Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas – I’m sharing quick and easy kitchen organization ideas to keep your kitchen cabinets and drawers looking organized and uncluttered!

It seems you can never have enough cabinet and counter space in the kitchen, right?! But keeping everything in your kitchen in an organized way will help you maximize your space and make it easier to find. I’ve had a house with some very small kitchens over the years, and I’ve found ways to organize them without spending a lot of time or money.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

Today I’m sharing eight kitchen organization ideas that take 20 minutes to make and less than $20. Once there…

Incredible Small Pantry Organization Ideas And Makeovers

Ready to pull out your stash of food storage containers in style? First, make sure you have a matching food container on top for each bottom – get rid of singles. So the best way to organize them I’ve found is to stack the top down. Just by doing this, you can be free in an emergency without wasting money and time!

If you keep your food storage containers in drawers like I do, and you want to pull things out later, divide your drawers into sections using expandable drawer dividers like Neat to keep everything nice and tidy:

Source: Glass Food Storage Containers | Distributor Divider | Draws the box Round wooden bead disc | Grey-striped plant | Artificial White Peonies | Marble pots are refillable

If your drawers are deeper than this, you can keep the lids upright and save more space. And if you keep your food storage containers in cabinets, a lid organizer like this one can be a great organizational aid:

Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

I bring reusable bags with my meals most of the time, but when I forget I like to keep plastic bags for future use. To minimize the chaos, I installed (if it looks like it) inside one of our cabinets (this picture is before the kitchen makeover!):

He tossed a pile of bags into the closet, making room for more bulky items.

Just as making your bed in the morning has been shown to motivate people to keep the rest of their bedrooms clean, I feel the same way about our kitchen. Since it has a white sink and no faucet, I’m encouraged to keep the rest of our kitchen that way. To me, your mushroom needs a home! Either option will prevent your sponge from folding the tray (and dry it faster as well):

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

Another option is to store your sponge and soap in a tray next to the sink like this:

Kitchen Storage Ideas To Help You Declutter On A Budget

My striped tile is no longer available, but you can grab a nice marble tile that is the perfect size for this space.

If your kitchen has mostly cupboards instead of drawers, use every inch of your vertical space with smart organizers! One of my favorites is this standing panner I found that lets you stack your pans but is still easy to hold:

This is one of the simplest home organization ideas but can make a huge difference in how you use your closet space! If you have more space you can also use panners horizontally in deep cupboards and drawers:

Avoid sheet pans and baking dishes with a simple metal rack like the one I used in my old kitchen:

Small Kitchen Design Ideas & Organization Tips

It’s easy, free and makes a world of difference! You can also install fixed shelf dividers in your space cabinets if you want – more time and more money to do but one of the best ideas for kitchen cabinet storage, I really like it!

Food packages are easy to pack to keep organized and take up as little space as possible! As I mentioned recently in one of my ideas for restaurant management, a chef can assemble a good management support such as:

If you have other magazine holders lying around like me, you have what you need to store water bottles without spending a fortune! Simply turn them on their backs and take advantage of the vertical storage space by stacking your containers on top:

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

You can use several individual magazine holders like I did above, or a three section holder like this one:

Ideas For Organizing A Small Kitchen A Cultivated Nest

The exact ones I have are no longer available but there are plenty of options that will work. I recommend getting wooden or plastic magazine holders, like cardboard that will break if you drop a water bottle that isn’t dry.

I know there are 7 tips but I had to add 8 after recently adding these hooks to my kitchen and loving them so much! Instead of keeping spray cans on your kitchen counters, store them inside your cabinet doors so they’re hidden but quick and easy to grab:

All you have to do is add a few components and remove the command section and it will take a minute or two to install!

That concludes my top 7 tips – are you that good?! If you want to see more storage and organization ideas for your kitchen, read my post with all my kitchen cabinet storage ideas. In that post, I’ll walk through our updated kitchen to share the features you’ve added:

Small Kitchen Organizing Ideas

I also think you’ll love my post on the best meal planners – lots of great planning ideas!

Keeping a small budget can do the trick. Our small, compact kitchen has undergone a major makeover and is now very functional and space efficient.

One of my goals this year is to get the rooms organized, cleaned and looking good. I don’t like

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

I can’t find anything I need. We have arranged the linen closet here with Christmas decorations that you can see in our laundry room from earlier this year.

Easy Small Kitchen Organization Ideas That Will Save You Space

They have several wooden shelves with plaster on them. The coating looks rough and dirty. After a thorough cleaning, I painted the cabinets with 2 coats of marker paint.

Acrylic paint is more durable and wears better than latex. I also put floor mats on each floor to protect them from stains and scratches.

Doors are the best way to strengthen your small restaurant business. I love my door hanger. It is budget friendly and highly customizable across platforms. Another option that appears throughout Door is the Door Manager that lets you edit and install different panels.

There are many ways to set up a restaurant for maximum efficiency, and I have several considerations when planning the layout.

Helpful Small Pantry Organization Ideas • Craving Some Creativity

My husband is 15 inches taller than me in our house. Of course he still gets the top floor because I can’t be there 🙂

Oh it’s fun! I use a variety of containers, but whatever you choose, food containers should be:

I have collected these OXO bottles for years because they are more expensive, but easy to clean and use.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

If you find that you have almost filled one container, consider getting another. In a month you might want to take advantage of a big sale or you’re a big Costco customer.

Pantry Organization Ideas And Tips, According To Experts

I never fill spirit bottles more than 70% when brewing. In fact, I have two snack bars, 3 containers for canned goods, and 3 unlabeled containers for spills.

It took me years to fill out my portfolio. I also have these large glass jars for corn and sugar.

Things are not going well in this corner house, I agree. Anyway, I added cabinets like this in my mom’s kitchen, which is almost like a big cabinet. He loves them!

I used a lazy susan in the deep corner of the pantry for snacks. I didn’t add it this time to make more room for the bags, but it’s a great idea.

Organizing A Small Kitchen: 10 Ways To Organize A Small Kitchen |

I am very short (over 5 feet tall) so I can’t go upstairs. A sturdy but easily folded wheelchair like this requires kitchen equipment.

A restaurant situation can easily become overwhelming, especially if you haven’t planned in a while. First we start by taking everything out and cleaning and packing the cupboards. Go through all your stuff and create a journal, grouping items according to what you like best. This is to ensure that the time available is best suited to your needs. Assess your space and budget before choosing containers.

The age of technology is here!

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

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