Small Kitchen Ideas B&q

Small Kitchen Ideas B&q – Can B&Q match the competition when it comes to fitted kitchens? We review your range of kitchens and provide you with all the information you need to make a decision.

B&Q has been a leader in the home furnishings market since its inception in 1969. It now offers customers a wide range of home renovation and improvement services, including fully equipped kitchens. The company is known for its customer service and consistently receives good reviews on sites like Google and Trustpilot for its excellent service and high-quality devices.

Small Kitchen Ideas B&q

Small Kitchen Ideas B&q

For those looking for new kitchens, B&Q fitted kitchens are some of the more affordable options we’ve looked at, with average prices ranging from £1,000 to £3,000 for eight to 16 units. While the estimated cost does not include assembly and installation, which are negotiated separately, these prices make B&Q kitchens an affordable option for anyone looking to create a new space.

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Whether you are looking for traditional, modern or contemporary cuisine, B&Q has a wide range of cooking styles, hobs and contemporary cuisine. You can set up a planning meeting and look at several kitchens, choose the one you like best and see it in a 3D model.

All kitchens in B&Q’s Goodhome range come with a lifetime warranty to ensure your kitchen lasts.

B&Q built-in kitchens come in a variety of styles: traditional, shaker, flat range and contemporary. You can choose between options with or without handles and choose between matte or glossy finishes to match your kitchen to your liking. Each fitted kitchen option is available in at least two colors like dark blue, white, black, gray and more. Countertops are available in solid wood, acrylic or laminate.

If you don’t need a fully equipped kitchen, you can also contact B&Q for replacement kitchen doors, appliances and storage options.

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Choosing the right kitchen supplier is an important aspect of buying a new kitchen, so we’ve created a handy list of pros and cons so you can quickly evaluate your options.

When purchasing a kitchen from B&Q, you will first be invited to a free planning and design service where you can discuss all of your kitchen ideas and view 3D models and floor plans of your chosen options. You will have access to dedicated consultants who will provide advice and guidance. You can do this online at a store or at home.

Once you’ve selected your kitchen, you’ll receive a personalized offer including all additional services and the option to finance. All you have to do is wait for it to install. You can use B&Q installers and pay for their installation or contact a local contractor.

Small Kitchen Ideas B&q

Compared to competitors, B&Q kitchens are known for their variety and affordability. However, compared to other brands such as Howdens, where most worktops are 18mm instead of B&Q 15mm, some reviews say B&Q kitchens are of lower quality.

B&q Fitted Kitchens Review

If you’re looking for similar kitchen options in the same price range, IKEA has a full range of kitchens in different color options.

B&Q’s prices are competitive and you can see all kitchens in the showroom before you buy. If you want to use a contractor, Howden’s is also an option. But since they only provide commercial prices, you cannot visit the showroom first.

The Chia range is one of the most affordable fitted kitchen options available from B&Q. (Image credit: B&Q)

When considering the cost of a new kitchen, you also need to factor in all the extras like appliances and installation. Most B&Q kitchens are affordable. For example, a Chia kitchen with wood-effect tiles will set you back £1,054 for eight units and £2,059 for a 16-unit U-shaped kitchen. You can customize and adapt the design to suit your needs during the planning meeting. If you want more quality options, you can add expensive equipment.

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B&Q has provided a detailed cleaning guide for its kitchens, saying it has designed all of its lines with ease of cleaning in mind. A simple, soft kitchen towel with household cleaner will prevent stains and help clean up any spills. The tabletop finish is scratch-resistant, so it won’t scratch easily.

You can clean your sinks with bleach or kitchen cleaner, but if you want a more organic option, B&Q recommends using lemon juice.

If you buy wooden countertops, you can sand and oil them regularly to keep them looking fresh and new.

Small Kitchen Ideas B&q

“Overall, I rate the B&Q kitchen set 4/5 stars. Are B&Q kitchens any good? I say yes. The service at the store was great and the kitchen set was delivered on time. Although the materials are not cut and need to be stored in my garage (because the wooden countertop had to be cut from the outside to fit inside the apartment), I am pleased with the final design and the beautifully updated look. No visible wear after several months. If you need to touch up your kitchen or do a complete renovation, based on my experience, I highly recommend B&Q.

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B&Q offers a free in-store or at-home design service with B&Q Spaces design software. You can access and edit your kitchen design online, but you will not be able to use this tool until you receive an initial consultation. When making the reservation, you can choose between a virtual or face-to-face service. Virtual meetings can be held via screen sharing or over the phone and email. For starters, the B&Q website has a “kitchen visualization tool” with which you can experiment with different designs, colors, and styles. You can also view their virtual showroom online.”

“Our kitchen was designed in our shop in Peterborough. Jade’s service in the kitchen was 5 stars from start to finish. Although we had some minor construction issues, the Peterborough team were always supportive and helped resolve any issues or issues that arose. I cannot thank Ross taking care of the kitchen enough. A great tool for solving problems and really useful. I recommend. The kitchen is solid, high quality and has received many comments on social media that it looks good.

“B&Q kitchen purchased in May 2021 installed in September 2021. Of course, initially there were some problems with the wrong goods being delivered and the countertop malfunctioning. Customer service along with the local store staff were extremely helpful in resolving these issues and B&Q eventually provided a satisfactory resolution of the errors.

“We were delighted with the kitchen furniture and built-in gas appliances and we highly recommend B&Q for the quality and service throughout the entire experience.”

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“I received exceptional service from the Llandudno branch. Paul and his manager were just amazing in designing the kitchen! They helped me get the design I wanted within my budget. He gave me a few hours to sort everything out. Nothing was too much trouble for them. There were no intrusive sales methods. He really put me first. A Wren-designed kitchen is nearly identical, but at a fraction of the cost. Thanks a lot Pavel. I hope you read this. B&Q you have a star employee in Llandudno!

B&Q offers a wide range of quality kitchens at affordable prices. If you are looking for a kitchen supplier, this is a good choice. Their beautiful kitchens come in a variety of designs, making them suitable for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a sleek, handleless shaker or one with a traditional sleek design.

You can take advantage of a free planning service to browse the line and choose the right kitchen, adding accessories and appliances supplied by B&Q for the perfect finish.

Small Kitchen Ideas B&q

However, while B&Q kitchens are affordable, their quality is considered lower than other brands such as Magnet, whose kitchen prices are higher. Compared to other brands like IKEA, you are more limited in color options.

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This B&Q review was created after weeks of extensive research into the B&Q kitchen range to select the most up-to-date information after reading customer reviews, blogs and manufacturer brochures. We have created a point-based system of up to 100 points. Disclosure: Home Picks is committed to providing independent advice and reviews of home products and services. When you make a purchase from links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. To know more. Connect with us.

In this B&Q kitchen review, we weigh the pros and cons of buying a kitchen from B&Q and compare the brand’s offers and prices to other UK kitchen suppliers.

B&Q sells a wide range of contemporary, shaker and traditional kitchens under the GoodHome and Innovo brands. There are 12 different kitchen collections to choose from, each with a choice of colors and finishes. Some of them have built-in handles, while others have a push-to-open mechanism. You can choose between glossy and matte finishes.

If you are confident that you can measure, design and install your own kitchen, you can order B&Q kitchen units online without assistance. If you want to experience what different kitchen ranges look like and meet a B&Q designer in person, you can choose from a range of stores across the UK.

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