Small Kitchen Designs South Africa

Small Kitchen Designs South Africa – A closer look at 20 inspiring ideas for modern small kitchens from OPPEIN. Click and choose a great design for your modern small kitchen units.

In a small apartment or house, the kitchen space can be cumbersome. Of course, the kitchen is necessary. However, if you don’t have a lot of space or don’t want to spend a lot on a kitchen, there are fewer options on the market. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place! Here we have collected 20 of the best small kitchen design ideas from OPPEIN – the world’s leading manufacturer of kitchen furniture. Among the countless design styles, you are sure to find the perfect small kitchen cabinet design ideas for you. Let yourself be surprised!

Small Kitchen Designs South Africa

Small Kitchen Designs South Africa

This beautiful kitchen design for small kitchens, a small U-shaped kitchen with gray stone offers a distinctive modern look. In addition, the U-shaped floor plan is considered the most efficient floor plan for kitchens of any size. In other words, you can wash, prepare, cook and eat all in one place just by turning around.

Soft And Subtle

Saving space is one of the main advantages of a kitchen with one wall. The dark stone structure and wood grain blend harmoniously to create an industrial style kitchen. For those who love trendy, modern interior styles, this is an irresistible choice.

When choosing a color scheme for a small kitchen, you need to be careful. A narrow space can create a dark and oppressive atmosphere if you use dull or saturated colors. Therefore, white is a good choice for kitchens because it creates a bright, clean environment. Also, a small kitchen looks bigger with a coat of white paint.

This small kitchen serves as a room divider in the house, saves space and looks modern, literally “wall kitchen”. As an open kitchen it is right next to the living room. This makes it a great place to serve drinks to catered guests, much like a minibar.

A kitchenette is a small cooking area that is usually equipped with an oven and a refrigerator. This is a popular kitchen idea for motels, hotels, small apartments and dorms. As you can see, kitchen cabinets take up very little space. These kitchen cabinets extend vertically to create as much storage space as possible.

Small Kitchen Design In South Africa: What’s Trending In 2022

If possible, building a built-in kitchen for small kitchens would be a far better choice. You can decide on the layout of the small kitchen when planning the house instead of putting the kitchen in a separate room. If the wardrobes are built into the wall, there is more space for other furniture.

With oak grain and pure white, this L-shaped kitchen brings a natural and fresh tone to the cooking space. This simple kitchen design offers an efficient solution for apartment dwellers. The L-shaped layout makes the most of the corner and creates a flexible cooking area. Are you planning a small kitchen? Try this simple, elegant collection.

Natural wood is a real hit. The wood gives the room a soft and warm atmosphere, which makes the small kitchen a warm and cozy place. Obviously, the kitchen is a place that brings joy and love to the home. In addition, the extendable table provides a wonderful place to share a meal with someone you love. This is a beautiful kitchen for your best home, isn’t it?

Small Kitchen Designs South Africa

As an upgrade to the U-shaped kitchen, the peninsula kitchen offers all the advantages of the U-shaped kitchen. There is also more storage space and a large work surface with additional cabinets. In this small kitchen, it is also possible to turn around to finish the whole cooking process, which really saves time.

Small Space Kitchen Ideas

Looking for the best small kitchen design? Try the classic – shaker cabinets. Because classic beauty lasts forever, you don’t have to worry about the kitchen going out of style. This single-wall kitchen has a clean and compact look, perfect for homes of all sizes.

Another idea for a small white kitchen. Consisting of two parallel walls, this pantry kitchen makes efficient use of the narrow space. This is an ideal option if you do not have a separate kitchen space. With white paint and proper lighting, the road will no longer be a narrow and dark place. A really great choice for a wide hallway.

Why can’t a small kitchen have an extra island? Here’s an example of a small L-shaped kitchen that takes advantage of the corner space and adds an island for compact kitchens. A white kitchen with a blue island looks like a lake surrounded by a circle of fog. This is one of the most beautiful and functional small kitchens you can find.

