How To Make A Bedroom Look Bigger With Paint

How To Make A Bedroom Look Bigger With Paint – Victoria Ford of The Prepford Wife calls herself the “modern Stepford Wife,” and she lives up to the title: she’s stylish, charming, and an absolute pro at making a house feel like a home. Victoria is also a particularly daring woman when it comes to design, and previous iterations of her master bedroom proved this. With beautiful wall displays featuring everything from stenciled hydrangeas to straw hats, the space embodies Victoria’s signature aesthetic. “I always describe my style as classic with a wink,” says Victoria, “it’s very traditional color palettes, styles and shapes, but then there’s always a nice little design surprise.

Eventually, Victoria and her husband find that the bold walls challenge their ability to rest and recharge in what should have been their sanctuary. “We’ve always had prints, and prints have always been busy,” says Victoria. “Makes it harder to subconsciously decompress later in the day.”

How To Make A Bedroom Look Bigger With Paint

How To Make A Bedroom Look Bigger With Paint

The prints also took up a lot of visual and emotional space, turning into a room that didn’t live up to its 200 square foot potential. Bold patterns can add coziness to a small space if that’s the goal, but they won’t create the relaxed atmosphere Victoria had in mind. She wanted her small bedroom to look bigger.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

It was time for a change. Victoria’s Vision: A master bedroom that is classic, relaxing and feels like bringing the outdoors in. With these qualifications in mind, Victoria visited Color Genius and selected seven samples to experience at home.

“When the samples arrived, we brought them into the room and rotated them for about a week to see what looked best in the light, what we actually wanted to sleep on the wall every day, and what would look good. Consider. Other colors for the room,” says Victoria. We narrowed it down to two colors and the scene is one we keep coming back to.”

After a quick and easy color job, the stencil flowers were nowhere to be found – and Victoria also promoted Snow Day and Fresh Kicks. The room immediately transformed – and felt it

“The color complements the walls perfectly with the furniture,” notes Victoria. “When you look at the bed, the straight lines against the wall color draw the eye and make the room look longer.”

Ways To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

What we like about the calm blue – with just a hint of green – perfectly balances the warm rattan headboard. And compared to the high contrast and bold style of the front wall, the view is as calm as possible.

While Victoria loves the updated walls and trim, she believes the 15-minute ceiling update was key to the new look. (Yes, you read that right: he rolled the entire surface in just 15 minutes!)

“The ceiling really made a huge difference,” says Victoria. “It feels so fresh and clean and fresh. Fresh Kicks is a bright white that follows the lines of the room and you’re not subconsciously overwhelmed by what’s going on at the ceiling.”

How To Make A Bedroom Look Bigger With Paint

Victoria’s master bedroom faces south, so it gets bright, crisp light, giving it exactly the vibe she intended: “cool and beachy” during the day and “relaxed and moody” at night.

How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

We make it easy to shop for paint with select colors, VOC-free paints, and everything you need to create the home you love.

An Unexpected Tummy Makes This Bathroom Color Perfect See how one couple made a happy color compromise with Winkle.

Want to make your living room more colorful? This Renault will inspire you! Cool, blue-green walls unite the entire space.

Check out this interesting indoor sunroom for ideas you’ll want to copy, StatDaily Greens plays *so* well with all the natural light. Do you live in a small space and want it to be bigger? Here are 10 ways to make your small room look bigger! These are all easy to do and will make a big difference to the feel of your home.

How To Make Small Rooms Look Bigger With Paint

I love the challenge of decorating a small space, and I think that’s why I enjoyed updating our RVs so much. It’s nice to take a small, cramped space and transform it into something that feels more open and welcoming. There are many ways you can make a small room look and feel bigger and here are my top 10 tricks to do just that!

Watch my YouTube video to learn 10 ways to make your space bigger: How to Make a Small Room Bigger:

Using white or light shades in the room – especially on the walls – will make it appear larger. I think white walls are classic, but if you don’t like that look, you can go with a very subtle color and it will instantly open up your room. We painted little B’s bedroom white with a medium gray and it made a huge difference to the overall look of the room.

How To Make A Bedroom Look Bigger With Paint

By removing anything from your room that you haven’t used or enjoyed in the past year, your space will instantly feel more open and spacious. Donate what you don’t use and keep decorations to a minimum. When we renovated our basement playroom, we gave away a few bags of toys and books and it was absolutely amazing!

Ways To Make Your New Home Feel Bigger

Mirrors reflect light around the room and using them on your walls can help make your space feel larger. There is a mirror for every decorating style and price range. I just added a large round mirror from IKEA to our breakfast bar and it looks great!

Many people have curtains and drapes hanging above the window, but try raising the rod higher to make the walls feel taller. I like about 4-6 inches from my ceiling to make my room feel more spacious. It’s a simple trick that makes a big difference!

When working with a small room, choose small furniture. Look for small chairs, round tables and “apartment-sized” furniture. Conversely, you can use oversized furniture in your room, but then you won’t have as many pieces on the floor.

Using vertical lines in your decor will help draw the eye, make the ceiling look higher, and therefore make the whole space look bigger. You can do this with trinkets, wallpaper, tall plants and tall floor lamps. I love how my mom added vertical boards and wainscoting to her house to make the walls taller.

Strategic Ways To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Furniture that has multiple uses is a great way to keep less furniture and therefore make your room feel more spacious. Look for items like ottomans with hidden storage (like here in my mom’s living room), side tables with drawers, and sofa beds.

When choosing wall, furniture and accent colors for your room, try to use a monochromatic or similar color scheme. Monochrome means you only use one color, but you can use different shades of that color from light to dark. Analogy means you use colors next to each other on the color wheel (click here for my free color disc printable guide). For example, I used green and blue in the dining room decor above. They are next to each other on the color wheel, creating a more relaxing and open look than opposite colors on the wheel.

Fight the urge to fill every corner of your room with furniture and decor. Free space on the floor, wall and table top will make your room more open, airy and spacious.

How To Make A Bedroom Look Bigger With Paint

Whether it’s natural light or uplights, make sure to flood your room with plenty of light. Clean the curtains on either side of the window, use sheer curtains for privacy while still letting the sun in, or use lots of lamps and overhead lighting. Your bright space will automatically feel much bigger.

Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger & Brighter

What do you think? Do you have any tips on how to make a small space look bigger? Has your bedroom been feeling cramped lately? You’re not alone, as the average bedroom in the American home is only 11 feet by 12 feet. It barely has room for a queen-sized bed, let alone other furniture.

However, being creative, there are many hacks you can try that will create the illusion of a larger room. Here are nine tips on how to make your bedroom look bigger.

Clutter not only makes a room look messy, but it can also make it feel small. Removing excess items from your bedroom is a good first step to making it feel bigger.

Start with the floor. Get rid of unwanted toys, clothes, magazines, shoes, and anything that doesn’t belong or can be stored in another room or closet. You will eliminate the risk of avoidance, open the way and be able to rearrange your furniture more easily.

Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Use this job to discard, recycle,

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