Small Kitchen Ideas Blue

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Small Kitchen Ideas Blue

Small Kitchen Ideas Blue

While dad’s kitchens seem to be everywhere right now, there is one trend that we think has a lot of power: blue kitchens. From bright cobalt to deep aqua blue, navy blue can be a cool or warm color, meaning it suits a variety of outfits that anyone can find.

The Best Blue And Navy Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors • Craving Some Creativity

A traditional navy kitchen with wood and brass accents harkens back to the farmhouse, but the robin’s blue kitchen has a modern feel with bright white walls and gold hardware. No matter your style, there’s a way to make color work for you, even if it doesn’t have to be neutral.

If you’re looking for some culinary inspiration, we’ve rounded up 25 blue-chip kitchens that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

If you’re not ready to paint every cabinet in the room, start by adding a touch of blue to your kitchen. The island is painted a light blue which adds color to the otherwise kitchen.

If you have (or want) more space to rustle up, navy blue cabinetry is a great place to start. Materials such as raw wood, copper and dark stone make the kitchen feel warm, but not heavy and dark.

How To Create A Kitchen That Is A Blend Of Modern And Traditional

Floor to ceiling color can be strong, especially in blue. In this kitchen, the white background plays with the blue color (it is cold), making it different, not fighting, the choice for design and tiles. Warm white can be seen with blue and silver accessories.

Blue and yellow are opposites on the color scheme, which is why they look amazing together. Adding copper or gold accents on a blue canvas is a great way to make a statement, and it allows your accessories to shine.

This tropical theme adds a cozy feel to the kitchen, hopefully reminding you not to take life (or dinner) too seriously.

Small Kitchen Ideas Blue

Ditching the wall in favor of wallpaper not only saves you time and money, but allows you to play with colors and patterns.

Trendy Eclectic Kitchens That Serve Up Personalized Style

Some would call it more gray, but we see blue in these closets. The black color creates contrast with the bright white background, but it doesn’t feel dull or bright.

When you don’t have a lot of furniture in your kitchen, adding color like a stool or chair is a great way to introduce color without going overboard.

Color isn’t the only way to add blue to your kitchen. Patterned tile creates visual dimension without too many bursts of color.

If you have a kitchen island or bar that faces another room and you don’t want more blue, paint the front half the other color. In this example, the white wall under the counter faces the living room, helping to create a visual barrier between the two spaces in the layout.

Stylish And Inspiring Blue And White Kitchens

Although a stainless steel oven may feel old-fashioned, there are many color options that will look good with blue wood or walls. This white furnace is not only modern, but it smokes with the warm sound of the wooden rods and brass fittings.

If you think the blue top and bottom will dominate your space, go for lighter colors on top. They almost disappear into the background, and allow blue to be the star of your kitchen.

Having a blue kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t add more color to your decor. Blue Dish Towel Add a splash of blue to this kitchen without feeling tired or trying too hard.

Small Kitchen Ideas Blue

If you want to look really cool, very light, close to the ice blue color can create calmness and coolness. The color of these chairs plays well with the white counter and backsplash, and complements the color of the stainless steel appliances.

Our All Time Favorite White Kitchens

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a clean and tidy place. Adding some color with barstools, vases, or other items is a great way to create a color story without going out.

Even with the farmhouse sink, this kitchen feels modern and fresh. Clean lines and cool colors combine with sharp angles on open shelves and counters, creating a new concept.

A strong color like cobalt can be fun, but in small amounts, it works everywhere. A bright island adds color to this coastal kitchen without overwhelming the space.

Backsplashes with deep, warm colors like brown and black create atmosphere in the kitchen without feeling dark. We’re obsessed with the amber light that illuminates the island, too.

Ideas To Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Cozy

It’s no secret that bright colors make things feel light and airy, but in this kitchen, it almost feels cozy. White and robin’s egg furniture blend perfectly into the space, while light wood adds warmth and softness.

Dividing your kitchen into spaces can help break up the space. While the warm wood and stainless steel take up the space of this kitchen, the blue cabinets create a separate area without losing the modern and clean look of the space.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a full monochrome. By keeping the kitchen a different color than the rest of the house, you will create an eye-catching visual and statement separation.

Small Kitchen Ideas Blue

Color may seem like the most obvious choice to create a blue kitchen, but blue tiles can add color to a space without feeling overwhelming. These glass tiles add color to this white kitchen, and the tile train style keeps things simple.

Small Bespoke Kitchen Designs

With blue blue, you can try to use it without feeling it. The wooden floor and back of this small kitchen are the same, but the lower lines create a text for decoration and equipment.

If you want to add color to a monochrome kitchen, consider adding a piece that holds the space. Here, the blue one draws your eyes to the ground, binding you. But, if you look, you can see small things that use color, too, like clocks and glasses.

There is nothing wrong with using more than one shade of blue in your space. Navy can work as a neutral at times, and here it plays well with the blue-green background.

Diversity gives you the opportunity to really play with order and structure in the space. Here, the wooden boxes add some texture to a corner of the box, and by painting the space on a white arch, the ceiling looks miles away. If you plan to change the look of your kitchen this year, hit your closet. A new color is a great (and cheap) way to freshen things up. Choosing just the right shade, however, can be difficult. Maybe you want to deviate from the traditional, all-white, but the large kitchen of 2023 does not suit your taste. Enter blue kitchen cabinets, one of the many and time-tested ways to give a large kitchen space star power.

Kitchen Paint Color Trends

There’s no doubt that color has a moment: Benjamin Moore has named the beautiful shade Aegean Teal its 2021 color of the year; Years ago, Pantone named Classic Blue as its universal shade. But unlike other “indoor” colors (here’s looking at you, digital lavender), blue has long been seen as mainstream, and with a real rainbow of hues and hues out there, it’s a color to wear. can rise or fall. Your style (for all you midnight eaters, blue also has the benefit of suppressing hunger). “Blue can be neutral,” says Jessica Davis, founder of Atlanta and South Orange, New Jersey-based Atelier Davis. “Think of it like a pair of jeans.”

In one of Davis’ most recent projects — the renovation of Joseph Eichler’s California Modern home for designer Gustav Carlson — the design team and client were drawn to Farro & Ball’s Steely Hague Blue in the kitchen. But depending on your particular lighting and space, you can go for the electric blue inspired by Yves Klein, the intense periwinkle, or (in our opinion, the better of the two colors), blue-green rich man. You can choose To complete your blue kitchen, Davies recommends kitchen cabinets that match the blue surface, or sprinkled on a terrazzo floor or carpet on a marble floor. From there, he will distinguish “blue and cold colors, warm like a yellow oven or a warm nut.”

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