As you can see, this small kitchen layout is not typical. Both wardrobes and cabinets are located against the wall. If your space is irregular, a custom kitchen may be a better choice. Based on the actual floor plan of your home, OPPEIN can design a unique space-saving kitchen for you.

Cook In Style With These 5 Basic Kitchen Layouts

Don’t want to use a separate room for the kitchen? Next, let’s explore the corner area. There is a small corner kitchen against the wall, right next to the window, which provides lots of natural light. In addition, the curved corner cabinet avoids potential security issues, which is both beautiful and practical.

The color green represents freshness and vitality. With an emerald green kitchen, you can enjoy breathtaking elegance. The modern design of the kitchenette has built-in cabinets, an oven and a refrigerator, which makes it easy to save space.

Are you tired of dark and neutral colors? Consider this pretty pink kitchen instead. The single-wall layout makes cooking easy. The combination of pink and white gives the kitchen a romantic and pleasant atmosphere. Despite its size, a small kitchen can be colorful and creative, so let your imagination run wild.

Small Kitchen Designs South Africa

The mounting area shown in the photo above is too narrow to fit in the kitchen. However, installing a kitchen island will solve the problem. It is more like a large kitchen divided into two parts. An island for small kitchen ideas can be very useful for some special floor plans. Remember that the kitchen island should not be considered an exclusive option for large kitchens, it can also be used in small kitchens.

House & Home

Small L-shaped kitchens fit perfectly into the dining room. The dark blue color and matte finish give this kitchen a modern touch. The built-in hob with oven saves a lot of space. By increasing the vertical space, you don’t have to worry about storage.

Among all colors, black and white are the most sober and sober, creating a timeless aesthetic look. Here there is a small kitchen cabinet with everything you need and need. In this kitchen, black and white are like piano keys and cooking is like playing a melody. All this means that life is beautiful and should be enjoyed with good cuisine.

Instead of worrying about a narrow kitchen, why not connect two rooms? As an example, here you can see the combination of kitchen and dining room. This gives us a lot more space. Also, by combining these two areas, you can now enjoy quality time with your family while cooking. Open kitchens require a balance between practical, powerful functions and a comfortable, multifunctional environment. And all while fitting seamlessly into your home’s interior design.

The final detail: “Good workflow, proper storage and ease of movement for kitchen workers play a key role in the design of functional open kitchens,” says Stephanie Forbes of the Association of Kitchen Professionals.

Japandi Kitchen Ideas And How To Achieve These Cool Looks

The finishing touch: Manufactured and fitted by Dezign A Door, this Scandinavian-inspired kitchen in Steyn City, Johannesburg embodies clean looks and simple, clean lines. With an emphasis on clean lines and modern finishes, traditional kitchen doors take second place to drawers with J-Grip handles.

Adequate work surface space is one of the foundations of a well-designed open kitchen. “The great thing about the island is that it complements any kitchen design,” says Forbes.

Depending on your specific needs, the island can be set up to be an integral part of your workspace. The centerpiece of this floor plan is a large island that provides the perfect spot for creative cooking.

Small Kitchen Designs South Africa

“When installing a cooktop on a kitchen island, it’s a good idea to add a hood, especially in an open design,” advises Forbes.

Simple Kitchen Ideas For A Beautiful Minimalist Home

While open-plan homes have become our favorite living spaces, there is still a need to delineate areas to create a sense of intimacy.

The finishing touch: “In an open-plan design, attractive kitchen islands can be used as a clever divider between the kitchen and the rest of the home,” says Forbes.

The island that separates the kitchen and terrace is an eclectic must-have if you’re an avid entertainer. “Spacious workspaces are an ideal place to meet your guests,” says Forbes. This allows them to hang out with you in the kitchen without interfering with your workspace.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, as the old saying goes. But as our lifestyles change, so do our kitchen design needs.

Best Kitchen Design Ideas With Beautiful Photo Gallery

The finish: thanks to the sunny weather in South Africa, kitchens leading to the terrace have appeared

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