Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

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Residents of traditional homes always complain that their kitchens are small. So how can we make a small home kitchen work?

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Obviously, dining tables are out of the question for a small house. Like many desks, tables and other surfaces if you can’t put them away when not in use.

Creative Small Kitchen Design Ideas

That’s the thinking behind quilted faces like this one, available at Overstock. It even has a few shelves for extra storage.

In fact, cabinets are one of the easiest methods to add space to your small kitchen.

If you can cut and trim anywhere other than the counter—say, hanging over the sink—it’ll be like an extension of your countertop.

Thank heavens it’s simple – genius, more cutting board than sink. Frankly, it should be a mainstay of the bespoke kitchen – we’d say it should automatically be included in every small home.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Even The Tiniest Of Spaces

Incorporating cabinets into your small home kitchen is a must. Plan ahead and build your own cabinets for things you want easy access to in different areas of your kitchen. If you’re looking to add cabinets to your tiny home kitchen, you can browse RTA kitchen cabinets online and create a custom mood board and backsplash based on what you want and need!

If you need help, contact us and we’ll be happy to share ideas for more effectively incorporating wardrobe ideas and elements into your kitchen layout!

The idea is to stop wasting too much space, which is why we buy a small house in the first place.

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Place permanent, fixed shelves in areas along the wall that do not require other items, then place more shelves on top of them.

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas To Help You Make The Most Of Your Small Space

It’s all about ease of return, not action. The cutting board above the sink can be kept out of sight when needed, and the eating/writing/cutting surface can be reached into another room when needed, Murphy bed style.

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Dolly Rubio’s tiny house is 270 square feet, but her kitchen feels bigger because of the white cabinets.

Tiny House Kitchen Design Tips To Make The Most Of Your Space

This small yurt, made of bamboo and cloth, has a traditional kitchen of a quaint house.

Although the island can only seat two, it adds more space for cooking and preparation. Garage doors open to make a small house look more spacious.

The couple also calls their home “the world’s most traveled cottage,” so it has a unique design that makes traveling easy.

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Since their house is always on the road, they have to make sure that nothing moves in their kitchen while they are driving on the highway. A plate rack, for example, is designed to hold plates.

Small Kitchen Ideas From The House & Garden Archive

Their cabin even has a full pantry, which helps keep everything in place when the cabin is moved.

Amanda Berger and her two children live in this small house, where the kitchen counters are made of marble.

To save space, Berger places his toaster oven on the stove and uses shelves to maximize space.

On the other wall is a staircase that leads to her nursery. He also uses it as a pantry.

Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

When not in use, the table folds up and hides on the wall like a picture.

The kitchen in this Airbnb has a shelf above the sink that is perfect for the microwave, cups and plates.

Although not the size of your average family kitchen, this tiny house is still perfect for a family of five.

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

Katrina Jones lives in this small house with her husband and their three children. He said that the kitchen is one of the most important things in the house because he is a baker.

Tiny House Kitchens • Insteading

The kitchen has a stove with four burners and a microwave oven. There is also a full size sink on the other wall.

Although his kitchen is too small, there is still enough room for all his gadgets.

The Suero family of four lives on a 40-foot boat, and their kitchen is just a small kitchen.

They use this table to prepare meals because there is not enough space in the kitchen, and they use it for family game nights. We are often told that the kitchen is the center of the home, but how should those of us with challenging spaces interpret this principle? Where should we throw our collection of cheese plates when there’s no room for a table? We’ll admit it’s not always easy to see the bright side of living in a small home (if for no other reason than a lack of storage space), but this cozy kitchen reveals more than one silver lining.

A Tour Of Our Tiny House

Between vibrant colors that add to the mood and clever organizational solutions, these eight rooms defy their size. You might just want to cut back.

When you see a small space, your immediate instinct may be to open it up as much as possible – but there’s another way. Layering plants and fruit bowls adds character (and will encourage you to get your five a day), preferably if the homeowner has built in storage elsewhere. A paper towel holder is lined with a window, and a knife hangs on a metal wall strip.

With the top and bottom rows of cabinets color-coded, visibility is so great that you won’t notice its compact floor plan. In addition, painting the upper cabinets in light colors brightens the room. Who couldn’t use a little design trick in their back pocket?

Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

With butcher blocks and a retro stove, this all-white kitchen is unique. We love that the homeowner used a storage basket above the closet for added functionality.

Tiny Home Interior Design & Decor Tips

You might think floating shelves mean more dust, and we say you’re right. But when they look good, they deserve it. Keep most dishes behind closed doors and use the open space to display your favorite tools (and that peppermint you got for Christmas).

Don’t let just one functional wall hold you back: contrast the area with the rest of the space with color. Green cabinets, wallpaper and pink ensure that the wardrobes stand out despite the presence of the soft ocher sofa.

See that little table? The sides are covered with additional space for dining and food preparation. Plus, it looks like it was pulled from an old store, so it’s probably a cheap addition. Similarly, a cutting board above the ceiling transforms the surface into a perfect area for cutting vegetables.

With tomato red on everything from the worktops to the electrical outlets in this kitchen, even old stock doubles as decor.

What’s In Our New Tiny House Kitchen! ⋆ 100 Days Of Real Food

Between the colorful wallpaper, orange cabinets, checkerboard floor and lots of hanging plants, everything this room lacks in square footage it makes up for in style. If you go this route, be sure to keep open surfaces and floors to handle the eclectic displays. There can be more – but sometimes there can be too many.

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