Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After – I will share all the details about my renovation and kitchen renovation. We tore out the walls, ceiling and floors and got new cabinets, appliances and countertops to create our dream kitchen.

We moved into this house in May 2020 knowing full well that the kitchen was a disaster and needed redoing.

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Due to the timing of the move, we decided it was best to wait until the chaos in the world subsided.

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But after a year, the semi-functional kitchen began to fall into disrepair, and it went beyond inconvenience. The fridge couldn’t control the temperature, only half the burners on the stove worked, the microwave didn’t work, and the dishwasher stopped working altogether. Time is up!

We did a small kitchen renovation, but it will be bigger. And during the year we lived in the house, I had a lot of ideas about what we wanted.

The kitchen was small, many walls and very closed inside. It had very little counter space and almost no storage space. I wanted to create a large open kitchen so my whole family could eat and gather.

So we started talking to some local contractors and found a great one, Eagle Feather Properties. We highly recommend them!

Before And After

They tore out the ceiling, walls and floors and turned the dining room and kitchen into one large kitchen.

This effectively doubled the size of the small kitchen and made the space more functional, transforming the second living room into a new dining area.

The tiled floors were laid in varying widths of pine floors to match (as much as possible) the other pine floors in the rest of the house, and we sanded and painted all the floors in the house a light color.

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After

While the kitchen was being renovated, they added a bathroom in the basement and completed many other tasks. The whole house looked like a workspace!

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We got almost everything we wanted! Plenty of storage and counter space, work tools and more.

In general, the entire repair process was not painful, but lasted more than two months and was tiring. The delay was mainly because the floors had to be replaced the second time because the first time was wrong.

These are marble tops with leather covers. The leather upholstery is supposed to hide damage to the uprights eventually (I’ll admit it gets stained and chipped), but so far, even with some use, it’s great!

The island is 13 feet long with a 15 inch edge, 1/4 edge to accommodate tall people and children with kicking feet.

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I thought for a long time whether to keep corals on our island or not. But at the end of the day, a kitchen is a kitchen and hanging me would be a distraction.

We chose ZenAir appliances and converted the stove to gas (hooray!!!). The fridge, range hood and 36″ stove work great and I love it.

However, the base of the dishwasher is not tall enough to accommodate even my smallest standard size dishes, which is a huge disappointment.

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After

I’m not sure if they made it small enough to fit a third rack, but it’s useless as it stands. I mean it’s quiet and otherwise works well.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before And After

We have medium range Allen and Roth cabinets. The island is Stonewall Gray and the rest of the kitchen is Aveley. The gold hardware is from Lowes too!

Light gray color by Sherwin Williams. Tile Apron – White picket fence tile from Lowes.

I asked my Instagram followers if they should paint the shelf above the coffee bar and the results were about 50/50. So it will remain unpainted and unpainted until I decide.

I go back and replace the canister box next to the stove. It should hold kitchen utensils like spatula, whisk, etc. It does not open and close easily because it does not contain containers in canisters.

Kitchen Remodel: Before & After!

To accommodate my crockery, we had to put the top drawer on the bottom, so all the space below is useless. I think it would be nice if you could store forks and knives in there because they are so short, but what does that mean?

This kitchen utensil came in handy. There’s no point in decorating the kitchen if I can’t move around comfortably while cooking.

So, my favorite things may surprise you a little, but they are things that increase the functionality of the kitchen. We love adventure, but we never imagined we’d be completely redoing the kitchen a week after we bought our house!

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After

We’ll talk about this unexpected flood another time, today it’s all interesting and useful: a before and after tour of our modern farmhouse IKEA kitchen and 8 great ideas we learned: How to organize a kitchen. , incorporate your favorite design styles, enhance small kitchen storage, select materials, and more!

Our Kitchen Cost Breakdown

Transforming our old kitchen into a modern IKEA kitchen was one of the most challenging and rewarding things we’ve ever done!

I hope the things we learned during the kitchen renovation can help others on a similar journey. Let’s start with the most uncomfortable of our old kitchens:

If you have a large fridge in the corner of a small kitchen, the window part is blocked, it will not fit. This leads to our number one point –

First of all, we moved the fridge to a new location and opened the peninsula. This created a more open layout in our small kitchen, which is the basis of our new kitchen design.

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I wonder where the refrigerator is? We created a space and put it partly in the old room next to the kitchen. Bet you don’t know him! Look here.

Our favorite kitchen design style is a mix of modern, rustic and flamboyant bohemian style. Our old kitchen is out of fashion, so it needs to be changed. 🙂

To create a vibrant modern farmhouse style, we used white IKEA kitchen cabinets with a farmhouse-style sink, butcher block counters, and white square subway tiles.

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After

I’m also a big fan of the anthropomorphic and boho style that you can see on the mint fridge (below), the matte gold pieces, and the faux “cement tile” wall (tutorial coming soon!).

Best Small Kitchen Ideas 2023

Remember the big old fridge? He has also changed. We not only change the location of the refrigerator, but also its appearance! Here’s a tutorial on how we easily repurposed an old fridge for just $20!

Having enough work surfaces in the right places makes the kitchen more user-friendly. This is even more important in small kitchens.

Instead of having only one large usable work space on the peninsula, we now have two very nice large work spaces on either side of the sink and will have more of them: the kitchen on wheels is in the design phase and we are currently building it. So stay tuned!

Our old tile kitchen countertop and porcelain kitchen sink were among the first things we wanted to replace. The joints between tile and white porcelain sinks get dirty easily, and many things break on porcelain sinks.

Kitchen Remodel On A Budget: 5 Low Cost Ideas To Help You Spend Less

We’ve updated the kitchen with warm, soft, and easy-to-clean materials that contribute to the modern farmhouse kitchen, like maple block countertops and a farmhouse sink!

We love Zuhne’s 33-inch stainless steel sink with beautiful faucet and extractor. Soon I will post more about caring for the farm sink and meat block and link them here.

A small kitchen often needs storage space. One of the things we love about IKEA kitchens is the large and well-organized storage space.

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Before And After

IKEA kitchen cabinets are really designed with good kitchen storage in mind. To maximize all of the kitchen’s upper and lower cabinets, we added an IKEA tall kitchen cabinet and it really made such a difference! Soon we will share a series of guides on how to design and install IKEA kitchen cabinets.

Small Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

See the plastic-wrapped fluorescent lights in our old kitchen? The cover was very unattractive and the lighting quality was cold.

We have replaced them with recessed LED luminaires with a minimal profile. Who cares! Now our kitchen lighting is bright, warm, energy efficient and looks a thousand times better than a plastic lid!

Another great way to create efficient storage space is to use more drawers in your main cabinets. Although crates require more expense and labor, they are worth it! Everything is more convenient in deep drawers and deep shelves.

We almost changed

Small Kitchen Remodel Before And Afters

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