Small Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

Small Kitchen Remodel On A Budget – Do you want to decorate the rooms of your home but are on a tight budget? Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, so it’s important that you enjoy spending time there. Bring your old kitchen into the present with our favorite inexpensive DIY kitchen projects.

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Small Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

Small Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

Our original kitchen, built in 1992, has an oak design with some stainless steel appliances added by the previous owners. Over the years, we’ve completed a number of inexpensive DIY kitchen projects.

Of Of The Best Budget Kitchen Makeovers Under $1000

There have been minor tweaks and improvements along the way, from the addition of a windshield to some new hardware. Painting the kitchen cabinets white for the first time made a huge difference.

We definitely bought our house when wood was all the rage and even 8 years ago beige was still the color choice. We still love our favorite neutral wall color, but our style and taste have evolved. The good news for us is that we were able to use inexpensive DIY projects to renovate the kitchen.

Now we try to find timeless options when choosing home decor. However, we didn’t want to add anything new to this kitchen if we didn’t have to.

You can repaint walls, cabinets and even countertops to transform your kitchen into a modern aesthetic. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. At first we planned to paint just the bottom cabinets, but when we started we realized that everything needed a new coat or two.

Budget Friendly Classic White Kitchen Remodel (all The Details!)

Whether it’s painting, replacing doors, or completely gutting your kitchen, your cabinets are a great place to start when designing your dream kitchen. The good news is that you don’t need to paint if you don’t have the pattern.

For example, in a small kitchen remodel, our friends got a modern feel without painting the oak cabinets! We love the modern touches like the new black hardware and the updated faucet.

Since our oak cabinets have seen better days, we chose to paint them instead of completely replacing them. Painting them was our best and cheapest option.

Small Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

For reference, our kitchen has 12 upper cabinets with doors, 3 level drawers and two cupboards and 11 lower doors and 12 drawers. The total area of ​​our kitchen is 12′ x 14′ = 168 square feet.

Budget Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Transform Your Space For Less |

The upper cabinets are about 40 square meters, the lower cabinets are approx. The cabinet is 43.5 square meters.

So, using the paint numbers above, our estimate is that a professional paint job will cost around $2,800 to professionally stain the kitchen cabinets.

About $150 for paint and supplies. Please note that we are running out of paint and supplies. Needless to say, having our kitchen professionally painted won’t cost more than a few hundred dollars.

The $150 spent on paint and supplies (new foam roller, masking tape, tape, paint pad) is definitely worth not only painting the cabinets, but repainting as well.

Ways To Remodel A Kitchen On A Budget

We compared different white paints and decided on the purest and purest color of Emerald paint. We didn’t want to be compared to the current white model. Test paint colors in different lighting conditions, compare your current paint colors, and more.

According to Sherwin Williams, one gallon of paint should cover about 100 square feet. From my calculations above, it makes perfect sense why paint costs a little more per gallon. I had a little green left over because I also had to paint the outside of the island, and I didn’t include that in the square footage estimate.

We chose a large French door refrigerator with a bottom freezer that has served our family well. Now we can easily store food. We have had an LG refrigerator for over 10 years and it still works great!

Small Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

You’d be surprised how much dirt can accumulate on your hands, cabinets, and closets. Don’t forget to clean the tops of the cabinets and appliances as well. Starting with a clean slate will make a big difference, especially if you’re not completely broke.

Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

Appliances may seem like a small thing, but consider buying modern handles, faucets, or painting your existing appliances to match the new style.

If you are looking for beautiful countertops but are on a tight budget, you can use composite materials such as outdoor stone to save money.

Adding a new capiz chandelier to the kitchen island helped bring all of our design options together. Enjoy adding style, warmth and character when choosing lighting fixtures.

You can restore furniture or a new modern stool in your kitchen. This table doesn’t have to be completely replaced if the new sofa can give you a modern feel.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas On A Budget!

The glass panel oven in the kitchen really brought it out. We had to remove it and redo everything, or paint it. If it looks terrible, I’ll release it anyway.

However, this DIY kitchen project turned out much better than we expected. We love the clean and simple look. One thing that was a little off was the white of our current relationship, but the white was the safest.

As you can see, in terms of style our kitchen has never changed. By making small changes over time, we’ve been able to achieve a look we’re proud of while working within our price range.

Small Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

We love our two-tone cabinets. I never thought I would be doing this a few years ago. But for young children, the idea of ​​a dark lower cupboard was really attractive. Everyone is commenting on how much they love this green color.

A Kitchen Remodel Filled With Budget Friendly Ideas

According to Home Advisor, a professional cabinet painter can charge “$100 for a door, $25 for a drawer, or $75-$150 for a cabinet.” Spraying and cleaning/rolling alone are often the same thing. Yes, I would be fine with a sprayer (but at what cost)?

Prices may vary depending on your location, but you can expect to pay between $50 and $100 for high-quality cabinet paint. List price at our local store is $95.99. Proclassic was our favorite paint (before we got Emerald) – 79.99. However, don’t let these prices fool you. I was able to get a 30% discount. For emerald urethane glaze, I paid about $67 a gallon.

Yes, you can remodel or remodel the kitchen, especially if you work with special appliances and features. With proper planning, DIY projects like painting, installing new storage, updating light fixtures, and replacing cabinets can be done by beginners who want to make some equity. When in doubt, call a professional because you can save money in no time.

Since our cabinets were already painted white, I didn’t have to prepare them. Here we are talking about how to paint painted cabinets. For this budget kitchen remodel (after 8 years), I purchased a gallon of SW Rookwood Sash Green and SW Emerald Urethane Trim in the base color (High Reflective White). I have half of each painting left. I also used white paint.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

Tip: When I buy paint from Sherwin Williams, I always buy paint on sale. In the past, they were even 40% off during the summer. However, my friends at the store told me that this year it is probably not due to a shortage of supplies.

I hope my home decor taste doesn’t change much. If they do, I can always try a cheap kitchen remodel to suit my current taste.

Wow, this is a great post! My family and I are planning to remodel our old kitchen in the coming months. We discuss a few things, total cost, if we do it ourselves or hire someone, if we rent a container, what type and color scheme. Your post is very helpful and I will use your advice!

Small Kitchen Remodel On A Budget

Great and thanks for all the tips. So, did you use link binding?

Kitchen Makeovers With Before And After Photos

Hi Rosie The most expensive job in our kitchen is installing granite countertops. We saw some great DIY ideas using contact kits and wanted to give them a try.

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