Small Kitchen Design And Colors

Small Kitchen Design And Colors – The saying that the best things come in small packages certainly holds true in the heart of the home: the kitchen. A smaller space can be just as stylish as a larger one, and it may even function more smoothly while you’re cooking in it. With a thoughtful design that reflects the owner’s personality, a small kitchen can be large and inviting to everyone who walks into it.

While a classic white kitchen can look spacious and open, narrow kitchens can be perfect for bringing your boldest dreams to life with kitchen colors (may we suggest blue?). Aesthetics aside, a smart cabinet design can ensure you have enough storage space to bring your kitchen organization ideas to life in a small space. And like any small kitchen, make sure style reigns with designer decor ideas perfect for cooking and entertaining – don’t forget a beautiful island and tiles that will add personality to any room.

Small Kitchen Design And Colors

Small Kitchen Design And Colors

Here we give you 28 small kitchen ideas from our favorite designers that will inspire you to complete your small cooking space in big style.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Even The Tiniest Of Spaces

Architect Paul Bates added a modern twist to his traditional Birmingham kitchen by designing geometric white oak cabinets directly inspired by the doors of David Alder’s Clow House in Chicago.

This appliance is concealed under the cabinet panels which, together with the brass (Modern Matter) fittings, give the kitchen an early American feel. A sconce-style chandelier is from Circa Lighting and the sink and deck faucet are from Ferguson in this Colonial Williamsburg home designed by Heather Chaduck Hillegas.

A 19th-century butler’s mirror makes this small space feel bigger than it is, while offering a glimpse into this Garrow Kedigian-designed Manhattan apartment’s kitchen and wood-panelled backsplash. Leather stools, Le Forge. Wallpaper, Christian Lacroix

In this small kitchen designed by Anthony Baratta in New York, a theatrical valance and painted paneling draw attention to the large window. The original Apthorp mosaic floors are durable and their scale is reflected in the lily wallpaper in the dining room. The bench seat is upholstered in “1940s glam” diamond (Dualoy) leather. The table is a Biedermeier reproduction commissioned by Baratta.

Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

In the kitchen of his San Antonio home, designer Todd Romano used an antique iron table instead of a built-in island, which would have made the small kitchen more cluttered. Custom Talavera tiles are arranged in a graphic chevron with gloss ebony cabinetry (black, the beautiful color of Europe).

In designer Cece Barfield Thompson’s New York apartment, a large checkerboard (Floe Painting) makes a small kitchen look more spacious. The steel carpentry is original.

Despite its small size, this New York kitchen designed by Robert Pasal can accommodate a large island that not only provides seating for four, but also includes a cooktop. In combination with wall ovens (on the right of the frame), the built-in hob unnecessarily enlarges the cooker and frees up storage space under the hob. The sculptural metal chairs are finished in antique brass and upholstered in pistachio leather (Jerry Pair).

Small Kitchen Design And Colors

In the kitchen of this Montreal home, design duo Les Ensembliers created space for a breakfast table by installing banquettes under the window. The slabs are in Caesarstone and the table is English.

Sizzling Kitchen Trends 2022 You Don’t Want To Miss

In this London townhouse, designer Gary McBurney uses muted colors to draw the eye to the kitchen alcove from the large breakfast room and brightly lit living room. Cabinet paint, Teresa’s Green by Farrow & Ball. Refrigerator, Sub-Zero. Countertops, Caesarstone

In the small kitchen of his home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, designer Jeffrey Fisher decorated floor-to-ceiling tiles with a hand-painted border. The floors are sanded by hand, using local terracotta.

Soft, smoky tones add a modern, sophisticated touch to the homey little kitchen of this 18th-century Parisian apartment. Upper cabinets have mirrored eglomos and “almost look like Venetian blinds,” notes decorator Jean-Louis Deniot. The lower cabinet paint color is Midnight Oil by Benjamin Moore.

A combination of shelving and open cabinetry, all painted in a handsome powder gray hue (Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray) creates an upbeat, airy vibe in the quaint, cottage-sized kitchen of this southern ranch. 1950s.

