Small Kitchen Ideas For Microwave

Small Kitchen Ideas For Microwave – Everyone has a different idea of ​​what their “dream” kitchen renovation should look like. Some may think the perfect kitchen design includes a breakfast bar and bay windows, while others may fantasize about a little extra storage space. Check out these kitchen design details from H&H customers’ 10 dream kitchens and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Open shelves are a great way to display canned goods, cutlery or cookbooks. In this kitchen renovation designed by Charlotte Cooney and Kevin Fisher of Arts/Alice Design, shelving is built into the wall to make the hall feel open and add functionality and visual interest to the space.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Microwave

Small Kitchen Ideas For Microwave

Sometimes all a kitchen needs to make it more functional is a small kitchen island. This kitchen designed by Atelier Waechter has a nice open layout with a kitchen island for little extra counter space.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas & Organization Tips

Heavy cutting boards can take up a lot of space in a kitchen drawer. A built-in cutting board adds another function to the kitchen island in this kitchen designed by architect Stephanie Johnson Totham.

Why should your microwave oven be an eyesore or take up much-needed counter space in your kitchen? This kitchen remodel, designed by Charlotte Cooney and Kevin Fisher of Arts/Alice Design, solves that problem by moving the microwave out of sight inside its small cabinet.

You can never have enough storage options. Designed by John Hasenberg, this kitchen includes cabinets and drawers for storing a variety of kitchen items, from large containers to fine silverware.

Deep kitchen cabinets are not for everyone. Pull-out shelves make pantry items easy to access while making good use of small spaces. These three pull-out shelves add convenient storage in this kitchen renovation designed by Charlotte Cooney and Kevin Fisher of Art/Alice Design.

Best Small Kitchen Decor And Design Ideas For 2022

Whether you use it for a quick breakfast, a place for guests to sip cocktails while you cook, or as your dinner table every night, a kitchen island counter that seats three or more should be the kitchen of your dreams. This kitchen renovation designed by Ann McCulloch Studio features a large kitchen island that doubles as a dining table with enough space to seat at least four people.

Keeping garbage and recycling out of sight (but within reach) is a constant problem in the kitchen. This retro kitchen makeover, designed by Charlotte Cooney and Kevin Fisher of Arts/Alice Design, solves the problem of that hidden pull-out recycling drawer.

Every dream kitchen of every dedicated home cook contains impressive cooking appliances. Designed by Celeste Lewis Architecture, this home renovation features a double oven and an extended stovetop perfect for cooking large meals.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Microwave

Separate sinks are ideal for large families with a lot going on in the kitchen. In this kitchen renovation designed by architect Celeste Lewis and designers Jennifer Leonard and Liz Murray, one person can wash dishes in the main sink while the other washes vegetables for dinner in the smaller sink. If you are planning to renovate the kitchen, one of the things you do. A microwave needs a home (unless you’re microwave-free, which is definitely an option—which is what my husband and I did!) Since counter space is usually at a premium, you’ll want somewhere else to tuck this appliance . Here are seven places you can put it that won’t take up valuable prep space:

Small Kitchen Design: 10 Ideas To Make Your Small Kitchen Larger — Eatwell101

It is a classic choice, especially in small kitchens. Tucked tightly into your stove, the microwave does double duty as a vent. Over-the-range microwaves (also called OTR microwaves) are great space savers, but note that they are generally not suitable as a stand-alone range hood. OTR also takes up most of the space above your stove, so it’s hard to find a special tile feature above your range. All in all, this is a great use of space, especially in small kitchens!

If you can do with a small microwave, you can put it on a shelf as part of your upper cabinet. Depending on the model you choose, you may find that you need a shelf that sits over the microwave to extend a little further from your upper cabinets, and your electrician may want you to plan ahead for the necessary outlet to sit in the wall. microwave. (Remember you need enough depth for both the microwave *and* the plug/wire behind it.)

You can use the same concept as above, but also place the microwave on a shelf in your lower cabinet. Note that this means you’ll have to bend or stoop to get things in and out of the microwave, so it may not be the most ergonomic option.

If you put the microwave on a shelf in your lower cabinets, there will be some wasted space behind the appliance (microwaves are not 24 inches deep). Some people who go this route put it on a shelf at the end of the island so they don’t lose storage space:

Kitchen Design Ideas For A Small Budget — Tag & Tibby Design

Whether in an upper or lower cabinet, you can add a decoration kit to make the microwave more structured and meaningful. A trim kit is simply a matching metal ring that fills the gap between the microwave and the cabinet. Often this is just an aesthetic choice, but it helps to hide an area that you may need to keep clean over time.

If you have the space in your kitchen, stacking your microwave in a wall oven not only creates a great and efficient look, but also keeps the microwave at an easy-to-use height. Note that there are units sold as microwave combos (these are usually convection style microwaves) or a separate microwave wall oven can be installed with the trim kit above.

Well, not *in* the drawer, but actually the microwave in the drawer! They now make drawer-style microwaves (typically 24-30 inches wide) that fit discreetly in the lower cabinet or island. Open it, place it on your food and use it as usual. They are more expensive than other styles of microwaves, but look great!

Small Kitchen Ideas For Microwave

Finally, why not hide your microwave completely? Just like some people don’t watch their TV, some people don’t watch their microwave, especially if they don’t use it that much. You can put it in your pantry, or in one of your closets. Be sure to choose a model that fits once the plug is in, and let the electrician know your plans so he can place the plug where it needs to go and make any safety adjustments required by code.

Our Minimalist Small Kitchen Reno

That’s it! Here are seven places to put your microwave that aren’t on your counter. However, don’t let anyone tell you that sitting on your counter is a designer look – sometimes the simplest option really is the best option. Don’t try to find pictures of kitchens with counter top microwaves on the internet.

It’s not that it “hasn’t been done”, it’s just that counter space is valuable enough for many people to find other options for what they do, and in counter-seat situations, it’s easy to shoot to disconnect it. Take it apart when taking “after” photos of a kitchen being remodeled. (Remember, architectural photography is just as “real” as fashion photography (it’s a magical fantasy version of reality).) Do what works best for you and your family!

Hope this gives you some good ideas on where to put this handy little appliance in your new kitchen! If you need more help customizing your kitchen layout, you can work with us through the 60 Minute Zoom Design Helpline! We’d love to help with *all* of your design needs.

I am an interior designer, author, podcaster, speaker and trainer for other designers. (Wow!) But I’m not your classic interior designer, because frankly, I don’t care if you buy a new couch. I care if your home supports your goals and feels like “you”. Remember, happiness begins at home!

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We use cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. Well, if small kitchens are generally more efficient workspaces than large ones, the organization and decorating options seem more limited than for their larger counterparts. We’ve collected a small selection of 10 small kitchen design ideas that will keep your cooking space organized, functional and attractive. Look!

This smart pull-out counter also doubles as a cutting board or to offload temporary storage. You can also add small wheels to make things easier.

If you have an extra storage cupboard in the corner of your main room, it should probably be your new kitchen!

Small Kitchen Ideas For Microwave

Lots of light and lots of greenery make this small kitchen a lively place to cook and eat.

Clever Tiny House Kitchen Ideas (photos)

Minimalist features with a splash of color are a safe bet for the little one

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