Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget – Want to update a small bathroom without spending a fortune? This bathroom remodel is full of smart small bathroom ideas on a budget.

I’m not talking about fat pillows on the couch. It is obvious. I mean something a little more complex. Like a piece of building that is not terrible, but it is also not equal to the rest of the house.

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

There are many rooms in even “new” homes that could fit this description. Living room with ho-hum fireplace or tinted molding. Entrance with soft ceramic tiles. Kitchen with lots of middle cabinets or not so nice back cabinet.

Small Bathroom Remodel Before And After

Maybe the color isn’t terribly offensive and the item is in perfect condition. But the more you look at it, the more you realize that it just drags everything around it down.

And yet this does not justify spending a lot of money because the update is strictly cosmetic.

My experience has been that 9 out of 10 times a sensible upgrade is worth it. You’ll likely get your money back when you sell, as upgraded rooms are highly desirable, and you might as well enjoy the upgrade while you live there.

That said, there are two caveats to this advice. First, it’s a given that it has to be something you can afford. There is no need to go into deep debt for something that is mostly cosmetic.

Easy & Affordable Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Second, the simpler the upgrade, the better. If you don’t need to change the footprint of the room and can simply upgrade the materials, you save a lot of money.

Such was the case with one of our secondary bathrooms, a small bathroom that was innocent enough. It’s not like mustard tiles or leaky pipes. It was actually quite neutral and it was less than 10 years old. (See the previous image above.)

For the first few years in our house, I just painted the walls a neutral color (they used to be blue), bought white accessories and tried to ignore the room.

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

I knew from the beginning that it would be a modest project with many compromises to limit the budget. My first tip is to pick your battles. I would have liked to remove the tub and build the shower floor and add a large iron and glass door. But for a small guest bathroom that is not often used or seen, this was not necessary.

Small Bathroom Ideas To Make Your Space Feel So Much Bigger

The most important thing for me was replacing the ceramic tile and the plain vanity, so that’s where I focused my efforts and money.

I’m a big fan of marble so I decided to get the real thing. In the original plan, which you can see HERE, I was going to use classic white subway tile with a beveled edge for the shower walls, but when I went to pick up the tile, I found that Basic Carrara marble wouldn’t do. to be so much more expensive and would give the room much needed character.

The beauty of a small space is that you can splurge on materials without blowing your budget. I also applied this logic to the marble mosaic floor. And by buying from a large chain store instead of a brick and mortar store, you can take advantage of the lower prices that come with the one-time mark and larger quantities they can stock.

I chose to include crown molding and take the tiling up to the ceiling for a clean finish that gives an upscale look.

Super Cheap Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas

One decision that resulted in significant savings was to remove the shower door and replace it with a beautiful linen shower curtain. I definitely saw this as a temporary fix, but now that the piece is finished, the drape of the soft linen is one of my favorite aspects of the piece and I doubt I’ll be changing any time soon. We used tension rod to hang the curtain, so no drilling required.

In this size, vanity is everything. The tile forms the background, but the vanity is the star, so it had to be fair. This is where we put most of our budget and my advice here is to plan it and then get the piece you really like.

It’s not saving if you buy a lot and save some money, then spend extra to cover a mistake.

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

I learned this the hard way, but luck also played a part. I wanted this light wood sink from the beginning, and the way the warm wood played with the cool marble was central to my design concept. But the price was more than I wanted to spend.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

So I found a cheaper vanity that didn’t quite capture the look, but ordered it anyway to keep the cost down. As soon as I ordered it, I knew it wasn’t what I really wanted, and when the other vanity ended up being delayed, I immediately canceled it and got the one I was wearing, I kept.

With the tile and vanity out of the way, all that remained were the accessories. I decided early on to go with old brass. I like the mix of warm and cool and the gold tone would play well with the light wood.

I chose a clean lined gooseneck faucet and a discreet swivel mirror, topped with a three-light lamp for a smart look. I’m not usually a matching girl, but in this small room the metal pieces complement each other.

In the same line, I chose a toilet paper holder, a towel ring and bar and a clothes hook for the back of the door. Along with each you will find luxurious white earth, hand and bath towels for the bath towel and even the bath mat.

Bold Ideas For A Small Bathroom Remodel

I kept the vanity top super simple, with just fresh flowers in a small vase and a nice array of hand soap and moisturizing lotion. Since this is a guest bath, I prefer the bottled soap over the bar variety and the less mess the better.

The last addition was artwork for the wall. I found a wonderful photo of French Provençal soaps and put it in a distressed wooden frame. Like the rest of the elements in the room, it brings authenticity to a very low price. The perfect finishing touch!

If you have a space you’d like to dress up without investing a mega-build budget, plan carefully, choose the spaces that are most worth your budget, and stick to classic and understated for support players. Change only what needs to be changed and use simplicity to your advantage.

Tiny Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

To get the look, click on the articles below for direct product links. Since the actual items were no longer available, I provided similar options. If an item is out of stock but can be restocked, I leave it on the list.

Budget Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Have you visited the store? Click below to shop my favorites, my Instagram and my Amazon store. Enjoy! Do you want to update your bathroom but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars? I want to show you great ideas that will make your bathroom feel updated, renovated and modern without breaking the bank. Be sure to click on the blue/gray links to access the source of the tutorials and other images from the original room. Many of these bathrooms also have amazing before and after photos that you have to see to believe! For the tips!

If you’ve never tried wallpapering or were worried about installing it in high humidity, check out these beauties to convince yourself! Wallpaper has come a long way in the past decade. There are many different variants that are easy to install and safe to use in bathrooms.

The Grassgrain Peel & Stick wallpaper was easy to apply and held up perfectly. It adds texture to a small bathroom, but isn’t so overwhelming that it makes the room look smaller. Wall hooks are a dominant feature on the wall, because this piece is constantly used, so why not make it beautiful? Functional and adorable! You can find supplies for everything in this room here.

Jenna Kate updated her budget bathroom a few years ago by adding a bedboard and vinyl plank flooring, but recently went a step further and added wallpaper. The bathroom used to be a nice shade of blue, but now it’s amazing! She has articles on all things renovation, from flooring to wallpaper.

Minimalist Small Bathroom Design Ideas On A Budget

Kris has a great tip and product source for sealing wallpaper in a high humidity area like a bathroom or laundry room. See what she used and recommend!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just throw out our bathrooms and start over and redo it all at once? ! But that’s just not the reality for most of us. What you can do is focus on one area of ​​your bathroom

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