Small Kitchen Ideas For Condo

Small Kitchen Ideas For Condo – When homeowners in the Pacific Northwest think of sunshine, they usually think “too cloudy.” However, there are plenty of solar options for homeowners, and our cloudy weather has nothing to do with it. Modern electrical systems are reliable, efficient and economical, allowing you to enjoy clean and reliable power without having to purchase additional electricity from your local utility company.

A recently completed solar project in Happy Valley left us with a three-story, 45-degree roof and a homeowner who wanted to go zero, but also didn’t want the same messy solar rig as the neighbors. By successfully installing solar, cleanly and neatly, we’ve helped a homeowner achieve net zero, or the ability to generate as much energy as they use.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Condo

Small Kitchen Ideas For Condo

Net zero works like this. in the summer, homeowners produce more energy than they need. By going to zero, they can use that energy through their local utility and then use those credits in the winter when they need it. We helped owners achieve this. In fact, our system installed for the owner of Happy Valley came online a year ago and has produced a surplus of energy. Since then, the owner has not had to buy electricity.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas Worth Saving

Before installing solar power in your home, we take steps to make your project a success. We look at the structural integrity of your home. For example, if it is an older home, structural improvements may be necessary. Next, we make sure your electrical system can handle the additional generation of solar panels. Then we help you define your goals and work with your budget. From there, we put all the pieces together and make an offer. Once approved, we complete all ancillary and permitting procedures, and begin planning and design. We then install the solar panels and equipment (which usually takes 2-4 days), then inspect and complete.

Adding solar power to your home is a big decision. But with today’s generous financial incentives and reduced costs for solar panels, there’s never been a better time to go solar.

Installing solar power on your home, whether you want to go net zero or not, is a great investment, adds value to your home, and locks you into today’s and often fluctuating energy prices for decades. pure solar energy.

Ready to go solar? You still have time to take advantage of credits and discounts. Contact us to schedule a free solar evaluation before the incentive expires. Looking for interior design ideas for your small apartment? Check out this home improvement project I worked on over a year ago that we only got to film last month.

Windowless Condo Kitchen

My client is a young manager who lives with her husband and two young children in a small two bedroom condo. I wanted to redo the living room, kitchen, dining room, and shared bathroom, so they used my Remodel design package.

As you will see from the photos below, the common areas of the apartment were in dire need of an update.

In the living room, the brown striped wallpaper they used for the accent wall already looked pretty dated.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Condo

My client’s husband also initially thought open shelving was enough. But after living in their apartment for several years, they quickly discovered that open shelving requires regular maintenance; otherwise, it will end up looking messy.

Rental Kitchen Decorating Ideas

They also had a brown recliner that my client wanted to replace. I was looking for a sofa that would suit the whole family, but still look sophisticated and timeless enough to withstand ever-changing interior trends.

The living room also originally had a small children’s table where the children could play or study, but they found that they often pushed the table for more hanging space.

Poor waterproofing by the home developer resulted in broken walls in the living room, which they simply covered with wall-to-wall curtains (purchased at a thrift store). While the developer was fixing the water leak in the walls, I told the builder that they should check the inside of the walls for mold. It would certainly be a health issue for them.

Also note that your A/C installer didn’t even try to hide the ducts inside the walls. They reasoned that they couldn’t do that because the walls of the apartment are thick concrete.

Small Kitchen Design & Renovation Tips

The kitchen cabinets in the apartment definitely look stuck in the 00’s. My client also wanted to free up a lot of counter space and needed custom cabinet modules to house their appliances.

The floor tiles hadn’t been changed in a while either. It didn’t help that the streaks made the floor look dirty no matter how many times they scrubbed and scrubbed.

My client wanted to replace the fridge with a larger double door unit. However, she felt that this corner was too deep and they couldn’t really arrange the pantry items on the top shelf.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Condo

They had prepared this dining room to “save space”. But the size wasn’t right for the space. It was also often full of kitchenware and white appliances, not a good look for a dining table.

Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

My client knew he needed more cooking space and this served that purpose. However, I somehow wanted a separate dining area so I didn’t have to fill that counter with kitchen items. But she wasn’t sure if the kitchen bench and dining table would fit in the room.

When you enter his apartment, the first thing that greets you is this cluttered but largely unused corner;

The little console held food, toys, shoe boxes, basically a mindless jumble of things you’d normally find in a small apartment.

This entryway wall was also a bit inspired, despite her lovely wedding and family photos displayed on the wall. Again, the open shelf panel just adds to the messy look.

Best White Kitchen Ideas

My clients were actually a very fashionable couple, but the interior of their apartments didn’t really reflect their style and personality. Especially his guest bathroom.

The bathroom had no cupboards or storage space, so everything was open. The tiles, like in the kitchen, were the icing on the cake of the apartment and were totally inspired.

Before I continue showing you the “after” photos, here’s a look at the mood board and palette I created for my clients.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Condo

Considering my clients’ lifestyle preferences and even their style and fashion sense, I wanted to give them a more sophisticated look in the interior of the apartments. But since they had two young children, I didn’t want to make it so complicated that they would have to worry about breaking things.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Make Your Friends Jealous — Design Inside

I knew I wanted their apartment to still look so “loved and lived in” that it looked like they were living in a glass house. It definitely needed some urban elements to balance out the home.

My client also specified a white brick wall, and while we previously explored wallpaper options to keep the budget low, he ultimately decided to go with the real thing, even though it meant a longer renovation schedule.

The colors I chose were on the neutral and cool side. The interior of their previous apartments was warm and brown, and this time I wanted to deviate from that warmth.

I incorporated warm tones through wood finishes and metallic accents in black and brass. As for accent colors, my client ended up using just brown (Boysen’s Space Encounters).

Best Small Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

Talk about an entry that immediately tells a story. Instead of putting back the black and white photos that used to fill this wall, I asked my clients to choose family photos in color to add a little more interest. I also felt this showed more of her family life and personality, very fun and colorful.

My client bought the frames herself and had her husband install them. Let’s just say it’s a home project I won’t be repeating anytime soon, haha.

We kept the arrangement, given that we did not move the power and TV sockets. But we removed the striped brown wallpaper and installed whitewashed bricks from EZ Rocks. The brick wall added just the right amount of texture and visual interest to the room without overwhelming the wall like the dark wallpaper did.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Condo

I added more lights because the previous single light didn’t provide enough light for the unit at night. My client chose not to install a drop ceiling to cover the cables, but we worked around this by smoothing the rough stucco on the ceiling and covering the cables with PVC. It’s not ideal, but due to budget issues, or if the building management does not allow work on the roof, this is a satisfactory alternative.

Tiny Bradenton Beach Condo Remodel

I had my draper replace the old curtains with pleated curtains on the runway. This made it easier for my clients to open and close the curtains during the day as the light can be blinding at midday.

To fix the damaged wall and exposed vent pipe, I had my contractor make a new wall to cover it.

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