Small Kitchen Organization Ideas In Tamil

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas In Tamil – My Kitchen Tour Let’s take a look inside my kitchen as I take you inside my kitchen.

In fact, the kitchen tour has been planned for over a year. When I renovated my kitchen early last year, I was very tempted to do a kitchen tour.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas In Tamil

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas In Tamil

But it took me a long time to settle down. I have to admit that I’m not a good organizer myself, so I enlisted the help of Vj, especially for storage. What you can expect here is how I organized my items simply for my convenience.

Siruthavoor: An Iron Age Early Historical Burial Site, Tamil Nadu, South India (pre Owned Paperback 9781784914356) By Smriti Haricharan

Since I’m in Singapore, I have more things from online stores like IKEA and Lazada, Shopee, etc. I will provide as many purchase links and information as possible in this post.

Please enter through the post and watch the video for more information. If you still have doubts, leave a comment. I will definitely answer you. If you don’t hear back from me, maybe your answer is in a post or video, please go away. once again.

We don’t ship much from India so we try to source as locally as possible. I was planning to buy a few more things from India, but since we won’t be able to travel this year, I thought I’d go ahead and post them.

I love my steel can that I used to have. But we got glass bottles because we wanted the storage to be somewhat uniform.

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One of the most frequently asked questions is how to plan and how to know how many containers we need to store groceries.

We first took inventory and decided how many cans we would need to buy, about the volume that would determine how much it could hold. It looks good when we put it together. Some ants claim that sometimes I am in the kitchen in the kitchen.

At first I was skeptical about keeping the glass because I leave it. But so far so good. For storage, we wanted to avoid plastic as much as possible.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas In Tamil

Stainless steel is very expensive here and like I said we don’t buy or ship stuff from India. If you can afford stainless steel, you can go ahead and coordinate with it. Why our parents use metals is very justified.

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If you notice, the ingredients I mostly use are lightweight jars with wooden lids. So there was no problem. The Ikea jar with screw lid and jar holder is a bit heavy, so I store ingredients that I don’t take every day as well as those that I use in my spare time.

I’m not a fast cook, so that helps justify the glass storage. Another advantage is that you can clearly see how much is left in the jar from the ingredients.

I have everything from Lazada online. But none of them are in stock, Google Glass Storage with bamboo lids. Anyway, here are the links for you to check out.

All purchased from online shopping singapore but not available now, still you can find related products: Top shelf: (ant protection jar): Bottom shelf pulse jar: https:// s .lazada .sg/s.vGQN Oil Dispenser Set (choose from variations) – vinegar- bottle- soy sauce-pot-cooking-wine-sesame-oil-butter-oil-bottle-spice-bottle-i669486169-s2039194069.html kitchen trolley: xl -storage-buffet-bbq-table.html The other jars are from IKEA

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However, I thought these lights would help me shoot videos. But they cast a big shadow, which is a bit disappointing in that regard. I installed LED strips under the cabinet around the stove in the counter top area and above the sink cabinet. They have a separate switch control.

My cabinets have a glossy finish. While explaining, he explained that it has both pros and cons. The advantage is that it is easy to clean. If there is a stain, give it a quick wipe and it will be gone.

Go deep and don’t go there forever. The downside is that it acts like any other glossy surface, which means it attracts fingerprints and even if you don’t scrub it well with a wet cloth, it leaves behind water droplets.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas In Tamil

But I don’t see the fingerprint as a problem here. Also, I wipe with a dry cloth to avoid water streaks. 2 full years have not passed, so far I think so. For storing everyday utensils and small kitchen appliances, I prefer the pull-out drawer type.

Air Fried Soy Ginger Shishito Peppers

Above the oven cabinet to the left, I have a daily arrangement with ingredients first. I use them often so they are easy to access and should be together.

So we chose this cabinet. Even if I get impulses, it’s easier to keep it on an empty counter. The back row also includes more commonly used items like noodles and upma items and jaggery and french fries.

A second shelf above that holds less essential items such as pulses. I only use it once or twice. So all of them are placed in front with nuts on two sides. The back row on this shelf holds less frequently used items like quinoa, millet, and other random groceries that I still use.

On the top shelf, we put the pasta machine, because I don’t take it often. I also keep the triphala and trikatuka that my mother gives me (which we tried to use for rice but it melted) in a wooden box, I take it out and fill it in small bottles for daily use. My puttu maker also went there as I am not a big puttu fan.

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I put sajarai patti and masala box on the stove. One for South Indian tempering (which includes ingredients as per my preference – for example I also have Toor Dal in my Sajarai Petti as I use it in Vata Kuzhambu, Puli Saari)

The other contains the whole masala/spice powder. I used to have it all on the fridge shelf. But now that I’ve got a new southern ingredient for it, I thought I’d keep it in the spice box. Even my new fridge can’t hold it. In fact, I already have a shelf for more masala powder that I rarely use. So it cannot be stored inside. These will be gone soon, so I don’t think it’s necessary to keep them inside.

It also contains red chillies (hot, mild) garam masala, cooking king masala, coriander powder, turmeric and cumin seeds. Because it is a must for every North Indian sabji or dal available. Until then, I keep asafoetida, both solid and powdered (my favorite ingredient in the whole kitchen). On the other side, I keep panangalkandu (a palm sugar candy that I use for turmeric milk or suku coffee) and baking soda.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas In Tamil

If you’re wondering what this platform is, we won’t ask, but it’s used to hide the switch control wiring and the LED wiring system. It reminds me of switches placed inside. One for the kitchen hood (electric fireplace) and the other for controlling the LED lighting under the cabinets.

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On the other hand, I often have refills. Kashmiri (mild) red chilli powder, fenugreek seeds (which I eat and eat occasionally for idli dosa batter) cumin and biryani leaves. At the back is more milagaya, whole Kashmiri red chillies, black pepper and mustard.

On the middle shelf, I have flour on one side and rad dal, red chillies and coriander seeds. Sometimes I feel it’s not that easy to rush red chillies but in this case I keep it in my Anjarai Patty and cook it myself for the day.

On the top shelf are some Ikea boxes I’ve had for a long time that I store my wattles/wadums in. One for kuz vadam, one for sago vadam, one for onion vadam. Now everything is empty! Thank you c*r*na!! On the other hand, I have appe paan/paniyaram paan. One for firing (no stains, you see!) and one for my regular use (indolium and like all your indolium pans have yellow oil stains. Told ya! Bloggers are so human)

Plates in a small plastic box in a wire basket, bought as a strainer when I arrived in Singapore a long time ago (apparently it can be used to catch rust, so use it).

Wooden Modern Modular Kitchen Installation Service, In Chennai

On the bottom reachable shelf are both the types of rice I use for biryani / pulao – basmati and cumin samba (latest favourite). In another wire hidden box area, I kept the sambar pod and the parapu pod. When I make idli podi, I put it before rice. Keep my pepper plants in there too, even though we grind them in the fridge. Sometimes we need freshly ground and properly ground pepper, so this is what I use

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