What Color To Paint A Small Kitchen To Make It Look Bigger

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What Color To Paint A Small Kitchen To Make It Look Bigger

What Color To Paint A Small Kitchen To Make It Look Bigger

Your kitchen is the center of your home and is often one of the most used rooms in the house. A beautiful kitchen not only adds style to your home, but can also add to your daily happiness. But for those of us with sleek kitchens that don’t have that clear style, creating the perfect space can be a challenge. A small kitchen certainly presents some challenges, but using color is an easy way to make a big difference.

Small Kitchen Ideas

If you want to add color to your kitchen, it is important to find the right shade that will open up the space and keep it clean and bright. To help you out, we talked to several designers to find the best color selection for your small kitchen. Click through to find some of our top picks.

A common theme we heard from all the designers we spoke to was that a small kitchen is ideal

It must be boring. Michelle Sales-Smith of Studio Surface makes some interesting choices. “In a small kitchen, rich color is needed,” he says. “Setting Plaster” from Farrow & Ball [adds] a soft, almost clean color to the kitchen.

According to Michelle Berwick of Michelle Berwick Design, an unusual kitchen is a great opportunity to bring in a touch of fun. “Since you don’t have a lot of cabinets in a small kitchen, this is a great opportunity,” he says. Mix a light green like Hollingsworth green with gold or white accents to make the room light and airy.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Will Stand The Test Of Time, According To Designers

A fun way to add color to a small kitchen without overwhelming the space, Berwick says, is to create a two-tone space. Dark grays like Templeton Gray pair beautifully with bright white. Contrast keeps things interesting and adds a touch of depth to the kitchen.

While we love colorful kitchens, a beautiful white kitchen will always be in our hearts. Eugenia Triandos of Hibou Design & Cosays Chantilly Lace is “the obvious choice for a small kitchen that is as timeless as ever.” It’s off-white without harsh tones and, he says, “works well with many other colors and in many applications.”

What other colors does Triandos like? Onyx Benjamin Moore. “If you’re looking for more drama but don’t want an already small space to feel cramped, consider dark lower cabinetry while keeping the lighting high,” she says. A two-tone kitchen is a great way to give a small kitchen lots of texture.

What Color To Paint A Small Kitchen To Make It Look Bigger

The common ground between pure white and rich colors is soft gray. Says Triandos, “Sometimes when we choose white-white walls, it’s good to change them by choosing a dark gray color for the kitchen cabinets.”

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas You Can Easily Copy

Your choice of color may look different on the cabinet. “Always ask for a sample of the cabinet in the color you choose before confirming the production,” says Triandos.

Amy Peltier of Amy Peltier Interior Design & Home loves Tea Light because it’s “unique and clean at the same time.” If you want to add a little color without over-saturating the space, a shade like this is perfect because it’s almost white in some lights and black in others.

Katie Hodges of Katie Hodges Design chooses to use neutral colors when painting small kitchens. “Hardwicke-White’s tones go beyond the average ‘white’ or ‘grey’ to create an understated yet sophisticated aesthetic,” says Hardwicke-White.

A great choice for a modern farmhouse kitchen, the Grown Shade is a deep green, with a hint of brown in some light. If you have to do it yourself, dark colors will help hide stains better than light colors. Before starting a DIY job, “Just make sure to clean all the cabinets, remove all the doors, and sand and prime before painting,” says Hodges.

Colorful Kitchens That Are Anything But Neutral

If your home shares a living area with a kitchen, a bold color can help define the space and create a clear separation between them. And if you need inspiration to paint your kitchen in dark colors, Rosé Season is it. The wood of this new rose is soft enough to work as a neutral in some lighting, but rich enough to add pop to a room. It’s true what they say: The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is the place where you and your family spend a lot of time and where your guests may end up gathering. It should be a space that feels welcoming and comfortable, while conveying the style and personality you want your home to reflect. Do you prefer a light and airy kitchen? A happy, exotic space? Or a room with a rustic and warm feeling? Regardless of the look, the starting point should be decided on the color scheme. This collection of our all-time favorite kitchen color ideas is a great place to start.

A white kitchen will always be timeless, but don’t be afraid to bring color, even in a small kitchen. With shades ranging from airy mints to deep woods, green kitchens are far from avocado-hued appliances. And what could be more elegant than a kitchen dressed in a classic combination of blue and white? Having trouble making a decision? From neutral colors to sunny yellows and every shade in between, this collection of some of our favorite kitchens offers plenty of inspiration to help you decide!

If you’re not ready to commit to a kitchen full of color, consider painting the island just for pop. (If you’re considering DIY, read this article for tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinets. Yes, even laminate!) Now that you have your collection of color palettes down, it’s time to tackle the rest of the space. -we have many ideas for kitchen decorations that will inspire you.

What Color To Paint A Small Kitchen To Make It Look Bigger

Painting a large island in a large open kitchen immediately helps to keep the space. In the kitchen of this lake Michigan home, a cool blue island plays with the colors of the water outside the door. “Most rustic kitchens have a farmhouse table in the middle of the room, so we wanted to give it that vibe,” says architect Steve Somogyi of Chicago-based Steve + Filip Design. To add to the fun spirit, the designers paired the pop-up island with a colorful patterned tile backsplash.

Before + After Small Kitchen Remodel

Calm gray cabinets set the stage for a traditional kitchen revived in an old New York farmhouse owned by Dr. To Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell of Beekman 1802. The original renovation was completed in the 1990s, but Brent and Josh don’t feel as much appreciation for the recent days as they do for the original period details. The one piece of the twentieth century that survived being completely transformed? Brick fireplace with attractive brass mantle. On the floor, reclaimed wood covered in a herringbone pattern adds historic integrity.

Check this out: Smoke & Mirror Benjamin Moore Cabinet Paint; Ceiling and wall paint, Vanilla Milkshake by Benjamin Moore; Neutral paint, Moonlight by Benjamin Moore Related: Check out another beautiful farmhouse by Brent and Josh.

In this Massachusetts beach house, Wood-Mode kitchen cabinets are painted celadon green, accented with white subway tiles. Cape Cod artist Tim Dibble sculpted the front kitchen sink to include local symbols: a windmill, a whale, a lighthouse and the word “riptide.”

If you like the elegant look of your country house or bedroom, but don’t want the kitchen to draw too much attention.

Best Colors For A Small Kitchen

Rustic, consider mixing natural wood finishes with a soft, dusty blue. It is a perfect complement that will not overpower all sweet woods.

To give her kitchen cabinets an airy look, Jolie Sikes of Junk Gypsies first painted them an interior oil blue, then applied and rubbed a layer of wood stain with a cloth. “Embrace the color,” says Julie. “Just because kitchens are utility rooms doesn’t mean they have to be quiet, sterile, or boring.” Buttery walls along with natural wood stains on the windows, baseboards, and beams create a warm theme for the entire kitchen. Red accents—like a pair of swivel tractor seats and vinyl-upholstered seats—complement the three primary colors.

Get the look: Cabinet Stain, Bucket by Sherwin Williams with Minwax Regional Wood Stain; Wall paint, Canyon Cloud by Behr; Wood trim stain, Pecan from Minwax

What Color To Paint A Small Kitchen To Make It Look Bigger

Designer Lynn Kloythanomsup of Interiors and Landed Homes created the cabinetry for this California kitchen inspired by typical early 20th-century house architecture. well The white color on the cabinets goes well

Paint Colors For Small Kitchens, According To Designers

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