Small Ranch Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Small Ranch Kitchen Remodel Before And After – Welcome to CC & Mike’s Modern Navy & Cedar Ranch Renovation! Ow, that was a mouthful – ha! 🙂

A friend from college called us and told us he had a ranch in downtown Jenkins, and he said we should check it out, and we trucked up. When we got to the big thing with the ranch style house, I knew I wanted it Mike Miller Peach walls, floral wallpaper – the ceiling I might add, dark cabinets and a closed kitchen with a drop ceiling made it a little more believable. Well, the house was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, so Mike thought it would be difficult to resell

Small Ranch Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Small Ranch Kitchen Remodel Before And After

On the way back home my friend told me that the daughter of the original owner had passed away and was selling it. One man built and owned this house for half a century He raised his family and created thousands of memories within those walls We decided to buy it and do it as we go I didn’t know it at the time, but in the process of renovating this house, I met and truly fell in love with my 90-year-old neighbor, Dorothy, who was close friends with the original owner. With the history of this house We loved reminiscing about sitting on Dorothy’s back porch drinking coffee and playing with friends around the kitchen table. After meeting Dorothy, we absolutely loved the house and neighborhood and felt proud to be a part of its history…

S Ranch Kitchen Makeover Camp Hill, Pa

You see, I understand that every house has a story And what respect Part of this story is to uncover the memories built into the walls and prepare to create lifelong memories for the new family and newlyweds who bought this home.

Let’s go in! Welcome to CCC and Mike’s modern navy and cedar ranch style renovation

In this beautiful 1950’s ranch style I didn’t want to do it

If you know what I mean. Make no mistake I like white My whole house is painted white brick

Ranch Kitchen Remodel — Casey Mason

But I felt the beauty of this house was that it could perfectly portray something more dramatic and exciting because of its exterior scale. I knew I wanted the light blue exterior to match the cedar fenders and accents Really nice how it turned out

Paint Color: Brick Sherwin Williams Gallop, Trim & Doors Sherwin Caviar Storefront Porches:

At the beginning of the project, HGTV came to the site to film a pilot Mike and I were excited for the “day of the show” and the film crew cheered us on! Unfortunately, they decided not to continue filming and we’ve already broken the wall! We sat at home for a year before Mike finally let me run more designs Otherwise, they will not break the wall because of the blessing It looks great and opens up the house completely Thanks HGTV!

Small Ranch Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Here are some great before and after photos of how we took this kitchen from dark, closed ceilings and printed wallpaper to a large island, open shelves and lots of WOW!

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Makeover

I had the opportunity to have a little fun with the kitchen and work on some designs that I knew Mike wouldn’t do in our private home – namely black cabinets mixed with warm wood tones. It’s no secret that I love black and white in design, and you’ll hear me say it all the time; “You know what never goes out of style? Black and white.” I also wanted to include open shelves and lamps, and the sliding closet doors made a nice, bold effect!

Gray Canvas Bar Stool APRICOT / FOG SKY CARPET | Necklace Shop Kitchen Sink Kitchen Faucet Gold Hardware Matching

Hardwood floors are done by mill crack carpet and tile They supplied all the flooring and tiles for this project and we loved working with them They were very helpful during the selection process and their customer service up to installation was outstanding If you are in Tulsa or Oklahoma, I highly recommend Mill Creek Come in and say you want to see CC and Mike’s favorite things, and they’re here with a board of things we use at Flip House. The floors we chose were from the Bella Sierra Monza collection in French Oak Bivouac.

If you’re not in Tulsa, you can purchase used flooring in our flip house projects here.

Fabulous Ranch Home Transformation

Ventilation: We created this form of ventilation using wood floors used in the house We had our carpenters open the Bella Serra engineered wood floor and attach it to the front and side openings. This was actually Mike Miller’s idea and I really like how it turned out!

I can’t believe it when I see these pictures! It was not an easy task to break the brick wall, which was the original outer part of the wall Convincing Mike Miller is not an easy task – ha! But I think it was definitely the right decision Especially when you look at the before and after and see how the brick wall completely blocks the kitchen from the living room.

All cover lighting courtesy of HUDSON VALLEY LIGHTING We absolutely love working with them and use HVL in all our products The Sissy & Mike Shop proudly features Hudson Valley lighting in our store, and here are some of our favorites.

Small Ranch Kitchen Remodel Before And After

We love this gray cotton stool from CC and shop Mike It is also very good for the skin We have been using these two bar stools in many of our upcoming projects and not only do we, our clients love them!

Brown 1970s Kitchen Renovation

Apricot Wife Sky Kitchen Runner – We love this runner and the beautiful colors and design. It makes a statement wherever it goes and we love how it looks in the kitchen!

Below you will see the main bathroom of the house One of the main things we did in the kitchen renovation was to go into the garage and put in a new bathroom and make the original bathroom part of the new bathroom. We turned it into a bar area with open shelves in front of the window, making the kitchen bigger and more functional!

The original closet doors were very small and had many hidden spaces in the corners But this could not be achieved and was difficult to design I knew we had to wall off the design statement To achieve this, we have proposed a sliding door Mike is a business person and I’m definitely a fashion person, so this closet is the best of both worlds right now. The large walk-in closet is our favorite feature of the home

We had the pleasure of working with Mill Creek Carpet and Tile for the kitchen floor and backsplash. One of the nicest features throughout the home is Bella Serra’s hardwood floors Mill Creek has all the fashion options we love, just come in and ask CC and Mike Spacey and they’ll take care of you!

S Kitchen Makeover

Mill Creek Carpet and Tile Kitchen Backsplash – Eden Bianco 3 x 11. | If you’re not in the Tulsa area, you can purchase ceramic subway tile to create a backsplash.

Now for the TILE, we use two different tiles, both available from Mill Creek Tiles in Tulsa. If you’re not in the Tulsa area, here’s a black and white clip and a black and white geometric stripe cover:

I will speak before and after for the living I have to say that I think the fireplace mantel is one of my favorite features in the room!

Small Ranch Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Indigo Carpet || Gramsci sofa Chair Gallery Frame Art for Gallery Frames – CC & Mike The Shop Print Shop | Library lighting Feed leaf figs and baskets A mirror

Project Profile: Timberline Dr Kitchen Remodel

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