Small Kitchen Design Boston

Small Kitchen Design Boston – One of the most charming things about Boston architecture can also be one of the most challenging when it comes to design: many of the houses were built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (or even earlier), which means the space isn’t necessarily planned or sized. to match modern equipment. This was the case with a client kitchen project in Charlestown that we recently completed.

As seen from the exterior of the house above, the building is classic Boston sandstone. Our client lived on the top floor of a building and wanted a modern kitchen, but space was very limited and the space was unique. The kitchen was to be a U-shaped room under a dormer. Regarding the style: despite the facade of the house, the owner wanted a kitchen with a modern look.

Small Kitchen Design Boston

Small Kitchen Design Boston

The basis of the design of this kitchen was the intelligent use of space. Organization, function and storage were considered in every decision. In the end, we chose Leicht cabinets for their elegant design and great variety of built-in storage options. Check out the finished project below.

Examples Of Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets From Designers

Open shelves under the hood created convenient storage for frequently used spices and kitchen utensils, making what could have been inconvenient practical.

For more smart design ideas, visit one of our showrooms in Wellesley or Boston, Massachusetts, or browse our Houzz portfolio of interior and kitchen designs.

Boston Kitchen Designer, Boston Kitchen Design, Boston Kitchen Design, Charlestown Kitchen Design, Charlestown Boston Kitchen Design, Charlestown Massa Kitchen Design, Small Space Contemporary Kitchen Design, Small Space Kitchen Design Chelsea Homeowners, Teachers and Lawyers who love to cook and entertain have updated this four-story townhouse from a smaller block in the same complex. Although the kitchen was generally larger, it was just a small galley-style space. Feinmann Inc., a Lexington design and construction firm, combined the original trellis with the adjacent dining room to create a modern, light-filled display. Project manager Tammy Russo, who also helped with the target selection, notes that the inclusion of the nearly 10-foot-long island made a big difference. “It was an important moment in the project,” he says. “It’s a huge space where they can cook and where six people can gather for a meal.”

1 The PentalQuartz Waterfall Island countertop in Thassos White Engineered Stone extends beyond the base cabinet, creating additional legroom and adding architectural charm. Russo says they searched far and wide to find the purest, purest white.

Modern Kitchen Renovation Ideas From A Small Boston Condo

2 Once customers saw the glossy blue-and-white cabinet samples from the Italian company Composit, they gave up on anything finished with wood. “When you’re standing in space, you’re fully experiencing its reflection,” says Russo. “It’s great fun.

Three carved Loophole pendant lights from 3 WAC Lighting add a touch of roundness to all sharp edges. New recessed lights provide an additional layer of lighting.

4 Large faceted tiles from Porcelanosa create a backsplash that is the only matte element in a room full of glossy surfaces. “When everything is slick and smooth and shiny, it stops being interesting,” says Russo. “I wanted to change it up a bit.

Small Kitchen Design Boston

5 Although the upstairs bedrooms have hardwood floors, for practical reasons the team decided to install large-format ceramic tiles with a light gray striped pattern on the main and lower levels. “The look is very modern and suitable for cooking and entertaining,” says Russo.

Kitchens: Small Sensation

6 The Cherry Ploum sofa by Ligne Roset appears in the living room. Provincetown artist Cassandra Complex, represented by Woodman/Shimko Gallery, painted a portrait of one of the homeowners that hangs in the back. Blue lighting marks the perimeter of the room.

Marnie Elise Katz is a Globe magazine editor. Follow her on Instagram @StyleCarrot. Send comments to [email protected]. 3D Design Services Team. Be inspired! Demo Furniture catalog Our brands Our work Our history Join our team

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An extensive renovation gave this bespoke kitchen a timeless, transitional look. Our designers kept this Italian kitchen clean and refined with a subtle shaker design on the white kitchen cabinets.

Interior Designer Christopher Budd Shares Design Tips For Small Spaces

Since the open floor plan was limited, we did not add a large kitchen island. We opted for a kitchen table and chairs instead. High ceilings create the impression of a huge luxury kitchen space.

