Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023 – The saying that good things come in small packages certainly rings true at home, in the heart of the kitchen. A small space is just as beautiful as a large one and can function more smoothly when you cook in it. With a thoughtful design that reflects the owner’s personality, a small kitchen can live large and invite all who enter.

A classic white kitchen can feel spacious and open, while a narrow kitchen can live out your boldest dreams with kitchen paint colors (may we suggest blue?). Aesthetics aside, smart cabinet designs can ensure you have enough storage space to bring your small space kitchen organization ideas to life. Like any small kitchen, be sure to style it with designer decor ideas perfect for cooking and entertaining; Don’t forget the beautiful island and tile backsplash that add personality to the entire room.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023

Here we present 28 small kitchen accessories from our favorite designers to inspire you to pack your small kitchen space with basic style.

Kitchen Trends That Are In And Out, According To Designers

Architect Paul Bates added a sense of sophistication to his traditional Birmingham kitchen using geometric white oak cabinets inspired directly by the doors of David Alder’s Claw House in Chicago.

This appliance is hidden under the cabinet panels, and it enters the kitchen in an original American setting with brass stone (modern material). Ferguson designed a chandelier and a farmhouse sink and bridge in this Colonial Williamsburg home designed by Heather Chaddock Hillegass.

A 19th-century butler’s mirror makes this small space feel larger, but the kitchen in this Manhattan apartment was designed by Garo Kedijian and its brass panels. Leather chair, Le Forge. Poster by Christian Lacroix

In this small kitchen designed by Anthony Baratta of New York, a dramatic backsplash and painted decorations draw attention to a large window. Apthorp’s original mosaic tile floors are durable, and their scale is echoed in the dining room’s wallpaper. The banquette is upholstered in “1940s glam” diamond-patterned leather (Duloy). The table is a Biedermeier reproduction commissioned by Baeratta.

Timeless Kitchen Décor Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style

In the kitchen of his San Antonio home, designer Todd Romano used an antique iron table instead of a built-in island, which could have been large in a small kitchen. Custom Talavera tiles are paired with gloss ebony cabinets (black, subtle paint in Europe) in a graphic chevron pattern.

In designer Cece Barfield Thompson’s New York apartment, a large checkerboard pattern (flow painting) helps make a small kitchen look more spacious. Steel windows are original.

Despite its small size, this New York kitchen designed by Robert Pasel can accommodate a large island that not only seats four, but also includes a dining area. When paired with wall ovens (frame right), built-in cookers make a large range unnecessary and free up under-counter storage space. Metal sculptural chairs in antique brass and pista leather (Jerry pair).

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023

In the kitchen of this Montreal home, design duo Les Ensembles carved out a table for appetizers by building a dining table under the window. The tables are Caesarstone and the desk is English.

Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

In this London townhouse, designer Gary McBurney used soft colors to draw the eye from the large, brightly lit breakfast and living room to the kitchen alcove. Cabinet paint, Teresa’s Green by Farrow & Ball. Refrigerated, sub-zero. Countertops, Caesarstone

In the small kitchen of his home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, designer Jeffrey Fisher used floor-to-ceiling tiles with a hand-painted border. The floor is handmade, local terracotta.

Soft, smoky colors add a touch of style and sophistication to the charming but small galley kitchen of this 18th-century Parisian apartment. The upper cabinets have a glossy mirror surface and “look like Venetian blinds,” says decorator Jean-Louis Degno. The lower cabinet paint color is Midnight Oil by Benjamin Moore.

A mix of open shelving and cabinets, all finished in a beautiful powder-blue shade (Perma Gray by Farrow & Ball), create a cheerful, airy atmosphere in this 1950s Southern farmhouse-chic, cottage-sized kitchen.

Small Kitchen Ideas To Transform Your Space

Designer Mark D. Sykes covered the walls with a William Morris floral wallcovering and upholstered a pair of hickory chairs with a botanical Carolina Irving fabric. Bistro chairs are from Ballard Designs.

Mark D. A playful pattern like this original decorative panel inside the kitchen cabinets of this home designed by Sykes is a welcome surprise inside small kitchen cabinets.

