Small Kitchen Renovation Budget

Small Kitchen Renovation Budget – Who’s ready for the ultimate reveal of my kitchen makeover on a budget?! I’m excited to share the final product of our kitchen renovation after weeks of hard work and dreams for the future. So grab your favorite mug and celebrate with me for our complete affordable kitchen renovation experience.

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Small Kitchen Renovation Budget

Small Kitchen Renovation Budget

The kitchen is where I spend a lot of time, and in our previous home it was my favorite place. So when we moved into our new house, I was sad to let go of my dream kitchen, knowing that a complete renovation wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Well, I’m happy to say that my kitchen budget renovation is complete (for now) and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Small Spaces

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Although the finish and layout is not my dream design, I was more than willing to work with it after receiving an offer of over $40,000 for the space. Renovate your kitchen on a budget. And when I say budget, I mean it! With the expense of paint, materials and new paint, the space was transformed.

As you saw in my previous post, I was able to brighten up this space and get it out of dungeon mode by painting the cabinets and painting the backsplash. When the hard work was done, I added a DIY open shelf to replace the front cabinets and a new pendant light.

When these beautiful Charleston pendant lights from Lamps Plus arrived, I was so excited to hang them. (Probably so my husband can hang them.) 😉 They are well made and fit the size of our space to replace old paint that is small.

Our Kitchen Cost Breakdown

However, after we took all the copper oil out of our kitchen and put it in a dark place, it was just too brown.

And then when it arrives, you find out that the item wasn’t what you thought it was? Instead of restoring these beauties, I just updated them with a satin spray that I used on something else.

I knew I couldn’t find the ball size and metal markings I wanted on another pan, so I was happy to put in some elbow grease to match the color and all the kitchen accents.

Small Kitchen Renovation Budget

Tip: If you think the structure, size, and materials are right, but the color isn’t right, you can fix a lot with spray paint!

How To Create A Budget For Your Kitchen Renovation • Superior Construction And Design, Llc

You’d never know this Charleston pendant wasn’t originally this creamy satin black. I’m glad I didn’t send them away and start an endless hunt for new paints that wouldn’t be exactly what I wanted.

My original intention for modifying these pendants was to size them up to make them larger. The Charleston pendant has a 13 1/2 inch ball, twice the size of our previous pendants! They make a huge difference in changing and revising this space.

Another easy way to update this space was to remove one of the upper cabinets. I always felt crowded with the cabinets by the sink. Removing one of the sides opened up our space and made us feel more open. I’m going to share a DIY tutorial for opening a shelf for the many Instagram friends who have been asking!

The last aspect of our kitchen remodel was to update some of the most important decorative elements. Adding bar stools with a vintage feel gives the space more character and charm. Also, now that I’ve opened up the shelves, I can display some of my decorative pieces next to practical items like plates and jars.

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Read This!

A quick tip that I always make sure to mention is don’t neglect your kitchen decor!! Plants, art, and a few characters can transform a utilitarian space into a beautiful extension of your living room.

Can you believe the change!? This kitchen renovation on a budget was perfect for creating a new and updated kitchen in a short amount of time. Maybe down the road we’ll do a complete overhaul, but for now I’m just too happy to take advantage of what we’ve been blessed with.

Next, I’ll be adding a surprise 5th post to my kitchen series to give you a complete guide on how to create DIY open shelving. Planning an affordable kitchen renovation? Here are 8 easy ways to save on our kitchen remodel!

Small Kitchen Renovation Budget

I still vividly remember the first time we visited our current home with the realtor. We were immediately drawn to the endearing character we saw her in and loved the story.

Budget Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Transform Your Space For Less |

But as soon as I entered the kitchen, my heart sank a little. It was dark and dirty and in need of a facelift!

What scared me was that I knew that kitchen renovations are often expensive, and I also knew that our finances were so tight that it would make things difficult if we did them again.

In short, my husband and I love this place and couldn’t help feeling that it was our perfect home.

We finalized the offer and made sure it was low enough that we still had cushion in our budget to remodel and transform a modest kitchen into a place I could love.

Ways We Saved Big On Our Frugal Kitchen Remodel

And as you already know, our offer was accepted and we purchased the place and started working on making it our home!

We really wanted to create a bright and cheery kitchen as well as an efficient workspace… and of course, all this had to be done on a tight budget.

It was a lot of work and I learned a lot in the process. But I’m happy to say that our budget kitchen renovation went well and we ended up with a kitchen that normally works for us!

Small Kitchen Renovation Budget

However there are some things we have done that have saved us a lot and I want to share them with you, hopefully giving you some ideas on ways to save money on a kitchen remodel if you ever get the chance!

Nyc Apartment Remodel Costs Per Square Foot

We had a game idea to change it up a bit, but it would require moving walls, changing plumbing, moving doors and more – all of which would increase our costs significantly.

And really, in our case, I’m not sure that all this work would have done us much good. At least if we don’t increase our budget by 20,000 and remove the exterior wall entirely!

My husband and I like to have a slide on top because it gives a cleaner look. But to save money, we bought our devices in bulk during the Black Friday sales.

This of course meant we had to adapt to the styling of the cars that came out of the box.

How Much Does A Small Kitchen Remodel Cost? (2023)

Because of our kitchen layout, one of the things I really wanted to have was a wall-mounted range hood rather than the undermount style. But it didn’t take me long to find out just how expensive they can be!

The oven that came with our unit is this free standing gas range “behind” it. It doesn’t offer the clean look we like, but it’s still a great stove and well worth the savings!

The cost of custom cabinets was enough to quickly decide that ready-made cabinets were the way to go!

Small Kitchen Renovation Budget

And while there are some things that can be really fun using custom cabinets, using Ready to Assemble cabinets from has worked really well for us.

Kitchen Remodel On A Budget: 5 Low Cost Ideas To Help You Spend Less

We are happy with the look of our white shaker cabinets and even happier with the money you saved by going with them.

You can learn more about our extensive experience in designing our kitchens and buying cabinets at here. It made our remodel so much easier!

Instead of buying closet dividers/organizers through when we shop for our closets, my husband recently used scrap metal to make closet dividers.

I like that we were able to customize it to our needs. Also, one drawer is very small and finding dividers that fit inside can be very difficult!

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The electronics package I mentioned earlier included a microwave oven. The thing is, we didn’t want to raise the microwave for a number of reasons.

First, I had my heart on the wall above the stove. I am also very annoyed to receive it

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