A custom backsplash elevates this luxury kitchen. It was not enough to use a simple white square tile. We also added a small mosaic accent strip on the countertop and a large arrangement above the stove.

Recessed lighting was installed under the upper Italian cabinets. It illuminated the tiles and countertops. It makes cooking and entertaining easy in this transitional kitchen.

Small Kitchen Design Boston

No transitional luxury kitchen would be complete without powerful appliances. However, the design choice was not to have a built-in refrigerator and let the stainless steel appliances shine.

Boston Family Loft

From modern and contemporary to traditional, transitional and glamorous, our award-winning design team creates bespoke kitchens to suit every taste. Our expertise includes master suites and bathrooms. Our premium design services can cover your entire home. Schedule a free design consultation and visit our Boston waterfront showroom. Adding a spacious pantry became a necessity during the kitchen renovation. But Ken Schaefer’s clients cleaned out the pantry in his Arlington kitchen. “Removing the pantry increased the floor space, which allowed us to build a center island,” says the owner of Right Angle Kitchens & Design. “Without destroying it, we could only hold the peninsula. This maneuver also opened a window at the end of the island, letting in some much-needed sunlight. To compensate for the loss of storage space, stackable cabinets next to the fridge have food in one half and cleaning supplies in the other.

1 The homeowners chose Vermont Verde Antique stone for the countertops, a deep green material with pale green and white veining. “Given the age of the house, they liked the idea of ​​a traditional dark counter,” says Schaefer. “They wanted her to feel like she had been in the kitchen for a while.

2 The warm antique brass fittings balance the cool shades of green and match the ambience of the old house.

3 Without wanting to introduce a different material, the team also used the stone of the worktop as a back cover, hiding it just below the threshold. “It would be too dark and heavy to run to the cabinets,” Schaefer says.

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4 The sink is more or less in the same place and overlooks the yard. Schaefer reduced the size of the window to make room for large overhead cabinets.

The starting point was 5 Aloe Medallion cabinets from the Right Angle Kitchens & Design showroom in Woburn. “We recommended one finish,” Schaefer says, noting that with just two upper cabinets, a darker color would have made the room feel less enclosed. “Glass doors make it more comfortable.”

6 With an island stove, the cook can face the table and window at the front of the house. It also allows for more social gatherings.

Small Kitchen Design Boston

Marnie Elise Katz is a Globe magazine editor. Follow her on Instagram @StyleCarrot. Send comments to [email protected]. The homeowner’s intention was to create a retro feel in the kitchen of her 1951 beach house on Plum Island. “She was inspired by the spirit of the old society,” says Erika Palm, Lee Kimball’s associate designer. So they tested color samples from several retro gear companies. Beach Blue Big Chill was the clear winner. “It’s a fun retro style that’s an ode to an earlier time,” says Palm.

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1 Palm added a small wall to the left of the kitchen to better define the space. It also covers the side of the upper cabinet. “It’s a small detail that creates a much cleaner look,” he says.

2 Floating oak shelves create a sense of air. “Wooden cabinets are typical of old cottages,” he says. “We chose white cabinets, so it was also an opportunity to incorporate a wood element.”

3 Instead of classic subway tiles, Palm proposed a vertical installation in the form of a column that was raised to the ceiling. “A full-length wall is suitable for the beach,” he says.

4 Since this is a second home, the owners opted for custom cabinetry with a factory finish. But there are more bells and whistles, including the old lazy Susans that stretch out in the corners. Classic mugs match the era of the house and the vintage style.

New England Design & Construction

5 The built-in lamp above the sink once belonged to the owner’s grandmother. “It was the right place to put it,” says Palm.

6 The owner was immediately attracted by the rotating chrome handles of the refrigerator. “You pull it out and it clicks,” says Palm.

Marnie Elise Katz is a Globe magazine editor. Follow her on Instagram @StyleCarrot. Send comments to [email protected]. 3D Design Services Team. Be inspired! Display

Small Kitchen Design Boston

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