Small Kitchen Ideas For Log Cabin

Small Kitchen Ideas For Log Cabin – There’s something magical about a log cabin in a mountain forest. Baskets give you the opportunity to be in the vastness of nature and appreciate the slower pace of life. If you’re planning to build a small (or large) cabin away from the city, check out these cabin kitchen ideas for inspiration.

You will notice that most kitchen cabinet ideas have one thing in common: natural wood. Although mountain homes are not built in the traditional cabin style, many people like to bring that beauty into their homes. You will see lots of exposed beams, interior wood panels, barn wood accents and cozy wood cabinets. .

Small Kitchen Ideas For Log Cabin

Small Kitchen Ideas For Log Cabin

Today, it is still quite economical to build a small log cabin yourself from a plan or assembly. And when we say small, we mean it. Some one-bedroom staterooms can be as large as 500 square meters. In this case, the project requires the smallest available space in the kitchen. In these rustic kitchen ideas, you will also see creative ways to use cabinets and shelves to fit a small space.

Log Small Rustic Kitchen

Using natural wood in your rustic kitchen is one thing. It’s one thing to use reclaimed barn wood that has a log cabin feel. If you can’t find a source of real barn wood, there are many companies that manufacture wood that has been treated to look like it came from a 70 year old barn that has been hammered by the elements.

This small kitchen fits into a narrow hallway and includes some basic DIY shelves. Once you’ve used a bungalow on the plateau, you don’t need much. Here, the designer chose to use soft wood for everything except the floor.

Dark wood covers the floors, kitchen cabinets and ceilings in this moody home. With its stone fireplace, it’s the perfect place to warm up during the winter.

The kitchen cabinets in this log cabin use a dark ecru finish that adds to the compact appearance of the room. Classic copper pot still reminiscent of ancient times. Dark colors in the design further emphasize the copper pot and details of the utensils. Source: Angelica Henry Design

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The kitchen in this A-shaped wooden hall is located between the exposed beams. The stove is on one side and the cabinet on the other side. There are also many shelves and hooks to make the most of the space.

Not all cabin kitchens are traditional. Some cabins like this require a more modern kitchen design. At the same time, the kitchen design includes a lot of wood to tie everything together.

Now, this is a traditional kitchen. The cabinet is crafted from knotty pine and matches the ceiling and exposed wooden beams. In addition to the natural wood of the island, stone carving leads to the exterior.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Log Cabin

Here is another example of a log cabin kitchen using knotty pine. This design is very modern because there is no raw wood. White seats also make the room spacious.

Log Home Kitchen Counter Choices

In a small house, every nook and cranny counts. Notice how this kitchen uses shelves above the fireplace on the other side and near the ceiling. Lined with wood, it is a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors.

At the other end of the spectrum are ultra-modern mountain retreats. The focus here is not the kitchen, but the landscape. The main beam that supports the ceiling combines light and dark wood and almost resembles a trunk. You will also notice that the wooden ceiling is not pine, but a very modern and consistent smooth grain wood.

One of the best rustic kitchen design ideas is to keep things simple. There is nothing fancy about this room, but it is still inviting for a vacation in the forest. Everything from the wood paneling to the flooring and cabinetry has been kept simple so that the exterior can be fully appreciated.

Andrew Saladino Andrew Saladino is the co-founder of Kitchen Cabinet Kings, where he has served over 10,000 customers in his remodeling projects. He is a nationally-awarded kitchen and bathroom expert by the NKBA, and his recommendations are from Forbes, Huffington Post, Mashable, Yahoo! Small business and more. Looking for the perfect kitchen design for your log cabin? Look elsewhere! Read on to discover 17 amazing kitchen designs you’ll love. The only problem is that you may have a hard time deciding between them all!

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For a full border feel, use reclaimed wood accessories that will look incredibly impressive on tables, cabinets, chairs, doors and more. The grain of the wood is better because of its aged appearance and can be further improved with the right shellac or stain treatment.

And don’t worry if you don’t have time to renovate – there are plenty of suppliers who can replicate the look of reclaimed barn wood with new materials for an equally impressive look.

Wood and stone, two elements of classic construction, combine perfectly to create an effortless, powerful and impressive look. Play with these two elements in your cabin kitchen design plan and you will love all the options this pair has to offer.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Log Cabin

Marble is another material that looks great against wood. Consider sticking to the countertop with marble on a wooden base. This combination brings a modern element to the classic log cabin kitchen design.

Custom Kitchen In Michigan Log Home — Zischke Builders

Decorate the window area by creating an impressive wooden arch to frame the window in an amazing way. The curved design gives a softer look to wood, which is often over-textured and hard.

You don’t have to stick with tons of wood texture in your wood hall kitchen! In fact, combining light and dark wood in the same room can create incredible perspective, dimension, and warmth. Feel free to experiment with different shades to see what works well in your space.

A stylish piece that brings a touch of elegance to the cabinet, the island pendant light is both beautiful and practical for illuminating such an important kitchen area. It can also help fill the space without overwhelming it, so the kitchen does not look too sublime.

If you are leaning towards a rustic interior, you definitely want to consider using natural wood cuts as beams in your kitchen. The appearance of the natural trunk shows all the elements that are present in the source material thanks to mother nature, such as veins, edges and voids. This is definitely a powerful design element to take advantage of.

Log Cabin Kitchens

For kitchen design in a modern wood hall, invest in the finish, exposed ceiling beams for a strong look that conveys stability, sincerity, and longevity. Visually beautiful and symbolic, the finished ceiling is the ideal style for many interior designers who work with the beauty of the cabin.

Red is quite an idyllic color when it comes to cabin kitchen design. Because it is strongly associated with the beauty of the barn and rural life, red is a good color to choose as an accent shade for your kitchen area. Advice from Steve Lyons of Houston Home Remodeling Pros, a home improvement company in Houston, Texas, says, “Try painting the island a deep roasted red, in contrast to the rustic look of logs or sawn boards.

Circular islands are quite rare and, when made of stone, blend perfectly with the beauty of the surrounding wood. Because stone and wood go well together, a circular stone island can be a great asset if you’re looking for a unique piece for the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Log Cabin

Try placing small cabinets in unexpected places, such as on the kitchen island or on top of the refrigerator. Despite their small appearance, these small spaces are good for storing dishes, plates, and kitchen utensils, and when finished with wood, they can throw in the beauty of a comfortable cabinet that is often sought to create a suitable wooden kitchen cabinet design.

Small Log Cabin Kitchens

By creating an angled bar top that separates the kitchen from the dining or lounge area, you can maximize counter space without completely closing off the kitchen. This allows people to move around the kitchen area without giving up useful counter space for preparing, eating, drinking and talking. Use a rough log shape with a flat edge to help accentuate the perfectly angled bar top.

Sometimes solid ceiling lights can do more for a log cabin kitchen than large, fancy light fixtures. Consider installing some recessed spot lights that fit neatly into the space of the ceiling. Dan. The amount of light that comes out will make the surrounding trees dull without stealing the sun. Most of these built-in lights are dimmable, meaning you can adjust the brightness to set the mood. Good results!

An angular kitchen ceiling reminiscent of tall A-Frame cabinets,

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