Two Story Small House Design In Philippines

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A two-story home design may have limited floor space, but your family still needs plenty of interior living space. Whether your home is a large one or a small block, choosing a two-storey home design can add a unique feel to your new home, with great views, good ventilation and natural light. Here are seven stunning two-story homes and their plans.

Two Story Small House Design In Philippines

Two Story Small House Design In Philippines

The first house has an area of ​​142 square meters and a parking space of 21 square meters. Its façade features stylish stonework that adorns the second floor and is visible alongside glass windows. Black iron railings on the balconies and decorative grilles on the building’s exterior create a contemporary design.

Modern House Designs Series: Mhd 2014010

There is ample parking for two cars on the ground floor. Adjacent to the dining room is the living room with kitchen and bathroom. The second floor has a hallway and a living room with three bedrooms and a bathroom.

House Design #2 It has a modern design with concrete and glass panels. The shades used here are inspired by unfinished concrete, giving this home an industrial feel. Perfect for a small to medium family, one bedroom in this house. Dining room, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor. The same floor contains a war parking space. Meanwhile, there are two bedrooms on the second floor. One bathroom and one living room, the total usable area of ​​this house is 140 square meters.

Another item on our list is concrete. Such is the stunning beauty of this two-story home, which combines the perfect materials of wood and glass. He even gave us a sneak peek at the stunning interiors to come. You can build this loft style house on a house of 10 x 7 meters.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms It is defined as a small two-story house with a living room and a balcony. Basement kitchen with open hall is convenient for relaxing and parking one car.

New Split Level Designs

House Design #4 is a 63-square-meter small apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Another way to make your facade stand out is to add other sturdy materials to the design. However, adding something large or small, no matter how small, can greatly improve a home’s curb appeal. For example, a wood accent wall gives this look an instant look.

The exterior features of your home can say a lot about your personality. In this house number 5, the design has a strong and edgy personality. It’s clear that the design is meant to give the home a very stylish feel.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms living room, second floor apartment with kitchen and dining room, usable area of ​​86 m², with open basement.

Two Story Small House Design In Philippines

The house has ample parking for one car. It generally uses glass doors and windows to bring more lighting into the room and save electricity for residents. If you think glass doors and windows are too dangerous because they don’t provide much privacy. It can easily be covered by curtains or blinds in the interior, so think again. Another note, the second level includes a covered balcony perfect for daily music and meditation.

Simple House Plans

The house has a total of three bedrooms and an area of ​​140 square meters. Two bathrooms include the kitchen and dining room.

The last one immediately comes to mind to complete our unusual two story house design. Giving us the facade demonstrates a fantastic and ingenious use of building materials.

This is a modern house plan with minimum requirements that can be built on plots ranging from 10 to 7 meters. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room with balcony, common area 120 square meters, including kitchen and open hall with parking space. – Many people choose due to limited land area and cost. Simple house design. It’s worth noting, however, that a simple home doesn’t always equate to a cheap, low-quality home. A simple house is one in which the architectural design is as simple as possible, without unnecessary details.

The design of the house is discussed below. The house is situated on a 6m x 6m plot, the double storey concept allows more space even on limited land. Where you live is where the family is. 3 bedrooms and more. A floor plan of 36m2 that offers you 2 floors.

Narrow Lot Houses That Transform A Skinny Exterior Into Something Special

Choosing the design of the facade of the house is not difficult. Simple, learn to love simple and cost-effective tile proportion building. The two-story home features a simple design with details that emphasize function, such as the number of windows installed. impressive shades

It is easiest to choose white as the exterior color. White is the color that lights up the house. But adding accents of some other color can keep the house from looking too harsh. For example, the use of brown beige and natural stone tones will create a natural and fresh feeling in the front of the house. Open plan concept.

Let’s discuss the interior design of this house. After going through the gate, you will see the lobby. The design of the rooms follows an open concept. There are no large walls in the room; there is only a partition between the living room and other areas. So the room will be bigger. This room has stairs to the second floor. Residential area

Two Story Small House Design In Philippines

Add a contemporary touch to the design of your living space. You just need to put a nice sofa and a small coffee table design. Wall-mounted TV with unique modern design. Add ornaments and antiques to spruce up your living room.

X38 Feet Small House Plan 7.5×11.7 Meter 4 Beds 4 Baths Shed R(a4 Hard Copy)

The space under the stairs beautifully transforms into a dining and kitchen area. Design an L-shaped kitchen and use the widest possible granite to create more tabletop space for cooking and prep. The open space is perfect for a dining room, with a modern and elegant design, complete with a table and dining chair set. one bedroom design

You can make a simple bedroom. An all-white color scheme with black and gray accents creates a minimalist and elegant feel. Look around the small room by installing a large mirror on the wall. Mirrors help create the illusion of a larger room. family territory

Building a two-story house allows you to have a family space separate from the living space. This place is mainly used for family and friends gathering. Create a blue TV background so you never get tired of watching the same color TV at home.

The bed is in the middle to maximize movement in the room. There are two windows on the left and right sides of the bedroom for lighting and ventilation. The master bedroom is designed in a modern style. Wall decorations are available in 3 unique styles to enhance the aesthetic value of this room. third bedroom design

Onyx Properties Ltd

You can design the third bedroom as a children’s bedroom or as an extra room. The furniture chosen is very modern and elegant. Therefore, more furniture can be placed in the room. toilet and bathroom

The bathroom measures approximately 2m x 1.5m. At this size, you can design a toilet and a bathroom in one place.

First floor living area 3.4 M x 2.55 M; kitchen and dining room 4 M x 3.45 M; laundry area 2.6 M x 1.35 M; bedroom 2.6 m x 2.55 m bathroom and shower room 1.3 m. m x 2.1 m

Two Story Small House Design In Philippines

Second floor 3.4 M x 2.55 M master bedroom; 3.25 M x 2.45 M third bedroom; 2.6 M x 2.3 M family area; 2.6 M x 1.2 M balcony; 1.65 M x toilet and shower room. 2.5 M and terrace 3.25 M x 1 M. The house has a total built area of ​​387 sqm.

Exterior House Renovation , Cainta, Philippines

I hope this 36 square meter house floor plan is useful for those of you who are looking for inspiration and ideas about tiny house floor plans and design ideas. We want to make your dreams come true more easily. Your friends don’t forget to share with your family.


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