Small Square Kitchen Ideas With Breakfast Bar

Small Square Kitchen Ideas With Breakfast Bar – If there’s one hot trend in interior design that’s shaping the kitchens of today and tomorrow, it’s undoubtedly the idea of ​​the ‘social kitchen’. Evolving beyond just a place to prepare food, this decade’s kitchen brings back the nostalgic appeal of retro kitchens built to easily accommodate friends and family. Naturally, the aesthetic is very different with state-of-the-art equipment, high-gloss finishes and contemporary sheen. But kitchens are once again becoming a social environment thanks to open living areas and innovative designs. The centerpiece of this interactive space is a cafeteria-style breakfast bar.

The modern breakfast bar is versatile, customizable, and sure to match your kitchen style quotient. They come in a variety of shapes and finishes and each has its own appeal. Whether you have an ultra-small kitchen that powers your studio apartment or a spacious kitchen that feels like an extension to a large living room, there’s a breakfast bar out there that’s ideal for your home. Easy to incorporate into existing kitchens and full kitchen islands, here is a roundup of the top 20 ideas out there –

Small Square Kitchen Ideas With Breakfast Bar

Small Square Kitchen Ideas With Breakfast Bar

A simple wooden beam that looks like an extension to a kitchen island is definitely the most popular choice for a trendy breakfast bar. The shape and size of this subtle addition depends on the size of your kitchen island and that of your family. The smaller square wooden blocks save space and are a great choice for couples looking for something understated and intimate. The long, slim breakfast bar that runs alongside the kitchen island seats multiple people, and paired with cool bar stools that add color and contrast is a great way to elevate the kitchen.

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We love designs that deviate from the usual and this one is no different from a breakfast bar either. Don’t let yourself be limited by the rigid geometry of a modern kitchen and choose a sinuous counter! Of course, this requires a custom kitchen island, custom storage, and a little extra work. But the end result will be worth the extra effort and dough you put in! A small breakfast bar that is an extension of a window sill, a stone breakfast bar beam, and one made with straight glass protrudes from the package.

If you think a breakfast bar is an idea only for spacious kitchens, then you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, it’s townhouses that benefit the most from a kitchen island that also includes a breakfast bar. In a small city apartment where every inch of space matters, the breakfast bar doubles as a dining area and saves valuable square footage. Just add one to your kitchen counter or island and throw in a few stools and you’re good to go!

There’s certainly a lot more creative freedom in a large kitchen with a gorgeous center island when designing a breakfast bar. Instead of the usual design where the breakfast bar is just a few inches above the island counter, choose one a few inches lower to vary the dynamics of the kitchen. Also be sure to choose the bar stool according to the height of the counter to avoid the hassle of eating in the future.

There are many homes these days where the dining table is a clever extension of the kitchen island. So it’s no surprise that breakfast bars could follow the same path. In larger kitchens, this space can also serve as a great party area where the additional counter space can be used in a variety of ways for both preparation and hosting. What really makes a breakfast bar special is how it brings your whole family together after a long hard day or even for those few seconds each morning while you’re running.

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Sherry is a blogger who loves to live her life to the fullest. She likes everything related to elegant design, decoration and modern trends. A California native, Sherry grew up on outdoor ranches and wild environments, which defined her taste for design and developed a passion for researching how structure and homes interact with beauty[…]If you have a small kitchen and you miss the breakfast bar area but don’t think about it No, think again because we’ve found the best small kitchen layouts with a built-in breakfast bar for your inspiration.

While the fridge is large, it’s quite a small kitchen but has a cleverly raised countertop for a 2-person breakfast bar. This design works with most peninsula kitchens, as long as there’s room to slide a few benches in and out.

A bit similar to the previous one but it is called a countertop ledge. When ordering countertops for your kitchen, choose a countertop with a wider depth for the area where you want to place the breakfast bar. Instead of the countertop cutting parallel to your unit, the countertop will overhang creating a “ledge” for the breakfast bar. You can even fit a bench underneath for a great space-saving solution.

Small Square Kitchen Ideas With Breakfast Bar

This tall thin table was placed at the end of this kitchen run to create the illusion of an L-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar – amazing!

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If you don’t have room to add a breakfast bar to the far end of your unit, why not take advantage of some of the extra space by making a two panel breakfast bar countertop like this one. This design fits perfectly into an open kitchen and living room as it creates a division between the two spaces.

We love the uniqueness of this kitchen and how the tip of the peninsula has been used for a small breakfast bar with stools.

If you’re really struggling for space, this shelf hack is a great way to create a mock breakfast bar, and if you’re lucky enough to set one up near a window, you can enjoy breakfast with a view every day. “The kitchen is truly a castle in itself. This is where we spend our happy moments and where we find the joy of being a family.” Mario Batali

Having a bar area in your kitchen gives you a functional space for people to sit down and have a quick meal or accompany you while you cook. If you’ve designed your own kitchen layout, this is your chance to build a bar counter to your specifications. It can be a separate peninsula or an addition to your island.

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For some kitchens, the blade looks better integrated into the countertop. It may mix if you use the same material as the table. In other kitchens the bar stands out because the designer chose a different material with the countertop standing out as an accent.

If you’re not doing a complete kitchen remodel, you can still have a breakfast bar—just build one over the existing countertop. The bar area can be parallel to the counter space to be a smooth continuous surface. The counter will extend beyond the cabinet below so you can stand on it.

Another option is to build the bar area slightly higher than the counter. You will build the bar and let the counter protrude into the open space below. This design works well if you have a kitchen table, long table, or peninsula-style table. If you already have a flat island, you can make the log top by placing a thick slab of wood to one side.

Small Square Kitchen Ideas With Breakfast Bar

If you like an industrial look, you can incorporate this element into your breakfast bar. You can have one made of concrete. Or you can have metal additions that create blades in your current meter.

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If you’re short on space, you can create a commercial-inspired industrial coffee shop. This mini coffee shop can have a chandelier above it, which defines the space. Then you may want to use cafeteria-style bar stools for seating.

Look for ways to store coffee in the cafe area. You can have a metal pipe and a wooden shelf at the end of the bar where you have your sugar, cream, coffee and labels.

If you have a kitchen island, this is the perfect place to build your bar. You probably already have lighting in the form of a chandelier. Then all you have to do is sit down. Adjust the blade to the size of the island.

If you have a small kitchen island, you can have a couple of benches. A larger island can support three or four pews. With the island, you have more than one side to work with. You can have bars on two sides of the island to create more space.

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For a high-end flair to your breakfast bar, look for ways to add expensive ingredients or innovative technology. Use marble or granite for

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