Small Kitchen Design Black And White

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Small Kitchen Design Black And White

Small Kitchen Design Black And White

Every once in a while, an interior design trend becomes so widespread that it deserves to be called a phenomenon. A quick look on Instagram means that the small white kitchen has been tagged.

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Small white kitchens are not as whimsical and attractive as other trends. In fact, they make perfect sense: white makes a space look bigger and more open, and bright neutrals often complement bright, light-filled kitchens.

So if you’re walking into a small kitchen that you know you want to paint white, you’re in luck. Ideas for small white kitchens abound, and we’ve rounded up 27 of our favorites below.

Counter space is valuable in any kitchen, but it’s especially valuable in small kitchens because appliances take up so much space. So look for ways to move them to shelves and cabinets. Your microwave won’t take up space on your counter if it has its own oven.

Creating boundaries between different rooms makes sense, but doors aren’t your only option. In fact, doors can be a very poor choice for decorating a small space. Why? When confined, they are out of the room. And when they open, they need unnecessary space. So consider replacing the door with beautiful curtains that take up less space.

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An easy way to add function to a small kitchen? Stuck on a portable island. There are so many great options out there, whether you want to match your kitchen completely or you can decide to add a new color to your palette as pictured here.

Open storage is your friend when decorating a small kitchen. Shelves are shorter than cabinets, so you need to make your kitchen more spacious. However, keep in mind that anything you put on these shelves will be on full display, so it’s worth investing in cute enough mugs, cups and mugs to organize your kitchen utensils and serve as decorations.

Most small kitchens are adjacent to non-existent dining rooms. So, you probably need a place to eat. Find unexpected places to sneak a chair or two. Your kitchen island can easily become a table, especially if you slide a small stool under it.

Small Kitchen Design Black And White

Looking for a way to add character to your space without sacrificing a white palette? It can be done. Instead of choosing classic white subway tiles, opt for triangular tiles. The out-of-the-box shape adds visual interest to your space and keeps things as clean and minimal as you like.

Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire Your Next Renovation

Stacking tiles is not the most efficient way to store them. Why? If your panels are round, you may lose space around the edges. A plate rack that keeps your plates to the side can help reclaim some of that space. Install it in your closet or pick up a budget version at the store for your favorite storage solution.

White may be your favorite color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle in an accent or two. Look for places to change your palette. Your pendant lights, bar stools, shelves and doorknobs are all good candidates.

Adding color is one way to make a space more functional, but adding texture can be very helpful, especially when working with a more limited palette. So look for opportunities to mix and match things. Brushed metal pendant lights look great next to rustic wood shelves and both play well with glossy back panels.

As hooded hoods are becoming increasingly popular in the interior design industry due to their ability to combine with other decorative schemes, know that your carefully curated palette doesn’t have to end up in your hood. You can keep your palette clean by layering the cover or going for a white option first.

Inspiring Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Corners can feel empty in a small kitchen unless you make your kitchen as efficient as possible. Find ways to make it more functional instead of putting corners that seem useless. Can your counter be extended and bar stools added to create a fast food lounge?

If classic appliances don’t fit your space, look for smaller options. Replace the oven with a full toaster oven and replace the 6-burner unit with a 2-burner stove. They may not be in every kitchen, but they’re better than none. And hey – who needs six burners?

Is there an underrated place to sneak into storage? Your windows. As long as the window is deep enough, you can store many things in your doorway, and if you want to take it to the next level, you can install a shelf in your window. A glass shelf should maximize storage space without obstructing your view and you can make it as high or low as you like.

Small Kitchen Design Black And White

Decorating your kitchen with crown molding can quickly become expensive. But if your kitchen is on the small side, you can pull off a classic style without spending too much.

Black Knobs On White Cabinets For A Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

An all-white color palette makes rooms feel more spacious, and if you use them at the top of the space, they make the ceiling appear taller. Draw the eye with white pendant lights, white decor and white cabinets.

Each of these elements can make a difference, but combined, they’re almost guaranteed to transform your space.

When storage space is important, it pays to be creative. So look for unexpected places to sneak in more storage. Add cabinets under every counter and on every wall and double check that your island is lined with drawers and cabinets.

Decorations can bring a room together, but take up quite a bit of space, so look for opportunities to add subtle, high-impact accents. A notification area that doesn’t take up unnecessary space? Carpet. There are so many machine washable options these days that you don’t have to worry about replacing spills.

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If you have a dining table and chairs, add them. If they are far from your kitchen, consider storing them on shelves. A consistent color scheme visually connects them to your kitchen and makes the two spaces seem more connected.

If the counter space is small, it looks wasted to create a decorative room. But there are some clever ways to bridge the gap. One of them? Upload your cute must-haves. Leave a bowl of grapes, a handful of pears and a lightly used kitchen towel on the counter. By placing them together, you can create a still-life scene and free up some storage space while you’re at it.

If you want to create a more open and spacious kitchen look, buy pans that match your surface. And no, that doesn’t mean the board is your only option. There are many white pans that look great on your clean, white surface.

Small Kitchen Design Black And White

Color is a beautiful addition to any home, but if you want your space to look as clean and uncluttered as possible, opt for a palette. This doesn’t mean everything has to be white, but keeping accent colors consistent will help reduce visual clutter, making your space feel smaller and smaller.

Inspiring White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops

Optimizing your appliances is a great idea in any kitchen, but especially a small one. Why? For one thing, it’s easier (and more economical) to make sure everything looks good because you have one less thing to worry about. Having a few decorative accents can make a big impact on everything from faucets to cabinets in your space.

When decorating a small space, it makes sense to prioritize efficiency at every step. But that doesn’t mean completely abandoning character, personality and decorum. Can you leave some structural elements of your space structured and exposed? Can traditional essentials like teacups and bread trays be swapped out for fancier, fancier decor?

Art can be a great addition to any kitchen and can look especially bold in a small kitchen. So if you have little wall space to add pictures and you’re worried about keeping your palette consistent, choose muted or multi-colored pictures.

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