Small Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

Small Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures – Are you so frustrated with your tiny kitchen that you’re thinking about tearing it down and renovating it from scratch? Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget or the space for a kitchen worthy of a chef’s dream. If this is your reality, don’t give up! There are many things you can do with a small kitchen. Here are some great small kitchen remodeling ideas to get creative: 8 Tips for Remodeling Your Small Kitchen When it comes to small kitchen design, a great way to make your space feel bigger is to use optical illusions. Here are some ideas to fit almost any budget and kitchen space. 1. Incorporate Creative Painting Strategies A simple and inexpensive solution to remodeling a small kitchen is to paint. Color can add drama, comfort, and even the illusion of more space in a room. Some ways to use color to make your small kitchen look bigger include: Keep light, neutral colors Paint dark cabinets a lighter color or keep lower cabinets dark and upper cabinets lighter (create the illusion of height ) Add clear paint. colors behind open shelving or a bold accent wall Keep the ceiling white Avoid matte colors (satin or eggshell paint allows light to bounce off surfaces, making the room appear larger) 2. Replace doors on glass cabinets and/or add open shelves. doors and/or replacing cabinets with open shelving can make it seem like you have more space. Of course, for this trick to work, you need to keep clutter off your shelves, which can make your space look cluttered and small. Some ways to make glass cabinet doors or open shelving work in your space: Stick to a color palette (put all white or red containers on display, while storing mismatched containers elsewhere) Balance items more small and larger Keep things functional by keeping the items you have. keep those you use every day within easy reach and the ones you use less often on higher shelves and out of reach 3. Try Geometric Patterns Geometric patterns are becoming a big trend for small kitchens. Not only is it fun to incorporate, but it adds texture, depth and can trick the eye, making your kitchen look bigger than it really is. You can add geometric shapes with tiles, wallpaper or kitchen accessories like floor runners. However, be careful not to add too many geometric patterns. The more you add, the more chaotic your kitchen will be. 4. Add mirrors or mirrored surfaces Mirrors reflect light, open up a space, and make a small space seem larger. You can put a real mirror in your small renovated kitchen or add a backsplash. If you have a kitchen with a dining area, adding a mirror to your dining room will not only make it look bigger, but it’s also good feng shui practice. A mirror in the dining room is said to increase your ability to retain wealth. 5. Connect your kitchen with the outdoor space Do you have a beautiful outdoor space outside the walls of the kitchen? Add some French doors – definitely worth the investment. They will bring a lot of light into your kitchen and expand the view outside, making your space look bigger. 6. Add some accent lights. Our eyes are drawn to shadows and they can make a small space feel cramped. Adding accent lights, especially on shelves or under cabinets, eliminates shadows, effectively opens up the space and makes it appear larger, while increasing the functionality of your kitchen. 7. Streamline your storage space Besides looking and feeling cramped, a small kitchen has another problem: lack of storage space. We recommend that you take inventory regularly and take the time to sort. Get inspired by Marie Kondo and go through your stuff and keep only what you need and use. (Do you really need 10 spatulas and two food processors?) Once you’re decluttered, you can make good use of the space you have by investing in the right organizational items, like a corner cabinet. Hide the coffee maker and toaster so they are easily accessible. During an in-home consultation, our team can work with you to develop the best design for your organization’s needs. Book a design consultation 8. Expand the space with horizontal stripes We all know that wearing wide horizontal stripes can make us look bigger than we’d like. Similarly, adding horizontal stripes can make your kitchen appear wider. These stripes can be added to wallpapers, tiles, floors or carpets. Hire a Contractor You may think you can save money by doing a small kitchen renovation yourself. In some cases, this may be true. However, it may cost you more in the long run. Hiring a contractor can be a solution when problems arise, especially structural, electrical or plumbing problems. It’s very rare that remodeling is as simple as painting and tiling, especially in older homes. A licensed contractor will save you a lot of time, money and frustration. They will make sure the job is done right, giving you peace of mind that your renovated kitchen will remain in good condition for years to come. Just because you’re on a budget and have a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful kitchen. With our small kitchen remodeling ideas, we can help you create a space that you’ll love and that will truly be the heart of your home. connected

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Small Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

Small Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

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The workers are fast and efficient. They completed the job ahead of schedule and did a good job of cleaning up the job site. I am very happy with the final result.

I was very happy from start to finish! I love my updated kitchen. Everyone involved in my kitchen remodel was great and very professional. Thank you!!

Small Kitchen Remodel Before And After Pictures

At Harrisburg Kitchen & Bath, we are closely monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 and are taking the necessary steps to protect the health and well-being of our employees, our current customers, and the community at large. If there’s one room in your house that absolutely must be functional, it’s the kitchen (okay, so is the bathroom). But since the kitchen is the heart of the house, it should also be elegant and presentable. Fortunately, the two are not mutually exclusive. With a few power tools, a lot of elbow grease and an expert eye for design, anything is possible, no matter how dated and desperate the kitchen looks. Need proof and a little motivation before tackling your own kitchen makeover? Design Forward spaces are full of kitchen remodeling ideas and remodeling tips. So get inspired by these dramatic kitchen transformations, complete with (dramatic!) before-and-after photos that reveal the potential in even the most neglected spaces.

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Beautification, the perfect combination for a working kitchen. Open in

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