Tiny House Galley Kitchen Ideas

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Tiny House Galley Kitchen Ideas

Tiny House Galley Kitchen Ideas

Dolly Rubiano’s tiny house is only 270 square feet, but her kitchen looks big thanks to the white cabinets.

Best Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Built with poles and fabric, this small yurt house has a traditional kitchen for an atypical house.

Although the island can only accommodate two people, it offers more counter space for cooking and food preparation. The garage door opens, making the little house more spacious.

The couple call their home “the busiest restroom in the world”, so it has unique design elements created to make it easier to move around.

As their house is always on the road, they had to make sure nothing moved in the kitchen while driving on the highways. For example, a dish drainer is designed to hold plates in place.

Small Kitchen Layouts: 20 Ideas To Maximize That Small Space |

Their tiny house even has a full pantry to help keep everything in place when the house moves.

Amanda Burger and her two children live in this small house where the kitchen counters are made of marble.

To save space, Burger places his toaster on the hob and uses shelves to expand the space.

Tiny House Galley Kitchen Ideas

On the other wall, a staircase leads to her children’s bedroom. It also serves as a pantry.

Small Kitchen Ideas

When the table is not in use, it is raised and framed like a picture on the wall.

This Airbnb’s kitchen has a shelf above the sink, which is perfect for a microwave, cups, and plates.

Although not as large as a typical family kitchen, this tiny house can still accommodate a family of five.

Kathrina Jones lives in this small house with her husband and three children. She said her kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house because she is a baker.

Fourteen Space Efficient Galley Kitchens

The kitchen has a four-burner stove and a microwave. On the other wall is a full size sink.

Although her kitchen is smaller, there is still plenty of space for all her appliances.

The Sueiro family of four lives on a 40-meter sailboat and their kitchen is just a small kitchen.

Tiny House Galley Kitchen Ideas

They use this table for food preparation because there is not enough space in the kitchen and they use it for family game nights. Every room and space in a tiny house should be carefully planned. After all, you only have 200-500 square feet to work with. Although the kitchen is essential, the space you give it will depend on your needs.

Tiny House Kitchen Design Tips To Make The Most Of Your Space

Some tiny homes, as you can see below, build relatively large kitchens, while other designs have tiny kitchens (that’s small for a tiny home). As part of our extensive collection of ideas for small homes, we have managed to put together this collection of clever ideas for small kitchens below.

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A long single wall kitchen with white tiles on the ceiling. Cabinets are modern gray in color with stainless steel appliances. The fridge is big for a small house. Open shelving provides additional storage space above the cupboards. Another special touch is the large window above the sink, which lets plenty of light into the kitchen and main living area.

I love this kitchen layout in a small home kitchen. There are so many details. Check out the box-style shelves above the refrigerator. The wall is protected by a white subway slab to match the white cabinets. The large stainless steel sink (larger than most homes) is not to be missed. The black countertops blend well with the overall design as well as the range of black surfaces.

Beautiful Galley Kitchen Ideas

Check out the distressed wood accent wall at the end of the kitchen. In fact, it looks great with a white subway tile that is attached to a distressed window frame. Stainless steel shelving runs the full length of the kitchen above.

The above is one of my favorite small kitchen designs. You don’t provide any cooking facilities – there is a large sink, floor to ceiling fridge. Along with all the modern conveniences and functions, it looks beautiful with white cabinetry and black countertops.

Also note the white subway tile backsplash. As for storage, there are plenty of high shelves as well as the lower two rows of cabinets.

Tiny House Galley Kitchen Ideas

Check out this gorgeous rustic sink in this small home kitchen. I also like the contrast between the white and black with the light wood. Who would have thought that a small kitchen at home could be so beautiful. Also check out the living room at the end – it’s really nice.

Small Kitchen Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Cooking Space

Here is an example of a very small kitchen in a small cabin. The refrigerator is small but fits well in a small cupboard.

It’s a very small house with all the open spaces. The kitchen is a simple affair with a double sink and a cooker.

Although you can’t see the whole kitchen here, I’m including it because it’s a rare example of a small home kitchen with an island.

What this kitchen did not like. To start, look at the natural wood slab used for the countertop. The backsplash is also very cool which is placed against a wooden wall.

Big Ideas For Small Kitchens

Overhead view of a very simple kitchen kitchen. Having cabinets on either side of your home creates more counter space.

Although simple, I love the minimalist design and clever placement of the L-shaped kitchen under the stairs. Dark cabinets look great against the background of light natural wooden walls.

This kitchen is extra long, with lots of counter space, a round sink, open shelving, and a medium-sized refrigerator.

Tiny House Galley Kitchen Ideas

It’s a kitchen in your own little room in a tiny house on wheels. It’s really cute with everything in miniature. There are two windows which add lots of light. I think it would be possible to cook a good meal there – but I think it’s better to cook yourself. Too many cooks in the kitchen as they say – that certainly applies here.

Shaker Galley Kitchen: A Stylish Small Design By Devol For The Founders Of Cereal Magazine

This is one of the biggest little kitchens in the house. It has a large U-shape and is almost as big as normal home kitchens. Yes, it’s a tiny house on wheels – but they decided to give the kitchen a lot of space. There is plenty of space to work in as well as a full oven and stove.

This is an open-plan kitchen, one side of which is under the stairs that lead to the attic of a small house. This is a medium sized kitchen that does the job. It looks good too.

I love the dark wood counters against the white cabinets and white walls/ceilings. The large window above the sink is also a nice feature as it can get dark in some small homes.

It can’t be smaller than this kitchen, maybe not even 2 feet wide. You get a sink and a small range and some cupboards up and down. It certainly looks good – high quality wood has been used and it has been designed and manufactured with care.

Impossibly Tiny Kitchen? 11 Ways To Make It Work!

This is a larger than average small family kitchen. There is a full size island and beautiful cabinetry throughout. There is even a stool on the island. This example is for a small container house.

It is the kitchen of a small prefabricated house. The kitchen has everything you need, although the fridge is small…the place could use a bigger fridge. All the windows and the open concept space are great.

A kitchen like this can be found in a traditional 2,000 square foot home, but it can be found in a 675 square foot cabin. It is a large L-shaped layout with a large island. I love the white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances (full size) and earth colored backsplash. The attic overlooks this beautiful kitchen.

Tiny House Galley Kitchen Ideas

Here is a mid-tone U-shaped wooden kitchen in a tiny house on wheels. The kitchen is almost entirely in the attic, so watch your head. Includes recessed lighting, large sink, full refrigerator and stove.

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

This is a small family kitchen with plenty of storage space including a full pantry. Storage is a key value in any small living space, so I’m sure many people will love this small kitchen design just for that reason alone. I’m not crazy about the color of the counter, but otherwise I love this kitchen.

Tiny house with light gray cabinets, white countertops with a white oven and stove, and a large white farmhouse sink. There is a large window above the sink and a cathedral ceiling window above the kitchen.

Galley style kitchen with white cabinets and light wood

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