Before And After Decorating On A Budget

Before And After Decorating On A Budget – I’m so excited to share the office with you today! I worked on it for weeks to stretch my small budget.

Here’s what the office looked like a few weeks after we moved in. It has very dated decor, peachy dark walls and tons of mismatched furniture…basically a disaster.

Before And After Decorating On A Budget

Before And After Decorating On A Budget

After several evenings of non-stop painting, this little room finally came together and became a space I love.

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One of my favorite pieces in this room is an upholstered chair that I found at Marshall’s for only $90. The back features silver stud detailing and French lettering. I often save and reupholster chairs (see 8 examples of this), but I just couldn’t get past this one.

The table was originally a kitchen table that I found on Craigslist for only $50. I threw it in raw wood and painted the whole thing black.

The only thing I bought for this room was an ivory rug that I found online for under $60, I love how it pulls everything together and softens the space.

My favorite part of the office is the gallery wall. After the table, chairs, and rug, I didn’t have much budget left, so I kept most of the frames and filled them with wedding photos, a picture of cheese, random cards, and a sketch of my signature sailboat . . in the mall. I also sprayed silver paint on some wooden mirrors.

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But let’s be real…most of these are simple styles that are fun for photos. In real life, this desk is covered in frayed wires, Fritos, and the occasional overweight cat.

If you noticed, I painted all the trim, doors, and walls. The result was the biggest change in the room.

For the lamp, I found a $20 bronze cigar on eBay, painted it white, and added tons of crystals.

Before And After Decorating On A Budget

This cigar is $30 total and looks like $100 in my living room.

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For only spending $300, I’m very happy with how it turned out. I’m sure there will be more changes over time, but it’s great to spend time in this room. It’s been a while! When I move into a new house after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s hits, I feel like I’m on a crazy train, going through boxes and not knowing where everything is or where we all are.

Anyway, with the start of a new year and a new house, my inner DIYer is in overdrive. How do we decorate? How can we exchange one thing for another without buying a new one? How can we be unique? How do we find dishes here?! Available to own!

Decorating the front room on a budget Here is the chair in the front room. This place has changed the most since we moved in because we are changing it!

It’s an odd place because the door opens straight into a long rectangular entry/front room/dining room. We try to figure out how to separate the space while keeping the function comfortable, convenient and attractive. We love the latest version, and we didn’t have to spend a lot of money to make it.

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Thrift Store and Craigslist Decorating One of my favorite parts of decorating with thrift furniture is going to all the thrift stores and Craigslist until you find just the right thing.

But I can’t lie, there were heartbreaking moments when I thought it would get on my nerves if someone else took away what I wanted. Fortunately, my persuasion worked and it bounced when I placed it (not on the person, but on the item). Anyway, I’m not proud.

Front Room Details: Let’s just say that not everything is frugal. I try to find things as frugal as possible, but I often try new things to put it all together.

Before And After Decorating On A Budget

Another great tip for decorating on a budget is to shop around to save on your home! Find your packing boxes and move things from one room to another! Budget brilliance!

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Camel Bed – Craigslist (sitting?) $25.00 – like new. The best offer after the holidays!

DIY coffee table Unique and beautiful.

Round mirrored coffee table – base: wood stool from thrift store/Ikea (bought years ago)

That’s all for now! It’s good to finally have our house back. I’ll be sharing more as I go! xo – two lines forming an “X”. Shows how to close the interaction or ignore the notification.

Cheap, Easy Home Decor Ideas

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This is Alexander Gaither, a 28-year-old in-house YouTuber who creates rental properties for millennials on a budget.

Before And After Decorating On A Budget

Of course, this is his apartment in Toronto, where he has lived since December 2018.

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One of Cater’s biggest tips is to give your home a fresh, bright color when you move in.

“Pay extra for new paint or any color you want. It made a big difference when we moved in, it was really brand new,” she said.

“I love it because I really wanted a pink mattress, but I didn’t want to invest in a $3,000 pink mattress that’s going to last a long time.”

A good rug is also important – make sure it’s big enough for your main furniture, without floating in the middle of the room.

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“If you’re in one room, all the furniture should be carpeted, but if you’re working in a small space, that can be difficult,” says Cather.

“So I turned the rug vertically so all the furniture would sit on top of it. It really makes the space look bigger.

“You never want a small rug floating in the middle of the room. It should tie all your furniture together.”

Before And After Decorating On A Budget

Cater built a gallery wall and invested in a wall-mounted TV that can display any artwork you want.

Thrifty And Chic

It holds cables and other clutter and folds into a basket for concealment, and has as many homes as any millennial.

“It looks nice because I’m putting everything in the basket, you can’t see the junk,” Cather said.

In the entryway to her apartment, Gater dismantled an Ikea cabinet to keep her cats’ litter boxes clean and discreet, while also giving her a place to store her keys.

He drew the curtains to let in all the light, and the large mirror reflected it, making the room seem larger.

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It was dark and dirty when he entered, so Gether’s main goal was to light it up.

She got rid of the heavy curtains and placed light curtains on a beautiful gold curtain rod hanging above the window to show off the beautiful ceilings.

In addition to adding fresh white paint to the room, she added a beautiful headboard to the bed, gorgeous gold wall lamps, and white linens.

Before And After Decorating On A Budget

Cater wanted her bedroom to be a relaxing place to retreat to at the end of the day, so she kept the color scheme light and neutral.

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“It’s such a beautiful, peaceful place, and at the end of the day, I love it,” Cater said.

He had a set of custom shelves built by a friend that weren’t attached to the wall so they could be removed when he left.

Books are arranged horizontally and vertically by color and decorated with interesting lines to make the shelves aesthetically pleasing.

“There was this rusted, torn and fallen light fixture, and the terra cotta tile was just worn out in the gym.”

Dining Room Chair Makeover

Bringing in new lighting and a “visually interesting” window added style to the design, and Gater made long use of the horizontal space.

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