Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped

Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped – An L-shaped kitchen is a layout characterized by two walls that form an ‘L’ shape. This type of kitchen usually has a kitchen island in the middle. This is a very popular design scheme because it suits open spaces and works well for small spaces. Let’s go over some pros and cons to find out why it is a good idea for your space.

An L-shaped kitchen provides plenty of space: Appliances can spread out to provide multiple workspaces, which means more prep space. The L-shaped kitchen design simplifies the cooking and cleaning process by separating the cooking zone and the washing zone of your kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen layout is generally aligned with the work triangle, which minimizes foot traffic, allowing you to easily move between the sink, oven/stove, and refrigerator.

Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped

Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped

This kitchen layout also allows multiple cooks and guests to not feel cramped inside the space. This makes a kitchen design scheme ideal for families who cook together and host guests.

The 20 Best L Shaped Kitchen Ideas For A Stylish Space

L-shaped kitchens are a great choice for open-concept designs and large rooms; This makes this layout very modern as open spaces are created more often. L-shaped kitchens often include a kitchen island to provide extra storage, work space or seating, but it’s not necessary if you don’t need it.

The L-shaped kitchen layout allows for smart and trendy corner storage options such as Le Mans drawer units, Magic Corner units, and carousel units. The first two options allow you to use all this space for storage. When opened, they rotate out and towards you, making all contents easier to see and access.

Black and gray L-shaped kitchen with printed tile floor, white subway tile backsplash, and white stone countertops

Black L-shaped farmhouse kitchen with butcher block countertops, white tile backsplash, and stunning vintage lighting.

L Shaped Kitchen Ideas

Black L shaped kitchen with tile backsplash, small kitchen island with butcher countertops and pendant lights

Blue kitchen with lights and white countertops as well as white tile backsplash with gold and brass handles

A green and white L-shaped kitchen with a butcher’s counter, open shelving and really nice brass touches

Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped

A contemporary blonde wood kitchen with matching white stone countertops and open shelving is a fresh idea.

Choosing A Kitchen Layout

Cozy white farmhouse kitchen with white marble tile backsplash and very welcoming wooden beams

The green farmhouse kitchen is a stylish space with glass cabinets, white stone countertops, and black handles.

A boho gray L-shaped kitchen with open shelving, white stone countertops, and a white tile backsplash plus greenery

Large and white L-shaped kitchen with white stone countertops and backsplash as well as a matching kitchen island.

L Shaped Modern Kitchen Design With Frosted Glass

Light gray kitchen with butcher block and wooden beams, wooden kitchen island with wooden floor

A light gray kitchen with open shelving, a white tile backsplash and gold handles is the most stylish and comfortable space.

A light-colored wood kitchen with a marble tile backsplash and floating open shelves is a rustic space.

Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped

A beautiful white Scandinavian kitchen with a butcher counter and modern chairs as well as a large window with lots of natural light.

Small Kitchen Ideas That Prove That Less Is More

An L-shaped Scandinavian kitchen with glass tiles and a window with a view is a great idea

This layout is not recommended for larger kitchen designs, as the appliances are cluttered. It can be frustrating for solo cooks who have to work harder to cook. So, if you know that there will be only one cook in the kitchen most of the time, the placement of utensils and other items can be adjusted for them and the usual workflow.

While an L-shaped kitchen offers more work and preparation space, it also means more space to maintain and clean. And there is more room for clutter to happen. However, cleaning and organizing an L-shaped kitchen can be easily managed by creating a drop zone and getting the rest of the family to help. Consider all these points to decide if you want an L-shaped kitchen or if you want to change it to a different layout.

A white L-shaped minimalist kitchen with a wooden ceiling and beams plus a window looks cool and small

L Shape Modular Kitchen Design Modern Yet Low Cost Ideas

L-shaped mint kitchen with white stone countertops, woven tones and yellow touches are very stylish

Modern white L-shaped kitchen with butcher counter and stylish white backsplash and windowed dining room

Navy blue L-shaped kitchen with white and patterned tile backsplash and wooden table for dining or as a kitchen island.

Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped

WOW the white L-shaped kitchen is finished with a polished copper backsplash, vintage chairs, and white pendant lights

Beautiful L Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Dream Home

The small L-shaped graphite gray kitchen is a cool space with a printed backsplash and butcher block countertops.

A small gray L-shaped kitchen with a white tile backsplash and white stone countertops is a beautiful and inviting space.

The white L-shaped kitchenette is a beautiful, airy space with a geometric tile backsplash and open shelving.

Small white L-shaped kitchen with butcher counter and black tile backsplash plus black pendant lights

How To: Plan A Small L Shape Kitchen

A two-tone kitchen with white and gray cabinets, a white tile backsplash, and brass touches are very stylish.

A two-tone kitchen with white and gray cabinets, a white tile backsplash, and touches of gold is pure elegance.

White L-shaped farmhouse kitchen with white stone countertops and white subway tile backsplash as well as dark handles

Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped

L-shaped white boho kitchen with gray backsplash, gray stone countertops, potted greens is vibrant and cool.

Five Basic Kitchen Layouts

A white L-shaped kitchen with a blue refrigerator, pendant lights and patterned tiles on the floor is a beautiful and memorable space.

The white L-shaped kitchen with brass handles, open shelves and windows and skylights is a welcoming space.

White minimalist kitchen L-shaped with a hood compatible with the window and landscape very gay and attractive shape achieved by the arrangement of the countertop, large appliances and storage area. The layout and floor plan are the main working triangle of the kitchen; This is the path that takes you from the fridge to the sink to the kitchen as you prepare food. When designing your new kitchen and choosing the best cabinet solutions for your home, one of the first things to consider is the kitchen layout.

There are five basic layouts for most kitchens – Kitchen, L, U, G and Single Wall. Over the next few weeks, we’ll feature each of these different kitchen layout styles.

L Shape Kitchen Design

In my previous blog, we explored Kitchen Design; Today we will take a closer look at the L Shaped Kitchen Design.

As the name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen layout consists of two adjacent sets of walls and cabinets, often referred to as the “legs” of the L. The length of the L leg can vary depending on the available space. fate The area and shape itself are suitable for large and small kitchens.

Considered one of the most popular kitchen layouts thanks to its flexible shape that fits any design style, whether it is a modern or traditional kitchen, it also offers effective features. The advantage of this kitchen layout is that it not only provides an efficient workspace for cooking, but often opens to adjacent rooms, making it easier for the cook to interact with guests. Depending on the overall size of your L-shaped kitchen design, a kitchen island can be added to expand storage and create additional counter space. However, adding an island to the area requires more space to accommodate the path around the island. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends that kitchen aisles be at least 36 inches wide to allow for smooth traffic flow. A certified kitchen designer can help you determine if you have enough space in your kitchen to make room for an island.

Small Kitchen Layouts L Shaped

The Dura Supreme kitchen was designed by Molly McCabe, AKBD, CLIPP, CGP, CAPS of A Kitchen That Works LLC, Washington.

Free Editable Kitchen Floor Plan Examples & Templates

Kitchen & Bath Elements, Washington, Dura Great Kitchen designed by Shannon Boyle of AKBD; Photo by Dan Farmer with Seattle Home Tours.

Danielle Bohn is a Kitchen and Bath Designer specializing in Dura Supreme Cabinets from CMKBD, Studio M Kitchen & Bath, MN, and a certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD) with over 10 years of experience and degrees in the Kitchen and Bath industry. . In Interior Design. Her awards include 2016 KBIS Best Jury, 2015 NKBA 30 Under 30 recipient, and many of her designs have been published in Alaska’s Best Kitchen Magazine and featured in Alaska Home Magazine. His history with Dura Supreme allows him to share his design expertise and experience with the incredible product line and design features that Dura Supreme has to offer!

To learn more about Danielle and the design team at Studio M Kitchen & Bath, MN, visit

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