Tiny Kitchen Design

Tiny Kitchen Design – As New Yorkers know, apartments are like romantic partners: it’s impossible to get everything on your checklist, no matter how hard you try.

Check out the brown apartment in Brooklyn Heights that I call home The third-floor apartment is on a “plantation block” and has “clean rooms,” “great light,” to put it in the overheated language of real estate brokers, or as the Curbed.com blog calls it “brokers.” “.”, “interesting architectural details,” and “responsible tenants on site.”

Tiny Kitchen Design

Tiny Kitchen Design

When I found it on Craigslist two years ago, after months of hunting, I was disgusted by the dark, small kitchen that hadn’t been updated since the 1960s.

Small Kitchen Ideas To Inspire You In 2023

No problem, I thought I’m not a good cook and I don’t host dinner parties There wasn’t even enough space for a microwave, but then I don’t use it And the two metal cabinets hanging on the wall were the charm of a certain period

The kitchen, located between the bedroom and the living room, is small and empty, with only two unmarked cupboards above the sink and nothing on the opposite wall. There’s not a lot of prep space or competition, so if I wanted to make something more complicated than a hot chicken pot pie, it would be difficult. And while I wouldn’t mind a microwave, there’s no place for a stove – not even a toaster

Since I was planning to stay in the apartment for a while, I was thinking about what I could do to update the kitchen and make it more functional. My hosts, a friendly elderly couple who live two floors down and take good care of the five-story house they bought in the 1960s, seemed ready to accept the offer.

My goals were modest: I wanted modern cabinets to add storage to the 95-square-foot space, at least some counter space, and a new floor to replace the tired linoleum. To that end, I consulted three experts, each at a different price point, and asked them to come up with a plan to relocate.

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“This is the living room kitchen,” said Gita Nandan, standing in front of my stove one morning last summer.

Virgin. “When you have this small kitchen, when you get in the oven, the sink and the refrigerator, you only have 24 or 48 inches of space,” he said.

While Thread Collective does a lot of projects, usually larger kitchen remodels, I’ve admired farmhouse kitchens designed for a Brooklyn townhouse and a small townhouse. And before talking to someone who specializes in kitchen design, I sought the advice of an architect because architects, like superheroes, can see through walls and imagine other realities of space.

Tiny Kitchen Design

Point of attack Addressing the minimal amount of counter space, as well as updating the cabinets were among the first things considered during this kitchen renovation. Credit … Robert Wright for The New York Times

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas 2021

“In that case you probably won’t do anything about it,” Mrs. Nandan said slowly. The budget we agreed upon prohibited a “monster renovation” of about $20,000.

Instead, his redesign will work within existing dimensions, he says, “super efficient and super functional spaces. You have to make sure that every corner is designed in a way that can be used for storage or artificial or hidden objects. Can be removed.”

However, Ms. Nandan made two simple structural changes that I hadn’t thought of An adjoining corner can be created on the empty wall by moving the doors on either side of the kitchen one foot at a time. There, built-in wardrobes will provide ample storage, shelving and a pantry.

He also suggests breaking down part of that wall and inserting it into the closet in the room, so the refrigerator can be moved to a separate area, where it will blend in with the built-ins. “You can put in a wood panel door to make it look like a cabinet piece,” he says.

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After taking some photos, he made an appointment for an assistant to take measurements and told me that his company would recommend something. Two weeks later, we met at his office in Bushwick, where he presented three plans

The first had a built-in pantry, with upper and lower cabinets and a counter in between, but left the refrigerator where it was. This gave me much needed counter space, and I cut the cost in half by removing the cabinets. But I also miss the extra prep space and nice built-in look that would come from the refrigerator conversion.

Mrs. Nandan agreed. “You still have that cheap, dumb feeling, because things are the same size next to each other,” he said

Tiny Kitchen Design

The second, “wider” plan moved the refrigerator into the closet, creating two more feet of counter space. He also changed the structure of the pantry wall: the upper cabinets were still there, but the lower ones were gone and the central cabinet was moved down the hall. It brightened up the visual space and connected the room to the living area without cluttering it with wooden walls

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Small Kitchen Design

A slightly modified version of that plan extended the upper cabinet ceiling to create more storage space.

All three plans featured a Verona stove, Miele cooktop and Heath tile backsplash, and replaced the linoleum with hardwood to match the apartment’s floors.

LET NO Poggenpohl’s design called for a 30-inch-wide, 1-foot-deep closet, and multiple closets.

Since I was spending theoretical money (and theoretical money that belonged to my teacher, no less), I opted for a floor plan without tall cabinets.

Ikea Small Kitchen Ideas

In one of my meetings with Ms. Nandan, she mentioned that her firm sometimes designs custom kitchens that combine inexpensive Ikea cabinets with high-end backsplashes. “You wouldn’t know it was Ikea,” he said. Since my landlord was unlikely to pay $25,000, this option appeared to be an option to explore.

But anyone who has visited the massive Ikea store in Red Hawk, Brooklyn, knows that cheap comes at a price. The sad maze-like passages reminded me of Experiments with Lab Rats, and the sellers seemed to fly.

So, I chose not to use Ikea Kitchen Planner, a self-directed computer program that can cause panic-level stress. Instead, I signed up for the company’s measuring service (which is about $50, but can be booked if you buy the kitchen) and a personal planning consultation (about $200).

Tiny Kitchen Design

So a man named Kejari with a thick Eastern European accent stood in my kitchen, holding a measuring tape wielding a katana sword like a samurai.

Small Kitchen Ideas To Steal (for Renter And Renovators)

Cesari is an employee of Everlast Contracting, the company that Ikea outsourced its facilities to in the New York area. He was disgusted by my food and my attempts at sympathy He looked around and said, “I’ve seen worse. “There are no rats here,” he said.

He began making an impressive list of options and measurements (“If you want 39-inch cabinets with more storage, you usually hang them 18 inches above. You’ll have 18 inches behind and 10 inches above…”), When I recorded the volume of my kitchen with impressive speed

Cesari, it soon became clear, was not one to dictate design in the manner of an architect. It’s like a walk-through Ikea catalog, listing product features Or, as he puts it, “I’m presenting you with an alternative, so you can decide.”

The main choice was between a row of cabinets above the sink or a “double beam” reaching to the ceiling Without making the room feel closed off, I opted for a single row, replacing the storage space with 10 inches of breathing space above the cabinets. There will also be a new sink, a small pantry next to it, and new cabinets below

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The built-in pantry Ms. Nandan envisioned for the end wall isn’t an option, but Ikea kitchens are adaptable, and when I visited the store, I saw a floating sink and shelves that I liked. Cesari came up with some shots of her measuring tape with the best height and length for my kitchen.

Poggenpohl’s design features Swiss pearl cabinets with horizontal grain. Credit…Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

We discussed other details including the background and flooring I would be purchasing and the Everlast I would be installing, and a few days later Cesari emailed me the detailed plans. I had to take it to Ikea, where I picked up the cabinets, worktop, sink, and shoes.

Tiny Kitchen Design

Back at the shop, I ordered branded once again Questions other than price and materials received only vague answers, and I found myself asking questions like the difference between Caesarstone and granite.

Small Kitchen Ideas: How To Transform A Tiny Space

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