Small Kitchen Remodel With Island

Small Kitchen Remodel With Island – The cute little space has it all: ample work space, pantry, seating, spice storage, built-in refrigerator, and even space for pet treats and favorite toys. Elegant painted cabinets, marble backsplash, smooth white quartz create an overall comfortable and transitional style.

The small room has adopted a new layout and works perfectly. This family is enjoying their new small but mighty kitchen every day!

Small Kitchen Remodel With Island

Small Kitchen Remodel With Island

This little cut and closed kitchen definitely needs some Karr Bick love! After my first meeting with these homeowners, I left with dozens of wishes and wish lists. I asked myself, “How is this all going to fit in such a small, cramped kitchen!?”

Interesting Small Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Next Renovation

To our clients’ delight, we’ve chosen a small room design plan that hits almost every bullet point of this small space trick: ample pantry storage, island seating, pet space, spice storage, a built-in refrigerator…and the list goes on.

Of course, there were some bumps in the road. A soffit that had to stay in place. Cabinet that had to be replaced on site. But all this is completely expected in older home models. Trying to squeeze every ounce of storage out of a small kitchen design sometimes requires troubleshooting.

We incorporate details with simple yet classic materials: elegantly painted cabinets, marble backsplash, smooth white quartz…an overall comfortable and transitional style. The small room received a completely new layout. This family is enjoying their new small but mighty kitchen every day!

If you want to start your transformation journey, use our plan tool now and visit our virtual showroom. We have a blog with a detailed checklist to help you on your design adventure. Kitchen islands are popular additions during kitchen remodeling, and for good reason. Whether the kitchen is big or small, a kitchen island is a really good way to make more use of the space. Some islands are simply used for extra counter space, while others are equipped with an extra sink or stove. Check out these ten unique kitchen island designs that help make the most of any kitchen.

Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

This modern farmhouse-style kitchen island was part of a remodel of a historic home in Portland’s Irvington neighborhood. A crisp white color keeps the kitchen clean and bright, while a small sink adds extra function to the island. Drawers allow for convenient storage of kitchen utensils.

Part of a new home built by H&H, this Arts & Crafts style kitchen island features a butcher block that contrasts with green concrete counters and tile. Outlets are installed to facilitate the use of kitchen electrical appliances.

This custom island was designed by the homeowner herself, interior designer Lynn Parker, as part of a larger home makeover. The tabletop matches the rest of the kitchen, but the wood base warms the room and provides some contrast to the otherwise dark colors of the cabinets and backsplash.

Small Kitchen Remodel With Island

Part of a Portland home makeover, this kitchen island is a triple threat: extra storage via drawers, extra space and a cooktop. If the stove is part of the kitchen island, it frees up wall space for other things, such as large cabinets for storage.

Island Seating Styles For Your Kitchen Design

This long kitchen island doubles as a breakfast bar, stove top and oven. Constructed of beautiful American walnut wood, this Vancouver ranch mod features a kitchen island that’s both functional and visually appealing.

This kitchen island has a great mid-century modern design. Part of a whole house transformation, this island has functional features like a hob, power sockets and extra space, but the real selling point is the unique design and materials used, such as the stainless steel table top and sawn horizontal oak at the base. . .

This kitchen island, part of this kitchen remodel, is all worktop. Perfect for pulling out chairs to cook multiple meals or snack on. The rounded side adds interest and the bottom space leaves plenty of legroom. A marble table top brightens the room and draws attention.

This predominantly white kitchen model features a beautiful kitchen island with a slightly shimmering Caesarstone worktop. The island was associated with the idea that the family spent a lot of time around it.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas & Organization Tips

This kitchen island was added as part of a larger kitchen remodel and has a very traditional look with dark wood and marble worktops. At the end is a place to sit and help yourself to dinner, while a small sink at the other end provides extra space for washing hands or vegetables.

This kitchen island was added as part of a kitchen remodel in a Portland apartment. This island is smaller than the others on this list, but still very useful and a great place to cook meals, toss dough, or eat breakfast. 15 Inspirational Small Kitchen Island Ideas Kitchen islands are the workhorses of a busy kitchen, but they’re also unavoidable. To become a place where family and friends gather before and after meals. Whether topped with marble, laminate or butcher block, the sturdy kitchen island is the perfect place to hang out. gives place A kitchen island doesn’t have to be big to do its job. Get inspired by these small kitchen islands, then consider re-displaying them in your kitchen, regardless of room size

A small kitchen has many challenges: lack of storage space and narrow work surfaces. In this modern country kitchen by Diana Kennedy Interiors, the island plays a key role in eliminating these problems. The top is wide enough to slice and dice on one side, while you sit on the bar stools on the other side of the table and chat with company. The butcher block has large shelves underneath for storing kitchen utensils.

Small Kitchen Remodel With Island

Use baskets on a small kitchen island’s shelves to discreetly and attractively hide unwanted echoes in plain sight. In this London Woods kitchen, baskets add texture and warmth to the stone worktops and glossy cabinets.

Best Kitchen Island Ideas For 2023

Sometimes it makes no sense to throw an island in the middle of the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose an extra workspace or breakfast nook. Gaia Designs incorporated a small peninsula into this small kitchen. It provides a little extra space without disrupting the flow of the room.

Just because a kitchen island is small doesn’t mean it can’t offer enough storage space. This Acme furniture island has drawers, cabinets and shelves for storing ingredients, accessories and more. Since the entire island is on wheels, you can pick up the cart and move items from the kitchen to the dining room without making multiple trips.

Consider adding a small kitchen island to enhance your style. The simple clean lines of this island give a modern look to the chic white kitchen from Rachel Madden Interiors.

A small island on wheels is the best way to get more space without wasting valuable real estate. Jane Woodhouse provides detailed information on building your own mobile island. When cooking or baking, keep it in place and then flip it over when you need to make room for a crowd.

Kitchen Design Shapes To Get The Island You’ve Always Wanted

Looking for a leg up at the kitchen table? Consider adding a piece of furniture that can do double duty as a table and kitchen island. Instead of installing a traditional kitchen island, Fluidsine Studio opted for a high-top table at the center of this kitchen. The piece enhances the industrial feel of the farmhouse while providing a very practical place for sitting and eating.

These kitchen island storage units may be small, but their small size packs a lot of functionality. Measuring just 33.86″ x 22.83″ x 15.75″, this island features a slim drawer, a wine rack that can hold four bottles, a wire basket for fresh produce, and a shelf underneath. Form hasn’t been forgotten for function, either. The piece has a smooth granite slab surface. and is available in grey, green or white.

This island may be small, but it definitely steals the spotlight. By hanging an eye-catching light above the island, the functional workspace becomes the focal point of the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Remodel With Island

Corey from Sawdust 2 Stitches has come up with a clever solution to hide the ugliest kitchen work areas. He turned an old closet into an island with collapsible compartments for trash cans. With wheels on one end, Corey can move the island out of her small kitchen and store it in the hallway when not needed.

L Shaped Kitchen Layout Benefits And Design Ideas

A small kitchen island is a great place to add color to the kitchen. The Kitchen Company does just that in this warm neutral kitchen. The olive island is as soothing as the cream cabinets, while the white marble island top complements the black countertops in the rest of the kitchen.


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