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Tiny Kitchen Design Philippines – What are the McClassic Kitchen Design Ideas in the Philippines? As the Covid-19 virus wreaks havoc around the world, staying at home has become the norm. Every day it becomes clear that the “old normal” is the past. Businesses are adopting stay-at-home (SST) measures, schools are constantly offering online classes, and people are more open to smaller gatherings. As you spend more time in your apartment, it encourages you to prepare your meals more often. It’s okay to order takeout from time to time, but take the time to cook your own meals using fresh and healthy ingredients. Make cooking more than an everyday chore. Make it a fun activity. And what better way to bring out the Julia child in you than to spruce up your residential kitchen? Check out these 15 apartment interior design ideas for small kitchens: Add vintage furniture pieces Install chic wallpaper Turn your kitchen into an extension of the living room Play with bold colors Trench room dividers Brighten up natural wood cabinets from matte to gloss to change glass partitions . Layered lighting Hide clutter in hidden storage Add chic natural greenery to a black kitchen and add touches of texture and style Explore the wonders of a minimalist kitchen Have your own coffee nook 1. Add vintage furniture pieces Image courtesy of Nikki Nagi Small Needs Kitchen Ideas via Pekels ? Go for an antique farmhouse table instead of a built-in island. Vintage furniture adds character to a space and can easily become a conversation piece. You can find a selection of farm tables at second hand stores. If you want to make your own, you can recycle old wood and turn it into a functional table. To maintain this kitchen item, clean your work surface regularly with wood cleaning products. 2. Install a great wallpaper. Kitchen tiles protect the wall from water damage caused by accidental splashes from the sink. They prevent heat loss when placed behind the hob. For a modern kitchen design, you can install black subway tiles that are in perfect contrast with the white cabinets. It is recommended that you hire professionals to work on the backsplash tiles as they have the necessary tools such as tile cutters. To keep the tiles in good condition, wipe them with a clean cloth or sponge after using the kitchen. 3. Make your kitchen an extension of your living room. Photo courtesy of Max Wachtbovich via Pekels Try this small kitchen design: Make your cooking space an extension of your living room by combining design themes in these two spaces. You can use a similar color palette on the walls, similar furniture styles and coordinated decorations. Visit your favorite department store for kitchen and living room decor that matches your style and color palette. Instead of a kitchen table with sharp corners, you can choose a round table that matches the softness of the living room. 4. Play with bold colors. Photo courtesy of Max Wachtbovich via Pekels Your residential kitchen doesn’t have to look like the kitchen in your school cafeteria. Light neutral colors like white give a clean look, they look very cool. Give life and energy to your cooking space by choosing light fixtures in bold colors. You can mount a hanging lamp in an elegant golden color or paint your wardrobe in a vibrant red. How about drawers in a beautiful purple? Be bold with your color choices! Try combining black, white and gray with other shades on the color wheel. 5. Partition for trenches. Photo courtesy of EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA via Pekels. You can make the most of the space in your tiny apartment house by embracing an open concept kitchen. Separating the kitchen from other rooms is an outdated design that only makes the space tighter. Throw away the room dividers and go to the open kitchen. It’s perfect for a multi-tasking lifestyle – make dessert in the kitchen while you wait for email in your workspace. Remember to keep your space clean and organized. Keep only basic household items or use enough storage space to avoid clutter at home. 6. Choose Natural Wood Cabinets Interior design inspired by nature is popular in 2022. People are turning to wood and rattan furniture, marble countertops, and indoor plants as decor. One possible reason is the meditative effect of nature during these very stressful times. Spruce up your residential kitchen by replacing your cabinets with natural wood. Leave them unpainted to show off their elegance! To maintain natural wood cabinets, clean them with a soft, damp cloth and wipe in the direction of the wood grain. Remove stains or stains with a paste made by mixing baking soda with water. 7. Photo by Mak Vakhtbovich Go from matte to gloss with Pixel Glazed Tiles because kitchen backsplashes reflect natural light, brightening your kitchen space. The effect is the same regardless of the tile color you choose. Interior designer Natalia Mier recommends green kitchen tiles. He shared with HomesAndGardens.com: “Paired with rustic wood and marble worktops, they create really nice contrasts with the earth tones, as well as adding layers of texture to the space. You can install kitchen tiles yourself or hire professionals to do the job for you. You can contact the apartment administrator for recommendations. 8. Explore glass partitions The open kitchen concept is a popular kitchen design, but if you really want partitions between rooms in your apartment, you can explore glass partitions. Glass partitions define the space while still allowing natural light to flow. Installing a partition between your kitchen and other areas of your home can also help prevent cooking odors. Keep glass surfaces clean by cleaning them regularly. Wipe the glass with a cloth dipped in white vinegar, then remove the residue with a toothbrush or grout. Then wipe the glass with a damp cloth to remove the vinegar solution. Allow the glass to air dry. 9. Light with layered lighting. Photo courtesy of Vic_B via Picabay Lighting can make a huge difference in a space. Bright fluorescent lights can open up your kitchen, but they can make the area feel cold. Add warmth to your kitchen by adding layered lighting. It has three types of lighting: ambient, accent and task. Ambient lighting acts as general lighting, which can be achieved by placing central ceiling fixtures. Accent lighting adds a decorative touch. You can install a hanging lamp aimed above your kitchen table. Finally, task lighting is a focused light used for a specific task. You can install under-cabinet lights that illuminate the kitchen tops. You can search IG or Pinterest for layered lighting inspiration. 10. Hide clutter in hidden storage spaces Recommended kitchen cabinet designs for Pekels apartments Courtesy of Maks Vakhtbovich Hidden storage spaces. They maximize the illusion of spaciousness and keep the space clutter-free. Store your spices in a shallow drawer with perforated inserts. Standard size spice jars can fit in this tight space. You can also install shelves with low sides for your pots and pans. Easily clean your cabinets and shelves by installing shelf liners that come in adhesive or non-adhesive styles. 11. Be chic with a black kitchen. Photo courtesy of Max Wachtbovich via Pekels A black kitchen is unconventional but elegant and inviting. It can make a narrow space seem larger and, when complemented with wooden elements built into the floor, bring warmth to your apartment. Paint your walls and cabinets black. You can also replace your kitchen countertop with marble black marble. Another design idea is to add brass accents. “Metallic accents such as copper, brass, steel or pewter work perfectly with dark worktops to give the kitchen a sleek and modern feel,” says Jonathan Stanley, Caesarstone’s UK and EMEA Marketing Vice President. 12. Make a mini mini upgrade your simple kitchen. An indoor garden not only brings life to your space, but also makes fresh ingredients available for cooking. Indoor greenery can improve the air quality in your kitchen and help eliminate unwanted odors. Whether you have a small or a large kitchen In any case, an enclosed garden is a visual and practical advantage. Consider planting herbs such as chives, mint, parsley and basil. You can also plant citrus and microgreens like kale, spinach and lettuce in small containers. 13. Combining different materials with different textures and styles creates a chic look while upgrading the functionality of your kitchen. It’s also cheap because you can replace expensive materials with cheaper alternatives. For example, while wood and stone are great materials for warmth and texture, choosing an all-wood or all-stone design can be expensive and overwhelming. Added wood for the top

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