Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget – The young family living in this Houston Heights home purchased a kit from a parts yard to transform their backyard. The only major challenge: a small budget of $8,000. (Works with all budgets. Learn more about budgeting in our Land Cost Guide). Her goals for the garden: Beautify the fence—it’s sturdy but needs updating, create a spot for grilling, cover outdoor cables, plant low-maintenance, hardy plants, and create an easy garden-facing seating area. Make room , Biggest shadow. So, our design team is busy creating beautiful, affordable backyard renovations.

The talented team of designers are experts in design engineering, and the designers found creative, smart, cost-effective solutions to help this family achieve their goals. First, to create a simple seating area, we built a path and poured concrete. Paving is the most important expense of a garden. Amount: $5,120.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

To add to the beauty and richness of the garden, our design includes a variety of hydrangea inflorescences, green flowers and Kimberley ferns, all grown on the shady side of the garden. Hydrangeas were one of homeowner’s top requests, but many varieties won’t withstand the South Texas heat, so we chose panicle hydrangea, which is hardy and low-maintenance.

Backyard Ideas On A Budget: Create An Outdoor Retreat For Less |

On the other side of the garden, which receives full sun, we added a simple trellis and a star vine to give the fence a fresh look and a lovely scent.

To reduce the cost of purchasing plants, we recommend 1-gallon and 5-gallon plants. These will be small at first, but they will soon grow into the full, green plants you see in the design. Plants: $1,120.

To add depth and dimension to the garden, we added a small border of pea gravel around the edge. We raised the gravel border near the house to make room for a grill and a small planter bed to hold the AC and power units. Stone: $1,600.

One easy way to bring any garden to life is to improve the appearance of the lawn. Natural lawn care: $80. (Looking for a lawn alternative? Check out our 2020 Plants of the Year.)

Low Maintenance Landscape Designs On A Budget

Therefore, we will discuss your budget early in the landscape design process to minimize surprises when it comes time to build. We want to ensure that our design team personalizes your garden, providing a glimpse into what’s most important to your outdoor living and a unique environment – at a cost. We do this through our in-house construction team of experienced contractors and a pro network of professional architects across the country.

Are you ready to enhance your home improvement with professional landscape design? Create your own design logo or check out our design packages today! Sometimes it seems like there isn’t much one can do with a small farm, let alone a budget, but with the right advice, that can change.

We talked to two gardening experts to find out some clever and affordable ways to turn your small garden into the outdoor space of your dreams. Richard Mears of Richard Mears Garden Design has been designing gardens for over 20 years and has some helpful tips on how to have the small garden you want on a budget:

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Make sure you really want to make that change and see if you can keep and reuse what you already have. Draw or sketch whatever you have in mind and get it right the first time. Measure the yardage, because doing it correctly will save you money without having to do it twice. Spend as much as you can on the best products as they will last and save you money in the long run.

How To Create A Kid Friendly Backyard That Even Adults Can Enjoy

Have a Garden Party. Treat your friends to a barbecue and a drink if they help you clean up the garden, build a fence, lay down the yard, dig beds, and plant plants. Paint an existing fence instead of buying a new one. Use aggregate gravel instead of stone or brick for roads or paving, for example, Breeden Aggregates Amber Gravel or Wayfarer. The cost of materials is lower than the cost of labor and is cheaper when installing natural stone.

Shop for natural stone as the cost of supplies varies greatly unless you choose it yourself. You can also use ceramic tile instead of natural stone but make sure it is waterproof. Visit recycling centers for unusual containers instead of buying pots. You can also pick up equipment from there. The reclaimed yard is also a great hunting ground for any outdoor item.

Grow your own plants from seeds or cuttings, swap plants with your friends and neighbors, make your own compost and grow food. Herbs or shrubs that return year after year, rather than as annuals. Be smart with your purchases – bulbs are much cheaper in the fall. Bare-root plants are cheaper to plant in fall or winter than container grown plants in spring or summer. Bare root plants or dormant fall foliage are much cheaper than growing in a container. Don’t prune the bush any smaller than you’d like at first, as it grows, you’ll have to be patient.

Use unusual brown furniture indoors and outdoors and paint it to make it last longer. It won’t last forever but it will be visible until you find teak or oak chairs that are weather resistant.

Small Budget Backyard Makeover Ideas

“A small garden shouldn’t stop anyone from being creative with their outdoor space,” said Neil Francis, senior Vic garden maintenance manager. “Many things can be done to make small gardens tasteful.”

Steps or stairs can increase the amount of land available for flowers and shrubs. For example, the Rollinson Tiered Planter (£169.99) at Wick can be used as two separate planters, allowing you to move them around the garden to create different features.

Folding furniture is also useful in the garden as it can reduce waste. The Rollinson Plumley Bistro Two Seater Set (£99.99) includes two folding chairs and an easily stowable table, so people can sunbathe and gather in colder months.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

This can be useful for small gardens too – placing the tiles in a diamond shape gives the visual impression of a larger garden.

Cheap Garden Path Ideas And Helpful Tutorials!

Small spaces can also be made attractive with modern look and design lines. This can be achieved by creating interesting and interconnected spaces with special materials such as wood trim or decorative stones, which will help you achieve a beautiful look even in the smallest of gardens.

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