Small Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas – The kitchen isn’t often referred to as the most elegant place in the home, but as an area where many of us spend time every day, it deserves a bit of attention. The kitchen is also a space that offers little value if it’s not fully functional, so you need a design scheme that doesn’t interfere with the utility of the room. An easy way to make function and form work well here is to keep it simple with a classic palette like white, blue, or even green. But one of the most enduring plans (and a favorite of our A-List talent) is a cool, fresh kitchen in black and white.

“Black and white is a classic combination that is nostalgic and timeless,” says designer Delia Kenza, who recently created a charming kitchen space on Harlem Row. “When done right, black and white is easy on the eyes and provides a clear contrast that feels natural.”

Small Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

And there are many ways to make this graphic palette yourself. Some designers deliberately keep colors and accents to a minimum, while others use small doses of bright accent colors to balance out the monotony. Some stay in the same theme as the rest of the house, while others will allow the kitchen to become a sexy aesthetic anomaly. “The combination can be modern or traditional, and can be the perfect background for other colors and materials,” Kenza added, suggesting that the homeowner play with the palette of floors, surfaces (he’s a fan of marble ink and polished granite). ), and lighting.

Gorgeous Ideas For The Perfect Black And White Kitchen

Whatever your cup of tea, this black and white kitchen collection is sure to inspire your own kitchen space.

In this Long Island family home, Rodney Lawrence injected a dose of whimsy with a David Faust mural, which stretches into the living room. This whimsical design is balanced by simple stools by BDDW, pendant lights by Room Furniture, and basket backsplash tiles by Ann Karung.

In this Stockholm apartment by Anton Wikner, details have been kept as understated as possible. The white wall was the obvious choice to achieve this minimalist look with a stainless steel counterpoint to the detailed black accents.

For their own Brooklyn home, design duo Civil kept things fun, friendly, and functional. The steel frame island in the kitchen is custom built and topped with Arrabescato marble. The hood cover is custom made with red lamination.

Eco Friendly, Elegant Kitchen Design By Spark Interiors

In this Minnesota lake house, Anne McDonald pairs slate-colored countertops with white cabinets for an airy, refined look.

In an airy New York loft, Carly Cushnie designed a simple kitchen with white marble countertops and black-framed benches by Lulu and Georgia.

In her own New York home, Augusta Hoffman opted to keep most of the kitchen updates, she just changed the ceiling light and added a wooden bench.

Small Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

Like the rest of this Harlem house, Delia Kenza broke up the drab palette with pops of red.

The Top 98 Black And White Kitchen Ideas

In the kitchen of this art-filled Manhattan duplex, Dorothy Berwin used photography by Gregory Crewdson and a bubblegum-pink table by Sabine Marcelis to add visual interest to the space.

In this New York City kitchen, Gachot turned the bronze (on the kitchen island) into black, complementing the patina finish with pristine white cabinets and Roll & Hill pendants.

At the home of fashion executive George Kolasa in the Hamptons, black and white are approached from a rustic perspective. The white subway tile on the backsplash is perfectly balanced by the reclaimed wood island.

In this SoHo loft, Jessie Schuster enlivened a modern, mostly-white kitchen with antique countertops and stainless steel stools from Crate & Barrel.

Best Small Kitchen Ideas 2023

In a quiet and beautiful apartment in New York, Kevin Dumais opted for a moody, mostly-black kitchen. Millwork is custom by Small Bones, stools by Martell Woodworks, and pendants custom by Trans-Luxe.

A large white marble island adds an interesting contrast to a New York condo kitchen outfitted with a black marble backsplash, black worktops, and cabinets.

In a Baltimore loft with high ceilings, the kitchen is one of the most intimate spaces. Here, Laura Hodges pays homage to Fisher & Paykel’s appliance and space industry origins.

Small Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

In a modern California farmhouse, ELLE DECOR star Nicole Hollis places black Overgaard & Dyrman stools under a Caesarstone counter, keeping things refined and functional. It’s ceramic tile backsplash by Heath Ceramics and sconces by Brendan Ravenhill.

Black And White Kitchen Ideas: 10 Beautiful Designs |

In the light-filled kitchen of this Brooklyn home by Home Studios, the white range is by Lacanche, the island is custom, the bench is by Rejuvenation, and the built-ins are by RH.

In the kitchen of this light-filled Fawn Galli Florida home, the cabinets are custom painted and painted Borrowed Light by Farrow & Ball. The table is from Moving Mountains and is surrounded by Tom Dixon’s Scoop chairs, which have been reupholstered in ScalamandrĂ© fabric.

In a 1970s Monaco apartment, the black-and-white kitchen has a table and chairs by Jeanneret, as well as an oven, hob, and hood by Aster Cucine.

The black and white kitchen in the family’s Scarsdale, New York home features custom black hoods for the upper cabinets. Designer Tamara Magel added contrast to the space by choosing a brown leather bench.

Best Colors For A Small Kitchen To Create Big Appeal

A trio of pendant lights adds warmth to the kitchen design, which features white subway tile (one of the many industrial notes in the room) and black cabinets with gold hardware.

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Small Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

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Black And White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

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From time to time, interior design trends become so ubiquitous that they deserve to be called a phenomenon. And a quick look at Instagram will show that the tiny white kitchen has earned a tag.

Small white kitchens are not as common or attractive as other trends. In fact, they’re downright sensible: White is known to make a space look bigger and more open, and the dry neutral makes a natural addition to a kitchen, which is normally a bright, light-filled space.

So if you’re browsing a small kitchen that you know you want to paint white, you’re in luck. Small white kitchen ideas abound, and we’ve rounded up 27 of our favorites below.

Ideas For White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Hardware

Counter space is precious in any kitchen, but it’s especially important in smaller kitchens because appliances tend to take up a lot of space. So find ways to fit them on your shelves and cabinets. Your microwave won’t take up space on your counter if it has its own cabinet.

It makes sense to create boundaries between different rooms, but doors aren’t your only option. In fact, doors can be a poor choice when it comes to decorating a small space. Because? When it closed, they left the room feeling suffocated. And when they open up, they need unnecessary space. So consider trading your door for a sweet curtain, which will take up very little space.

An easy way to add functionality to a small kitchen? Change the portable island. There are many great options out there, and you can decide if you want one that matches your kitchen perfectly or one that introduces a new color to your palette, like the one shown here.

Small Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

When decorating a small kitchen, open storage is your best friend. Shelves tend to have a lower profile than cabinets, so they should make your kitchen feel more spacious. Remember, however, that anything you place on this shelf will be on display, so it’s worth updating your kitchen cabinets and investing in good plates, mugs and glasses to serve as decoration.

Make A Small Kitchen Look Larger With These Clever Design Tricks

Most of the small kitchens merge with the empty dining room. Then, chances are, you’ll also need some in-room dining. Look for places you wouldn’t expect to scoot into a seat or two. Your kitchen island can easily double as a table, especially if you slide a few low-profile chairs under it.

Are you looking for a way to add personality to your space without sacrificing your crisp white palette? Can be done. Instead of choosing classic white subway tiles for your backsplash, go for triangular tiles. The ready-made shapes will add visual interest to your space while keeping things as clean and minimalist as you like.

Stack the plates as you can

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