Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget – Looking for inexpensive ways to decorate your small patio or den? Check out these simple and charming porch decorating ideas that you can use to create a cozy porch! You can transform your front door area even on a budget with a few inexpensive decorative items!

Good Friday! Hope you had a wonderful week! This week’s Friday favorites are a little different because I’m participating in the Front Porch Decor Blog Hop with some other fun blogging friends! Here the spring weather begins and I can’t wait to spend our days outdoors. It’s been a lot of fun getting our patio ready for the season so we can use the space all spring and summer. Our front foyer is so small it can be hard to pin down, but with a few small updates, we’ve been able to create a space we love. After reading my little porch decorating ideas, be sure to check out other bloggers’ porches too!

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Even on a small terrace, you can add a small conversation area. It might just be a small chair or stool, but it makes a space so welcoming!

Stylish Ideas To Make The Most Of A Small Front Porch

This year we found a small garden chair. Last year we managed to put together a rocking chair. Here you can see our terrace from last summer. While I liked having the rocking chair on the porch, it was a little too big for the small space. It was a very functional decoration, but it just didn’t feel like it was there. We always used the chair, mostly me, but sometimes I would catch the kids reading a book.

Originally, I was going to put the rocking chair back on the porch, but when I realized it needed to be repainted, I had a second thought. Then my six year old and I were at Target on the outdoor patio and found so many fun outdoor chairs! I took this little patio chair home and then asked the kids what they liked best.

Yellow Planter (similar) // Small Garden Chair (currently out of stock. This is a fun option) // Black and White Striped Cushion // Metal Outdoor Table (similar)

The material on the chair is really cool! It soaks and dries well. This is a very comfortable chair, especially the cushion!

Easy Fall Front Porch Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

When you’re working on a small decorating budget, you’ll want to look everywhere for home decor, including places you’d never think of. That rocking chair I mentioned was actually a yard sale find! I’ve been known to grab small pieces of furniture from the side of the road. (No shame to admit it!)

This year I created a spectacular spring patio in a very unexpected location. You won’t believe where I got the white coffee table!

Five under all places! I was under five the other day with the kids, and there are so many cute home and garden tools! There’s no reason to spend more money on something that could last you more than a year anyway! I find that outdoor furniture, no matter how much you spend, doesn’t last as long as you want!

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Yellow planter (similar) // Garden chair (sold out, but another option) // Black and white striped cushion // Metal outdoor table (similar)

Refresh Your Home With Southern Front Porch Decorating Ideas

I love adding cushions and blankets to our patio chair. However, a pillow or blanket may not work if you have an exposed space. Even though our space is covered, the cushion still takes a beating from the weather, so I’d definitely choose an outdoor cushion. If the weather is really bad, I try to remember to bring a pillow and blanket.

The laminated doormat look is still a big trend. You can add some style and your own personality with a fun doormat. For a richer look, add a layered doormat. Find a large patterned rug for the base, then add a cute and fun doormat for the top layer.

We’ve had this black and white rug for a few years and still love it. This is a similar black and white rug. The carpet has held up very well and has not had to be replaced even after several years. However, doormats don’t hold up well and usually need to be replaced every year, especially after a long winter!

I was so excited to bring out my new lemon doormat that I’ve been talking about since I bought it a few months ago! The door was the inspiration for the rest of the porch where I added little pops of yellow! When I have the rest of our summer flowers, I’ll be sure to include more yellow.

Easy, Affordable Ways To Make Your Front Porch Pop

Lemon doormat (other options here and here)// black and white rug option//yellow tub // black and white cushion

If it’s within your budget, consider new light fixtures. Good light can give your small patio a “sophisticated look.” You don’t have to spend a lot of money on patio lights. There are many options at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Whether you have a new front door or an old door that has seen better days, a new wreath can really give it a makeover! If you plan to use the wreath in all seasons, stick to a neutral wreath with lots of greenery. If you choose one with lots of flowers, you may find that you need to change it more often to match the season.

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you’re on a budget to decorate your patio, one of the cheapest decorating tricks is to fill the space with flowers and plants. Save more by buying apartment flowers (not already potted) and then planting flowers in inexpensive pots.

Best Fall Porch Decorating Ideas With Tons Of Seasonal Style

Plants and flowers add color and joy to the terrace. You can even choose flowers that match any color theme with your small patio. In my case, I tied the yellow and white with my flowers.

Decide what you want from the space and focus on your priorities. Do you want a place? Do you like many plants and flowers? Need a new wreath or doormat?

In my case, our porch was complete after a few more decorations. The blanket and pillow were the things I had close at hand. I bought the yellow planter from Kirkland. Then I added another plant and it was a $10 deal from Whole Foods! (You never know where you’ll find home decor!). Plus, the wreath was for sale at Home Depot! (Similar here).

You don’t have to do a full driveway inspection every season. Check out what you already have to work with, then mix in some new stuff.

Summer Front Porch Décor For A Small Porch

The key is taking the time to fill a niche. Over the last few months I’ve slowly been picking up a few things and it’s all come together. Sometimes when you go out and decorate a space on short notice, you end up buying things you don’t really like. Focus on one key decorative element you love, then build the rest of the space around that piece!

This front door blog hop was just the inspiration I needed to spruce up our front door area for the season! Be sure to check out these patio ideas as well:

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Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas On A Budget

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