Small Kitchen Renovation Auckland

Small Kitchen Renovation Auckland – Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to give up on those kitchen dreams. An efficient, well-organized kitchen allows you to prepare and manage even the most complex dishes with ease.

How to arrange the structure is very important when designing a small kitchen. The unmistakable ‘sweet spot’ is that tools, storage trays and ergonomically correct workspaces are placed in the appropriate functions.

Small Kitchen Renovation Auckland

Small Kitchen Renovation Auckland

The trick is to understand the dynamics of the kitchen work process (what I call “activity zoning”) and prioritize the design of the “space” as well as the objects within it. Throwing in multiple cabinets can lead to a cramped, awkward and stressful kitchen nightmare!

Our Small But Mighty Kitchen Is Done!

For example, it is necessary to reduce the difficulty from the beginning of the planning of the design, which can give more opportunities for drawers; Easily outperforms the best corner access systems. How to position the room according to the angle of the sun is also worth considering only in terms of comfort and happiness.

There are a number of smart accessories and tools that can smartly customize a space. Once I fully understand a host’s unique needs, I recommend realistic requirements and settings for them. Whether it’s a small or a large kitchen, it’s all about quickly and instantly accessing and cataloging your most-used items without having to bend or stoop to look at that particular spice label. Then, each drawer, cabinet, open shelf and appliance is predetermined by its purpose; Sized to fit these specific types of items.

For example, for this client in a compact home, a row of five drawers with room under the fireplace uses the foot space to accommodate additional drawers for serving dishes.

While it is desirable to assign this particular function to certain drawers or shelves, it is worth noting that the flexibility to change this function over time is also important as our food needs or cooking style changes. We do this by designing adjustable sections or slots that can be moved around ensuring a variety of configurations are possible.

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Again, most people think of design as filling up the countertop space, but it’s more about the right countertop size and how the sink and hob are designed. This relates to the proportion and intended function of the counter area in question for food preparation, washing dishes, tanning or baking.

I typically have at least two ideal counter areas (at least 650 W x 650 D) for food preparation and plate placement with an additional Activity Zone™ for coffee making, housekeeping and/or evening drinks. Analyze the entire space. Often, the sink can be equipped with a cutting board and a suitable layer to ensure that most of the food preparation is done in the sink, leaving the actual countertops free for other tasks. Amazing!

The natural tendency is to go for white or light colors in small spaces and this is definitely beneficial in most cases. All that is to balance the risk of a soulless kitchen with a tasteful composition of texture, color or interesting patterns.

Small Kitchen Renovation Auckland

Here, the elegant wood-paneled ceiling is its hallmark, but the island skin is detailed with a vertical plane shape that mimics the exterior of the house. The island can be rolled on industrial-strength steel casters to open up the living room for large dinner parties or large play gatherings. Flexibility at its best!

How To Design For The Compact Kitchen

Of course! Removing clutter from countertops is important no matter the size of the kitchen, but even more so when space is at a premium. This is usually solved by providing a dedicated space in the drawer for sharp knives, utensils (usually with a slot in the top drawer), oil, small appliances and special household plan drawer areas or appliances; They all help organize the counter area. A place for everything and everything – it also provides a stress-free cooking experience!

Good question. It really depends on the channel. If the high ceiling is only a small footprint, I recommend not bringing all the cabinets to the ceiling as this will increase the proportions; It feels smaller/more cramped. This tiny 3m room with 3m ceiling is a great example. On the other hand, long and deep rooms are often better balanced by placing shelves on the ceiling or using partitions to achieve the same effect.

There are certain style rules that use design elements to focus on the “good parts”. You shy away from less desirable features by bringing others into the spotlight, such as wearing stripes or tinted makeup. This kitchen has low ceilings and a split bar, so contrasting strips of dark brown cabinets running perpendicular to the beams draw the eye and connect the spaces beautifully. Friends visiting after the renovation thought the roof was up! I think that the use of natural light and careful support is also an important element of the design for the appearance of space and openness. A small kitchen should be the focal point of any home, making use of valuable space and being an exciting place to create happy meals. Elite kitchen designers want to look at large and small spaces as opportunities when planning your new kitchen design. While many people conclude that small kitchens and limited space, the opposite is true. Along with Elite Kitchens and Cabinets, our small kitchen remodeling team has the following skills:

View our gallery below and talk to us about a free consultation to develop your own small kitchen layout ideas. With over 60 years in the industry, from large kitchen renovations to small kitchen renovations, the Elite Kitchens team is perfectly suited to make your small kitchen plans a reality.

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Our design philosophy combines elegant design with modern hinges, cabinets and other innovations. With these, the Elite Kitchen and Cabinet team maximizes space limitations and boasts a functional yet modern kitchen.

Aesthetically, these places take elements from all the designs. Concealed lines can be changed to a trial finish; Rich colors can add warmth. A free small kitchen design consultation is the first step in building every part of the process. Work with one of our experienced consultants to answer your questions and assess the needs, flooring, color and kitchen floor plan that best suits your space.

At the end of the day, the size of your kitchen shouldn’t get in the way of your satisfaction – we want to help you create the perfect kitchen for your space. Send us your favorite small kitchen design ideas and meet our experienced designers to create the kitchen of your dreams! Just send us an inquiry here. Superior Renovations is fast becoming one of the most recommended renovation companies in Auckland, offering a full range of home renovations, bathroom and kitchen renovations (check out our 100+ Google review pages and testimonials) . All of our renovation projects are designed in-house by our design team and each project is unique, each tailored specifically to the client and their home. We will go above and beyond every step to help you decide on a renovation plan that truly fits you and your family’s needs. We’re here to make your home feel more like home than ever.

Small Kitchen Renovation Auckland

We’ve renovated hundreds of homes in Auckland over the past year, but we always remind ourselves that this is the first time we’re renovating your home.

Expert Kitchen Renovation Service In Auckland

Take a look at our testimonials page – their experiences and interactions with us and their overwhelming feelings about their new home are what make it all worth it.

Superior Renovation provides highly agile solutions for home renovation while making the process completely customer-centric, integrating and retaining the best contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and project managers, with great flexibility to meet individual customer needs. providing

The customer experience and their personal story is at the heart of great innovation – this is where it all started and what defines our systems and processes today – focusing on the customer and understanding each customer as their own story, Not someone else’s transaction.

Our passion for creating new and exciting spaces for our clients’ homes, coupled with efficient project management, strict quality assurance and a customer-centric approach, has laid the dynamic foundation for the exciting renovation business we are today.

Kitchen Renovations Auckland Wide By Skilled Specialists

Repair companies have many things in common – satisfaction guarantee, cost-effective solutions, timely warranty, fully trained and qualified team members and much more.

From the initial consultation to the design process, equipment/material selection, project management and key handover, we manage the entire process at every stage, so you can focus on the fun part of the job. . Change your home. This means you only need to contact your dedicated project manager at Superior Renovations.

Labor and service are not negotiable –

Small Kitchen Renovation Auckland

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