Best Small Kitchen Ideas 2023

Designer Mark D. Sykes covered the walls in a William Morris floral tapestry and upholstered a pair of Hickory chairs in a Carolina Irving botanical fabric. The bistro chairs are from Ballard Designs.

A cheerful pattern, like these quirky decorative panels in the kitchen cabinets of this Mark D. Sykes-designed home, is a welcome surprise in small kitchen cabinets.

In this Mark D. Sykes-designed home, a sunny nook transforms into a sparkling breakfast nook thanks to built-in banquettes and a slender Saarinen tulip table.

Small Kitchen Design And Colors

Architect Peter Block designed this intimate kitchen in Brace Island, South Carolina, with windows that seem to soar higher than the ceiling. He and interior designer Beth Webb also bypassed conventional upper cabinets to keep the small kitchen from feeling “closed in.” Unlacquered brass sinks Plumbing. Rodent, cut white oak.

The Best Paint Colors For Small Kitchens

In this South Carolina kitchen, architect Peter Block and designer Beth Webb clad the fridge and freezer in the same white oak panels as the cabinetry to create a more seamless look, which is even more important in a small food. . Fine line from Bertazzoni.

In this Palmer Weiss-designed Montana kitchen, a row of drawers – instead of base cabinets – provide ample storage space that’s much easier to access and organize. Silicon bronze accents, Rocky Mountain hardware. Bi-energy range, Wolf. Cupboards, furniture for provincial stores.

Lively sapphire cabinetry turns this little butler’s pantry, complete with fridge and sink, into a colorful jewelry box in this Ruthie Sommers-designed Rhode Island retreat. The Lawrence of La Brea rug showcases the subtle red tones of the canvas in an eccentric fabric by Katie Ridder. The custom cobalt paint is from Fine Paints of Europe.

It may seem counterintuitive, but removing an upper cabinet can make a small cooking space seem larger. In this Parisian apartment, designers Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud placed a large work of art instead of shelves or cabinets along one wall. Tractor chairs from BassamFellows keep a low profile, while simple black melamine wood cabinets reinforce the more modern style.

Gorgeous Grey Kitchens

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry along one wall in this Parisian kitchen designed by Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud maximizes storage space.

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Small Kitchen Design And Colors

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Small Kitchen Paint Colors To Open Up Your Space

How to Organize Carpets the Right Way 1906 San Francisco Playful Artisan Tour Fortuny Launches First Upholstery Collection 12 Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Living with a small kitchen is always frustrating, whether you’re a foodie or the kind of person who uses the oven as a closet accessory. Space gymnastics like chopping vegetables on a postage stamp-sized counter or vacuuming your stomach to navigate the aisle between the refrigerator and the kitchen island can get old fast. But a lack of square footage should never hamper your kitchen’s design potential. In fact, you might be surprised at the countless methods out there to make even the toughest countertops look and feel great.

“Always extend your cabinets all the way to the ceiling, regardless of the size of your kitchen,” advises Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, partner at Nate Berkus Associates. “It will make your ceilings higher and your kitchen look bigger.” She recently incorporated this space trick into a Manhattan apartment with a small kitchen. If floor-to-ceiling cabinetry isn’t possible (we heard you’re a renter), Buxbaum Gordon recommends thinking small: “Invest in details that will add visually and make a statement.” Whether you’re mowing or adding strips of sheet metal to your desk surface or throwing vintage hardware…use these little details to make your personal mark.

Replacing a dull shade of paint with a light, bright shade on your cabinets can also go a long way, plus tons of other tips and tricks. So we’ve rounded up 81 small kitchens from our archives to show you exactly how. Keep reading to see beautiful homes that make the most of their small layouts with bold cabinetry, double accents, stylish lighting solutions and more.

This Victorian farmhouse in Oxfordshire, England, home to Toast CEO Susie de Rohan Wilner, may be small, but it sings with country charm. Light green lower cabinets help the eye transform the space, while open shelving allows for smart storage and the display of chic knick-knacks.

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The client of this Manhattan apartment doesn’t often use her tiny galley-style kitchen, but that hasn’t stopped designer Lauren Buxbaum Gordon from making it a centerpiece. His signature ? Extend the wardrobe until the growth period

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