Small House Interior Design Living Room And Kitchen Modern

Small House Interior Design Living Room And Kitchen Modern – Open plan kitchen designs are a very popular choice in today’s homes. They allow for easy movement between kitchen, dining and living areas, and can also include outdoor entertaining areas. Modern style and design techniques mean that modern kitchen designs include high quality cabinets and furniture that blend perfectly with the living room furniture and color schemes.

In an open-plan design, it helps unify the style of your kitchen and living room to create a natural connection between these spaces. Plus, the open-plan design features separate zones for everything from food preparation to dining, entertaining and relaxing. Use your design, layout, furniture, color scheme and texture to connect spaces, as well as create specific areas for the purpose of each room.

Small House Interior Design Living Room And Kitchen Modern

Small House Interior Design Living Room And Kitchen Modern

The first step to creating a truly integrated first floor that meets all of your cooking, dining, entertaining, relaxing, and more needs is finding a floor plan that works for your family. Start by looking at your current kitchen and living area design and find out what you like about the layout, and most importantly, what you want to change. Speak to your kitchen remodeling expert for advice on the best kitchen layout for your home and family and to determine how it will fit into your surroundings.

Small Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

If you don’t currently have an open-plan kitchen or if your kitchen is too small for your needs, consider pushing or moving an interior wall or knocking down an exterior wall to create a larger space. Open plan layouts bring more depth and light to your main living areas and are versatile spaces for busy entertaining families. They allow you to cook dinner in the kitchen while keeping an eye on the kids watching television in the living room. Guests can easily enter the living, dining and kitchen areas, while chatting with their hosts while preparing appetizers.

Once you’ve removed the walls and created a fluid first floor design, smart style and organization choices will help you create the first floor of your dreams. Bring it all together by coordinating color schemes, textures, built-in and freestanding furniture, and lighting. Keep it separate by making sure you have enough storage space to store everything when not in use.

For a truly fluid style, choose a cladding material that doesn’t create separation between the kitchen and living room. Hardwood floors look good, although they can be scratched in high-traffic areas and squashed in wet environments. Alternatively, install deluxe vinyl board, which is durable, moisture-proof and gives the look of hardwood. Or if you want to separate zones, choose different but complementary flooring materials, such as textured tiles for the kitchen, alongside hardwoods for the living room.

One aspect of open-plan design is the lack of privacy and noise levels. If your teen is having a movie night with friends in the family room, you’ll hear him or her in the kitchen or home office. Open plans are great, don’t be afraid to create some areas that offer privacy Separate them from the main kitchen and living room with sliding or pocket doors that close when you want access to the first floor (but close when you need one). little peace and quiet!) Another option is to add glass doors to divide the kitchen and family room. , which lets you dim the light and offers sound control when closed or open when you don’t need privacy

How To Decorate A Kitchen That’s Also Part Of The Living Room

When designing an open, unified first-floor home, it’s important to identify how your family will use the space and create target zones to meet those needs. Helps you run your home neatly and efficiently This means you have storage where you need it, space for important tasks, and some separation between work and play areas. There are many ways to achieve a cohesive first floor, but separate these spaces based on their purpose.

One way to create these zones in an open floor plan is by using your kitchen island. The island is a clear centerpiece in any kitchen design, and the multifunctional island is often a gathering place for guests. It provides a place to serve food or meals, offers space for food prep, and can transform a home or home workspace. Its island provides extra storage and can be used for special activities like cooking or chopping vegetables if you provide the right countertop.

If you have the space and budget for two islands, designate one for prepping or cooking and one for dining. If your kitchen design plan does not allow for an island, add an island, which serves the same purpose but takes up less space. Other zoning options are a half wall, freestanding furniture such as a sofa or table, or a bookcase. They allow free movement between areas but still provide some separation.

Small House Interior Design Living Room And Kitchen Modern

Lighting is important in any room in your home, but it’s especially important in kitchen design. Level lighting allows you to place essential task lighting where you need it in the kitchen, but set the mood for a movie night or drinks with friends elsewhere in the first floor layout.

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Add dimmer switches and smart light controls that let you change your settings to suit your current activity. It lets you go from simply cooking dinner to doing homework and relaxing with a glass of wine with a friend at the kitchen island.

Also think about the style and materials of your light fixtures and make sure your choice complements the overall style of your home. Above a dining table, a light fixture in one area draws attention and creates a natural focal point.

Technology is another way to effectively integrate the kitchen and living room An entertainment system that lets you play music on the first floor, but even better is one that lets you turn the music on and off or control the volume level in different areas. It allows you to create a quiet space in a far corner of your living room when you want to relax with a good book while the kids listen to music in the kitchen and living room.

Have a television (or multiple screens) where you can watch your favorite shows while cooking dinner or enjoy a good game while cooking and chatting with guests. Add drawers or shelves where everyone can safely store and carry items away from the cooking area and moisture.

Best Living Room Ideas 2023

If a home office space is part of your first floor renovation plans, include a quiet area Add a separate office room with pocket doors to provide your office space with privacy, or set up your office in a quiet corner away from the activity main on its open-plan first floor. Be sure to include everything you need to charge and run your device in this space. If video conferencing is part of your homework, consider the camera position and background you want for your video setup.

Combining kitchen design, dining room and living room decor gives the first floor a cohesive look and natural room-to-room connection. Each of your different functional zones can have its own approach, but it helps to tie them together with common design elements.

One way to achieve this is to add a bar, entertainment unit, or storage cabinet to the adjacent living area that matches or complements your kitchen cabinets. Modern kitchen design cabinets are stylish, high-quality elements that will enhance any room in your home. This means the style is just as easily suited for a living room as it is for the kitchen. You can add the same cabinet style but with a different finish to set it apart from your kitchen.

Small House Interior Design Living Room And Kitchen Modern

Echo patterns, themes, colors and textures to unify your kitchen and living spaces. Use furniture to connect one room to another while creating a natural divider. A comfy couch can separate a kitchen/dining room from your family room Add a coffee table or metal accents to your kitchen’s wood cabinets that complement the kitchen’s lighting and plumbing.

Small Living Room Ideas (with Photos Of Inspiring Designs)

When creating a design to integrate the kitchen and living spaces, it is helpful to choose a color palette for the first floor. Separate rooms, such as powder rooms or separate home offices, can be given a completely different color to add a dash of personality.

For open-plan spaces, work with your basic color palette when choosing cabinetry, furniture, accessories, and soft fabrics. You can change the colors from one zone to another to indicate the transition from the kitchen to the living room.

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