Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After – It may sound odd to admit, but it sounds like you could totally hang out for hours in your new master bathroom.

After five years of hopes, dreams and plans, we finally have the spa-like relaxation that every woman deserves.

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After

I never thought that day would come, but today I’m so excited to share my 1980’s bathroom with you.

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas You’ll Want To Steal!

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So, before looking at the pretty pictures, I’d like to give you a little refresher on what I’ve been working on. (For those who missed the original design plans post, click here.) …

As you can see in the “Before” photo above, this 1980s bathroom was basically the exact opposite of my style. Aside from the natural light and small showers, the space is more like a cave than a true master ensuite. In fact, the unfinished bathroom in my house has always been something that confuses my fixers.

All the main living spaces are relatively spacious and open concept (lots of natural light), while the bathroom seems like an afterthought… which was fine at first as we wanted more of our house. More than anything, it’s about family and fun. You don’t usually party in the bathroom (or maybe I’m not that weird).

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Aside from the pool digging and reinstallation fiasco, this master bathroom renovation was one of the biggest to date.

Deciding to keep the original layout of the space, they took down the wall between the tub and shower (besides installing a window) and dramatically changed the look of the bathroom.

To use the limited space I had to work with (the bathroom size is 12′ long x 8′ deep), the built-in stairs were mostly in traffic, so I decided to remove the original jacuzzi skirt. (In this post, we show you how we redesigned our tab skirt for less than $25. Click here to see that tutorial.)

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After

As for the place’s aesthetic, I wanted something that would stand the test of time (if I ever decide to sell the place) and represent my signature boho modern farmhouse. Style meets.

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We decided to hire a shower remodel and wall teardown while we installed the floating vanity, shipwrap accent wall, and LVT flooring ourselves, and it’s a good job we did.

The wall between the shower and bathtub was unstructured, but contained water pipes, plumbing, and even electrical wiring. As a result, the contractor had to completely reroute the plumbing, electrical, and ventilation routes.

By moving the plumbing to the opposite wall, we were able to break down the partition wall and gain a view of the room.

Installing the shower and demonstrating the wall was a huge investment, but in the end it was worth it. The shower now looks much bigger and brighter.

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Luckily, we at least saved there because we invested in the bathroom at least by painting the tub white and adding a DIY skirt.

It’s amazing how much impact removing the corner bench from the original shower and opening up the walls made.

Because of the bathtub, I couldn’t extend the length of the shower, but I could increase the width of the shower quite a bit. I also allowed a little extra space from the acrylic shower liner to the subway tile (the acrylic liner is about 2-3 inches deep).

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After

And I’m totally captivated by the way the matte black hardware contrasts with all the contrasting white.

Custom Master Bathroom Design Ideas (photos)

I love how the new vanity wood brings warmth and texture to the other design schemes. And can you believe the floor is actually hard, lacquered vinyl planks? We were able to install the new floor directly over the existing tile floor, just like we did in the kitchen (here’s a tutorial).

The project took five years, but the wait was worth it. It really feels like living in a new house.

Frameless swivel glass shower door – cut to custom dimensions by the people I hired to install my shower, but that’s about it.

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Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Wow Erica!!!! It was great and I couldn’t be happier for you, my dear friend. We have a pretty much identical shower/tub situation in the master bathroom and I plan to eventually do the same for the shower and tub cubicle, so the fact that you’ve already successfully gone through it makes me very comfortable. Enjoy this bath girl. The place is great.

You are truly the best, Ashley. thank you! And for you, I hope there is nothing on this separate wall. We are happy to hire you for this job. kiss and hug

Wow! wow! wow! You’ve done an amazing job with this kidney. It’s amazing. Yes, I’ll be in that bathtub tonight 🙂

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After

Thank you very much, dear friend. lol!! Since discovering CBD bath salts, I’ve been in the tub basically every night. Happy Valentine’s Day. kiss and hug

Small Bathroom Ideas You Must See Before Renovating Yours

Lol! i like it! It really has become my little retreat. Thanks for the kind words, Carlin.

Free services like interior designer, life coach (and drinking buddy). Fabulous Afghan living on a budget. This post shares our design plans for a small master bathroom update, including painted tile floors and affordable mini vanity options!

It’s no secret that our home is a major project in terms of remodeling. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve seen all the work I’ve done on the master bathroom! This post is about our small master bathroom remodeling plans. I’m also sharing all my favorite portable bathroom accessories I’ve discovered and loved.

Our current master bathroom has unfortunately been one of my least favorite parts of our new home. It’s tiny and hasn’t really been touched since the 70’s! Why were there all master bathrooms?

Powder Room, Guest And Master Bathroom Remodeling In Madison, Wis. — Degnan Design Build Remodel

We need your help! We plan to completely rebuild it, but we probably won’t get it done until later this year. I was going to suck and stick it out until we could rebuild it, but then another idea came to me!

Living in the “Fixer Upper” can be difficult at times because there are so many things to do, but you can’t do everything at once. We try to stick to a budget and solve problems step by step with our updates.

But… I think you should love your home no matter what your budget. Lately I’ve been on a mission to clean all the walls and shelves and corners and “Marie Kondo”… Keep only what brings me joy or is useful.

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After

So one morning I was looking at the master bathroom and wondering what could be updated without spending a ton of money and doing major work. I also wanted to know if this bathroom could be updated in two stages. I didn’t completely waste the first step of the update.

Master Bathroom Ideas: New Bathroom Design Styles And Trends For 2021

I love putting together these design boards for every project I work on. This is a quick and easy way to see how everything works together! Sometimes I’ll go through a few different options for each item and put them all together on a board so I can see which one looks the best!

I’m happy with this plan because I can start updating now, but I’ll save the hard part for later! at least something

This will be the hardest part. Remodeling a shower room is the hardest and worst because it requires removing all the tiles. And I don’t want to deal with chaos right now, haha.

As soon as I convinced my husband of my plan, I started right away, ordering a new vanity table, lights, mirror, and picking out a paint color!

Neutral Master Bathroom Ideas — Costner Studio

Also, besides getting rid of the sink, painting this bathroom changed the bathroom the most and was the cheapest part of this update! If you want to update your space on a budget, paint it!!

One decision I wasn’t sure about at first was whether to paint the existing tile floors! Another option is to simply keep it and replace it later when you replace your shower head.

I saw some people painting tile floors on Instagram and thought it was really cool! Also very affordable. It costs only $40.

Small Master Bathroom Remodel Before And After

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