This sign d. In a Sykes-designed home, a sunny nook becomes a bright breakfast nook with built-in dining seating and a slender sarin tulip table.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023

Architect Peter Black designed this intimate kitchen in Brace Island, South Carolina that seems to reach the ceiling. She and interior designer Beth Webb avoided traditional upper cabinetry to avoid a “closed-in” feel in a small kitchen. Wash basin fittings, plumbing, are made of stainless brass. Grained, split white oak.

Small Kitchen Ideas To Steal (for Renter And Renovators)

In this South Carolina kitchen, architect Peter Black and designer Beth Webb clad the counter-top refrigerator and freezer in the same white oak panels as the cabinetry, creating a more seamless look that’s so important in a small kitchen. . Bertazzoni’s thin range.

In this Montana kitchen designed by Palmer Weiss, a bank of drawers instead of a lower cabinet provides storage space that’s easier to access and organize. Pull out silicone bronzer brush, Rocky Mountain Hardware. Dual fuel range, Wolf. Cupboards, country storage fixtures.

Bright sapphire cabinetry turns this small butler’s pantry into a full-size refrigerator and sinks into a colorful jewelry box in this Ruthie Sommers-designed Rhode Island retreat. The La Bra rug showcases subtle red tones in a valance of Lawrence exotic Katie Ridder textiles. Custom cobalt paint from Fine Paint Europe.

It may seem counterintuitive, but removing upper cabinets can make a small chef’s space look bigger. In this Paris apartment, designers Raphael Le Beer and Thomas Vaux installed a large piece of art along one wall instead of shelves or cabinets. BassamFellows tractor stools maintain a low profile, while simple cabinets in black melamine wood reinforce the simple style.

These 7 Kitchen Trends Will Be Big In 2023, According To Houzz

A floor-to-ceiling “cupboard” along one wall maximizes storage space in this Parisian kitchen designed by Raphael Le Ber and Thomas Vavo.

Steele Marcoux is Editor-in-Chief covering design trends, architecture and brand journeys.

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Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023

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Our Diy Ikea Kitchen Remodel ( & 8 Super Helpful Ideas)

15 Blue Kitchens Full of Cool and Practical Wallpaper Ideas 15 Supple and Comfortable Kitchen Bar Stools to Add Softness 15 Beautiful Kitchen Rugs The most elegant look touches every corner of interior design, and kitchens in 2023 are no different. This means that the kitchen of the future has an exciting world to look forward too. According to trend forecasters, we are moving into neutral territory, where form takes center stage. But there is more. Read on to see kitchen trends for 2023 that will enhance any interior.

Like interior design trends, kitchen trends in 2023 will see more personalization and self-expression. The key to planning now and in the future is to create a space that you or a household resident can truly feel. Whether choosing a sleek minimalist look or a bold, wild design, this means setting up a room for everything you need. Accordingly, follow the work and plan to suit your lifestyle.

However, trends do not dictate or require kitchen remodeling. Fortunately, many stylish options can beautify your interior without major renovations. Whether it’s a coat of paint for a bold look or updated fixtures, there’s a way to incorporate the latest fashion into any space.

Tip. It is important to know that 2023 kitchen trends come in different styles. The interior design style quiz will help you identify trends that match your personal style. Hottest Kitchen Trends 2023

Before + After Small Kitchen Remodel

Trends and fashions rise and fall, but some trendy styles stick around for a while, if not forever. Additionally, some of the best kitchen and interior design trends for 2023 include timeless designs that work in any setting.

All kitchen trends in 2023 are moving towards lighter and brighter spaces. So regardless of the design or final appearance, the room will be filled with sunlight. That said, maximizing light has been a popular cooking trend for some time. However, large windows, light shades and reflective mat materials will increase the brightness even more in the coming years.

Whether minimal or traditional, a potty hat makes a statement. These designs promise fun and creative ways to highlight a kitchen cover. But similarly, kitchen remodeling ideas for 2023 are also trending towards minimalist and integrated designs. They’re especially out of place in forward-thinking traditional and online kitchen designs.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2023

Plenty of comfortable, cozy spaces

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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