Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island – The L-shape is incredibly efficient because it facilitates the “big triangle” in the kitchen: preparation, cooking and cleaning. This design can be used in any style, from traditional to modern.

Contrary to popular belief, L-shaped kitchens are not only suitable for large spaces and open spaces, but are also effective for smaller areas.

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

A small L-shaped kitchen is characterized by a larger space display. It only needs two sides. Therefore, L-shaped is suitable for small and medium-sized kitchens.

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen For Small & Medium Sized Spaces

L-shaped design can increase productivity. This reduces friction and loosens your land. The more you move, the more efficient you will be.

Well, the L-shaped design eliminates clutter in the kitchen, so you can free up the central area. That space can be used for an island. This way you can have more than one location and workspace.

By dividing the cooking space and the work space, it creates the illusion of a larger room. So it is generally recommended to add an island to a small L-shaped kitchen.

So, how to design and place an island in a small L-shaped kitchen? Here are fourteen photos to inspire you:

Unique Kitchen Island Shapes And Styles That Break The Mold

To create a larger look, the designer painted the cabinets white. However, the dark wood floor is set against white trim to achieve a mountain style look.

There is also a black walnut cabinet made from Michigan Maple Block that houses the cabinet’s drawers.

The island is in the middle of the kitchen. It has a nice curved design to soften the overall curve.

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

This kitchen doesn’t look out of place with the surrounding decor at all. It is painted blue with red pepper.

Medium Sized Contemporary L Shaped Wooden Island Kitchen Cabinets Design Modern Furniture

Ladders are also different from cabinet tops. At the top of the island is Kashgar white granite.

The island’s blue-grey colors complement all the neutral colors around it. It brings a pop of color amid the dark wood elements and white paint.

A small traditional style L-shaped kitchen with a white island. Photo © Suzy Parkinson Sueza Design

In fact, this kitchen is a perfect example of a white, traditional kitchen. It is combined with stainless steel equipment.

L Shaped Island

White and stainless steel elements in the kitchen will never fail to impress with a clean, energetic look.

According to the designer, the island is 40″ x 22″ away from the cabinet, so homeowners can move around easily. The island is small in shape.

Both the island and the cabinets are painted in Behr White WF610. Both sides have Carrara marble.

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

The designer added dark-colored chairs to the island to complement the all-white design. The dark sofa seems to match the dining table and chairs next to it.

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Design Inspiration

Although there is a dining table with chairs, this island cannot be used as a dining room. It provides more cooking space.

Unlike the previous pictures, this kitchen shows that you don’t always have to use white in a small kitchen. In this small L-shaped dining room, the designer used an island with medium-toned wood cabinets and a dark patterned wood floor.

However, a neutral color is still essential. Walls are painted in a warm red with the soft glow of modern ceiling lights.

It has a raised square shape and is made of the same material as the surrounding cabinets. This medium wood island has 12″ back and sides.

No Room For A Kitchen Island? Add A Peninsula To Your Kitchen!

As for the stairs, the island and cabinets have laminate countertops that match the wood.

The island seats three, so it looks like the island could be used as an extra cooking and dining area. Adding this type of chair is an effective way to maximize the island.

Even the devices are chosen in white. A rustic feel can be seen in the wooden ceilings and the patterned wooden floor. Rustic elements look beautiful when paired with white.

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

To create a contrast, the kitchen does not look too pale and the upstairs is dark. They are a “reactive haze” granite that creates a neutral color that balances with the cabinets and island.

Five Simple Ideas To Design A Kitchen For Entertaining

The island here is unique. It is 4′ wide, 5-6′ long and has a curved stem.

This small L-shaped kitchen has a seemingly open floor plan. The curve of the island creates a bold border between the kitchen and other areas.

There are three wooden benches on the curved side of the island. This versatile island is a dining area, food preparation area and wine storage space.

Dark wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, recessed lighting, patterned rugs, wood floors, and wood island tables provide an elegant look if you’re not white.

Modern Convenient Multi Functional L Shaped Kitchen Design

Although the kitchen is dark instead of light, the place is not crowded. What matters is the placement and positioning of objects.

The L-shaped design leaves a space in the middle of the room that can be used as an island. Plus, this kitchen is a mess.

Everything is kept in its proper place and locked in closed cabinets. This makes the kitchen spacious.

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

Instead of a real island in the middle of the room, the designer used a chest of drawers. This table is made of light wood.

L Shaped Kitchen Layout Benefits And Design Ideas

Since it is a small table, it cannot be used as a preparation area and dining area. Instead, this “island” is additional storage space. Drawers can be used to store small items and the bottom to store books.

Although this kitchen is white like other small kitchens, the designers here decided to make this small kitchen blend better with any dark color. Since black is so common, designers use navy blue to contrast white.

The combination of white and navy gives a nice transitional look, perfect for this L-shaped kitchen.

The base cabinets and island here are painted in Sherwin Williams – Storm Cloud SW6249, and the countertops are Sherwin Williams – Icicle.

The 20 Best L Shaped Kitchen Ideas For A Stylish Space

The cabinets are matched with soapstone countertops and the island is paired with a wooden top. Wood is added here to bring elegance to this sleek white and navy blue kitchen.

It’s a versatile island, filled with connected folding chairs and benches. Although the island is small, it can be used as a dining table for three.

This is a white kitchen paired with light wood floors, a dark gray island and stainless steel appliances.

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

This is a white and gray transitional style small kitchen with an L-shaped design and forest green cabinetry with a Sierra door style.

U Shaped Kitchen Vs L Shaped Kitchen: The Benefits Of Each & How To Choose

The surrounding kitchen cabinets have white tops that contrast with the gray finish of the island.

The cabinets are painted a wonderful brown over the table, but the island is whiter. Because the island is painted dark gray. It looks good when paired with a lighter color like white. A bright island plays a nice color in this light kitchen.

The island is filled with two armless wooden chairs, marking the area as a dining room.

In previous small kitchens, almost all elements, such as cabinets, backsplash, island and appliances, were white. However, the designers here realized that white color just works well on the walls.

Planning Your Kitchen: Designing A Better Kitchen Island

In this case, the designer combined the entire kitchen with light and dark wood. The upper cabinets and base cabinets together with the island are made of dark wood with gray granite tops.

The one above shows that the island can be used as a dining room. The very high dining room is high enough to provide space for comfortable seating.

L-shaped beach-style kitchen with wooden island. Photo © Big Chill

Kitchen Design L Shape With An Island

White is associated with a classic or traditional look. However, the kitchen here has a lovely rustic beach style.

Open Plan Kitchen With L Shaped Island

Although it’s small, its L-shaped design and bright white ceiling make the whole room feel bigger than it is.

From the island in the middle of the room, it can be concluded that this is a kitchen with a dining area.

The island is meant to provide an interesting element in this pure white kitchen. It is painted gray and covered with wooden panels. There are three wooden benches around the island

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