Small Kitchen Design Basics

Small Kitchen Design Basics – Kitchen designs for new builds or renovations can give you an updated and refreshingly modern style. This design is smart, user-friendly and practical for the whole family.

Kitchens with a modern or contemporary feel are usually minimalistic in design and feature linear and geometric themes. The use of asymmetric balance is also a trend in modern kitchen design. Cabinets and developments are very simple and have only modest decorations.

Small Kitchen Design Basics

Small Kitchen Design Basics

Modern kitchens often use man-made materials developed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as steel, plastic, linoleum, chrome, molded plywood, laminate, acrylic, concrete, and glass. Natural materials are used in many modern kitchen renovations, especially when a less industrial feel is desired. Granite, slate, stone and wood are the most common natural materials that complement modern kitchens. These natural materials are also used to warm up the palette and create a more inviting kitchen.

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Modern kitchen furniture can be distinguished due to the emphasis on rectangular and square shapes. The cabinet frame is usually hidden by panel doors. These are flat doors without inset panels or decorations. This design has clean and smooth lines. The hardware is usually as thin as a doorknob. Some designs offer a combination of door pulls for lower drawers and handles for cabinets.

Modern wardrobes often reach to the ceiling for maximum storage space. Some kitchen designs offset the cabinet height of upper cabinet designs to break up the look of large cabinet walls. Some other popular features include:

Stone surfaces are an integral part of modern kitchen design. Granite and marble remain favorites, while quartz and recycled glass have gained popularity. Table tops made of wood blocks provide a good contrast in the style of a modern country kitchen.

Laminate flooring has improved significantly over the decades. The technology enables a wide range of colors and designs with smooth edges for engineered stone designs and more.

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Backsplashes are just as creative when you use any of these materials, as are decorative tiles. You can use glass mosaic tiles, cast stone, slate and various ceramic tiles to create stunning backsplashes.

Islands and breakfast bars remain favorite features of the modern kitchen. If your kitchen is large enough to have an island, you can use it for a color statement by painting it a different color than your cabinets. A breakfast bar can be part of the island design or part of the kitchen cabinet that separates the kitchen from the family room and/or dining room.

You are not limited to a certain color palette for your modern kitchen design. Subtle colors are popular contemporary options that give your kitchen a fresh and sophisticated look. But if bolder and brighter is more to your taste, modern kitchen design can easily match any color you prefer.

Small Kitchen Design Basics

You can paint your kitchen cabinets or if you prefer a dark stain gives a fresh modern style. You may prefer two-tone cabinet colors, such as gray for the island and white for the cabinets, or one color for the lower cabinets and another color for the upper cabinets.

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There are seemingly endless possibilities for flooring. Wood and tiles are still a good choice. Vinyl plank flooring and other patterns are very popular choices and make floor maintenance a breeze. With the popular open concept for modern homes, you want to maintain design continuity between the living room, dining room and kitchen.

The lighting for a modern kitchen is usually a mix of light types. Recessed ceiling lights are essential for ambient lighting. Under-cabinet lighting provides good task lighting, such as pendant lighting fixtures common over islands and breakfast bars. Ceiling light fixtures can be close to the ceiling or more prominent semi-flush. A formal kitchen design can be a chandelier or a small chandelier.

Stainless steel appliances are undoubtedly hot products for the modern kitchen. Kitchen appliances are often found in luxury homes. Gas stoves and ovens are popular, as are glass cooktops for electric induction models. Built-in small appliance stands can add luxury to your kitchen design.

Technological advances provide smart devices that can even be configured through your smartphone. Many stoves offer the option of a convection oven. An induction cooker is another possible option. Advanced programmable refrigerators, dishwashers and stoves make your kitchen design exciting and practical.

Small Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen design has distinctive features that make it easy to identify the style. However, you can design your kitchen to reflect your personal style with the many options available. When you make a purchase through links on our site, we may receive an affiliate commission. That’s how it works.

Your kitchen may be compact, but it can still offer all the functionality and looks you’re looking for. What’s more, a great small kitchen design can make you feel like the space is much larger than the square footage suggests. (For some kitchen ideas to accent your decor, check out our feature.)

The key to a great small kitchen is good planning to ensure the space meets all your needs, including essential storage for food, cookware, cutlery and appliances, large and small, and having an efficient floor plan that allows preparation, cooking and washing up. up an efficient process.

Small Kitchen Design Basics

Magnetic experts explain: “Your floor plan isn’t just about the organization of your space. It’s also important to think about your work triangle. One of the advantages of small kitchens is that you can easily access all areas of your space, making cooking and cleaning efficient. Try to place cleaning, cooking and preparation areas in three separate areas with plenty of floor space between them.’

Small Modular Kitchen Designs

To make your kitchen design a success, our guide has all the advice and expertise you need. From planning to costing and budget-friendly ways to style your small kitchen to perfection, we can help.

Follow these tips to design your small kitchen, from choosing the best layout for a small kitchen to choosing the colors that maximize the space.

If you work with a kitchen designer or architect, they will prepare a plan to scale of your small kitchen design, but it is perfectly possible to do it yourself with graph paper.

Measure the size of the kitchen and decide on a scale for your plan. Note that the window or windows in the small kitchen must also be marked in the drawing along with the door(s). Of course, if it is part of an open kitchen-dining room, it may not include these, but include other areas of the room in the plan so you can see how the small kitchen area relates to them.

Tips For Small Kitchen Design

With the plan, you can see where the base and wall units can go, how your necessities fit, and whether the features you want to include can find a place in the small kitchen.

There are several layouts to keep in mind when planning a small kitchen. Check out the options when you’re wondering how to decorate a small kitchen.

Often a small kitchen will have a kitchen layout with units along one or two opposite walls. If your kitchen is the narrowest of small kitchens, there may only be room for one set of units along one wall. However, if it is wide enough, a small kitchen could accommodate another set of units opposite.

Small Kitchen Design Basics

The same layout can work if your small kitchen is part of an open space, with an opposite row of units created by a kitchen island (use this feature to design an explanation).

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U-shaped kitchens can work well for small spaces. You can easily create an efficient work triangle with a stove, fridge and sink on each side. Consider the following points:

Practical in small spaces, L-shaped kitchens are often part of an open kitchen dining room. Remember these points:

After you know what you want to include in the design of a small kitchen and how the fixtures and other elements will be arranged, think about the style of the units.

To maximize the feeling of space in a small kitchen, you need to reduce the details of the kitchen cabinets. If you’re looking for a modern kitchen look, flat units will do the trick – handleless cabinets are ideal and suitable for very small kitchens, ensuring there are no protruding handles.

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Don’t worry if you prefer a more classic look. Shaker kitchens have clad fronts with a light design, so they prevent a small space from looking hectic with details.

Reflective textures will make the most of daylight and artificial lighting and help a small space feel larger than it really is. Think glossy units or even stainless steel. If these aren’t your thing, flatter finishes or brightly painted units will also brighten up the space in a space-hugging way.

This is critical. And white is an attractive choice in a small kitchen design because it will help to illuminate the room and make it feel larger. Pure white looks modern, or you can choose more creamy shades for a softer effect. Find white kitchen ideas in our design gallery.

Small Kitchen Design Basics

Small colorful kitchens are better kept in lighter shades. Think light green, blue or gray if the room lacks light.

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There is a small kitchen with a skylight etc.

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