Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets – Having an organized and free kitchen makes everything from cooking dinner to making coffee a thousand times easier. But what if your kitchen has no cabinets? Where should you put your plates, mugs and plates?

When there is no obvious place to store dishes, food and utensils, you should think outside the closet. Here are 13 clever ways to organize a kitchen without cabinets:

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets

A well-designed pegboard is not only eye-catching, it’s also the key to maintaining your sanity in the kitchen – cupboard or otherwise.

Creative Ways To Store Dishes And Utensils That Go Beyond Cabinetry

Because pegboard organizes your things in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. That saves you having to rummage through several drawers just to find your mattress.

Even the smallest kitchens can accommodate a rolling cart. They are surprisingly stylish and can provide a lot of storage in a small space. If you need more space, simply slide the basket into your living room or dining room.

Take a cue from the ladies behind A Beautiful Mind and fill your cart: Espresso Cart, Shopping Cart, Food Cart – you get the idea.

Instead, hang them on a nice shelf. If you don’t have a coffee pot, reuse a wooden coat rack or a cute towel rack with sturdy hooks.

How To Organize Any Small Kitchen To Perfection

The bad news: you have to set aside Saturday afternoon to get your supplies and build the kitchen island.

The good news: You’ll be happy to have a mobile kitchen island with plenty of room to store food, silverware, dish towels, cutting boards and more.

A multi-shelf bookcase can easily hold a full set of dinnerware, along with other items such as cookbooks, jars of cooking ingredients, and a cutting board.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets

In a kitchen without cabinets, cabinets are your saving grace. They hide your ugly but necessary kitchen tools (like citrus peelers and meat tenderizers) and make everything easy to access.

Kitchens Without Upper Cabinets: Should You Go Without?

Show them: Buy a set of matching cups and fill them with whole grains, flour, seeds, nuts, sugar and dry pasta.

This clever DIY spice rack from Make It & Love It saves space and keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

Check out these eight cheap and easy wood pallet projects that will give your home a new lease of life in no time.

Instead of hiding everyday items like bread and fruit, keep them front and center on your kitchen counter.

Kitchen Organization Ideas — Kitchen Organization Tips

Get a wire or grocery basket, line the inside with a cloth, and fill with your favorite foods.

Hang a thick holder over the sink, stove, or kitchen island. It’s a simple and artistic way to store your flower and pan collections.

If your drawers are filled to the brim with dull spatulas and chopsticks, store your supplies in Mason jars on the kitchen counter.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets

Fill your pots with rice to limit metal scratching the glass. This keeps your fingernails and toenails stable and itchy-free.

Best Small Kitchen Storage Organization Ideas And Designs For 2022

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Kitchen Storage Ideas To Help You Declutter On A Budget

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Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets

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Small Pantry Organization Ideas

You already know that clutter is the antithesis of a well-planned and decorated space. Otherwise, it can make you even more stressed in your daily life. But when you’re faced with a small kitchen and no real pantry space, organizing your kitchen can be a challenge of Olympic proportions. And even if you are not the most active chef in the world, you still need to stock things like sugar, flour or rice. But where should you store all your food and dry goods? Enter our smart solutions for small kitchens.

The good news is that with a little creativity, even the smallest of kitchens can be organized and functional spaces, even if you don’t have that awesome pantry. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ideas to help you do just that—and while many of these ideas can be recreated in a matter of hours, the key to all of them is consistency. The better you get at your chosen organization method, the tidier your space will become.

Of course, a hidden pantry with lots of storage is good for your large collection of spices, but beautiful open shelves can work too. If it’s not possible to add a few newly built cabinets, consider hanging a few pieces of wood wherever you can find space (seriously – think creatively and look for sheds that can house some surface area).

To make the most of your space, consider moving aesthetically pleasing plates and bowls to your open shelves and save cabinet space for all those less-than-stellar cereal boxes.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

If done right and organized, your counters can double as storage. But a small kitchen is usually limited in the counter area. Consider adding a small shelf to your pantry to double your storage space and provide extra space for things like spices, oil or flour.

You can make one with a few small pieces of wood and some paint, or you can buy a pre-made version from many home decor stores.

If you have an open concept kitchen and dining room, a sideboard can be a great storage tool. While traditionally used to hold tablecloths or dinnerware, you can repurpose this attractive piece to create almost anything.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets

To make the storage closet for pantry items much more practical, put several baskets or shelves together to organize things. Don’t treat it like a black hole and throw things to chance – an integrated organizational method will ensure that you always know how to find what you are looking for.

Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Alternatives

Consider moving a basket or cabinet from the living room to the kitchen. In addition to having easy access to wine while you cook (a major pro), you can also repurpose a closed bar cabinet to store dry goods and other kitchen essentials.

An easy-to-carry open bar basket can also be a great tool for storing kitchen essentials. Put it in a closet or dust room when not in use and keep it handy the next time you bake mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t neglect that unused wall space. When it comes to finding storage in a small kitchen, it’s important to look at bare walls. From magnetic hooks that hang knives and other tools to metal bars that can hold fruit baskets, your wall space can work overtime when you’re struggling to find storage in a small kitchen without a pantry. Try installing wall storage behind your sink or near the area where you usually prepare food so you can easily access your items.

The more organized your drawers are, the more you can throw things in them instead of on your desks. Invest in folding dividers to make the most of your lawn space. While you don’t want to store your dry goods or vegetables in your drawers, you can expand that space by keeping those kitchen utensils organized and tidy to avoid unwanted echoes.

How To Design A 49 Square Foot Tiny Kitchen With Tons Of Smart Storage

While we don’t recommend throwing open bags of flour or sugar directly onto your counters, a few design-friendly tins or jars are perfect for keeping frequently used toppings where you need them.

If you don’t have many shelves to store pots in the kitchen, a beautiful mirror tray can be a great tool to organize pots on the table.

Don’t take up valuable cupboard space with your pots, pans and cookware. Instead, attach a rail above the sink or stove to hang these items (except cutting boards and dish towels!) This black adds an industrial feel to a soft and romantic kitchen.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas Without Cabinets

Just because your small kitchen doesn’t have an island doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Buy an island cabinet that can add counter space and storage. Since it is on wheels, you can move it out when you need more space!

Useful Kitchen Storage Ideas

Placing baskets or bins on the fridge is a great way to increase storage. You

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