should be a patio metamorphosis for the tenants. Of course, money is always an issue, so I decided to fix the budget as well.

The sad concrete before is a happy sacred place for the whole family to gather. All my patio dreams come true.

How To Style A Small Apartment On A Budget

Since our backyard was such a nightmare, I knew I needed to renovate the actual backyard.

We had to pull a lot of weeds and use 12×12 flagstones to cover the rest of the yard. It is actually an easy project and paving is very expensive.

We set up the area, put a few mats on the stones, and then put the stones. We covered it with sand from the rocks and covered the courtyard around it with stones.

Small Apartment Patio Ideas On A Budget

I can’t tell you how much I don’t like the fence. It really needed a facelift but I couldn’t paint it because it was too durable and needed a modern look. So we decided to make a painted slat wall.

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The great thing about building your own walls is that you can paint them. Also, since it was enclosed in an old fence, we were able to remove it when we moved.

We bought 1 x 3 pieces of wood. I like them thin but not as big as 2 x 4s. They are also relatively inexpensive, making them perfect for budget patio renovations.

About 21 pieces are needed for each wall section. We carved it into 2 x 3 pieces. Each wall was 8 feet long. Then we put them on the fence.

Finally, I painted the walls white. It is very bright, especially compared to the darkness of the trees before.

How To Create An Outdoor Getaway On Your Tiny Apartment Porch

My patio is small so I can’t have anything too big, but I still like to be and where I want to be. The Hampton Bay Lemon Grove Wicker Patio Set is a perfect match. I could sit there all day!

An outdoor coffee table is perfect for putting your feet up or entertaining guests, while the storage underneath is great for storing extra pillows and blankets.

Accessories have always been very important to me and really bring everything together. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good, so I think the more accessories the better.

Small Apartment Patio Ideas On A Budget

I really fell in love with the metal garden bench as a side table. It has a nice design and holds a good drink, book or flower without taking up too much space.

Small Patio Ideas To Use All Year Long

Garden umbrellas can also make a difference. When the sun is high in the sky, this is the perfect shade.

Lighting is HUGE for me when I’m outdoors. There is something magical about a summer night outside with a few bistro lights hanging above and candles below.

These string lights add to the atmosphere I like along with the galvanized lanterns and LED candles for a little extra.

I love succulents or tropical plants, and they are displayed in beautiful ceramics, including the dark blue Rivage ceramic pot, which really completes the look. I’m not very good at taking care of plants, and I want something that’s easy and doesn’t require constant maintenance. I mean, I’d rather be outside relaxing than cutting the plants.

Outdoor Patio Ideas For A Place You’ll Never Want To Leave

To complete the patio budget we added a fire pit. There is nothing better than curling up next to the fireplace on a cool evening on the terrace.

Since the outdoor patio is so small, I added extra pillows that we could take outside when we were ready to put on our clothes. This is a real space saver when not using the fire.

I really like the new patio for our tenants. It only took a weekend and it did NOT break the bank. Now probably my favorite place.

Small Apartment Patio Ideas On A Budget

What a difference! I look forward to lazy summer days with friends and family.

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Sara Walk is a housewife who loves to do things. She says she can’t stop thinking about her next DIY project. She writes about crafts, decorating, parties and more on her blog Tell Love and Party.

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