How To Make Almond Eyes Look Bigger

How To Make Almond Eyes Look Bigger – There is no good or bad eye shape – all eyes are beautiful and unique. But it helps to understand the specific shape of the eye, so applying eye shadow and eyeliner is easier and more flattering. Today we are talking about almond eyes. You probably have almond-shaped eyes if the iris (the colored part of your eye) affects both the upper and lower water lines. Your eyelids probably have a visible crease and the outer corners of your eyes may be slightly raised.

To help those with almond eyes achieve any eye makeup look, from daytime makeup to edgy evening styles, we spoke to celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman about her skills. She’s painted the faces of stars like Madison Davenport, Gabriela Pizzolo and Dasha Polanco, so she has the inside scoop on creating the most flattering looks for eye shapes.

How To Make Almond Eyes Look Bigger

How To Make Almond Eyes Look Bigger

Read on for her best tricks for embracing almond eyes. We’ve included some that we love!

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“To emphasize the almond shape, keep the eyeliner thin on the upper lid and thicken it on the outer 1/4 of the eye,” says Dorman. You can see how Kim Kardashian keeps her inky black liner from going too heavy on the inner corners, which would grab her. Tip: Adding lashes and/or mascara can make your eyes look bigger.

Some people with almond eyes like to exaggerate the shape, while others like to mimic the look of round eyes; It’s all a matter of choice. If you prefer the latter, Dorman says to “make sure the thickest part of the liner is in the center of the upper lid.” It draws the line in the middle and creates a circular shape. We love MAKIAGE Black Card – Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner because it’s super-pigmented and lasts all day.

It’s so simple but so easy to forget. Take the eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes for a few seconds. Just make sure you find a curling iron with a shallow arch and a wider opening to take out each lash. Then apply mascara and admire how wide and open your eyes are. And make sure you use your curlers

“On almond-shaped eyes, it usually looks best if the crease shadow blends very lightly in the front of the crease, with most of the intensity in the other half of the eye,” says Dorman. This means when creating a cut crease, apply a lighter eyeshadow on the lids and blend heavier, deeper shades on the back and top of the lid. Get all the natural-looking shades you need in the BELLE EN SILVER Panchromatic Eyeshadow Palette with Nude Intuition.

How To Choose The Right False Lashes For Your Eye Shape

It’s not just eye makeup tricks that can help you make your eyes pop. Grooming your eyebrows can also make a difference, as thick eyebrows can make your eyes look smaller. “To add sparkle to this eye shape, go lighter and thinner on the outer part of the brow after the arch,” explains Dorman. “It will make the eyes look more open.”

It’s not just about your almond eyes looking big and round. Sometimes all you need to do is embrace your shape. Cat eye makeup (aka winged eyeliner), seen here on Lily Rose Depp, makes your eyes look more almond-shaped and tells the world that you love your eyes just the way they are.

With almond shaped eyes, sometimes it’s better to go smaller. Crazy, right? Applying an eyeshadow color, as makeup artist Lily Collins did here, looks especially beautiful, but you can take it a step further by creating a shadowy wing shape to accentuate the almond shape. We like to use a bronze shadow like Mars’ DITO Eyeshadow for a pop of color all over.

How To Make Almond Eyes Look Bigger

On the lower lash line (bonus points if you use a bright color!) Shay Mitchell went with a golden brown shade with more pigment in the outer corners of the eyes, making the eyes look more flirty. This is easiest with a fine brush, such as the REAL TECHNIQUES Fine Liner Brush.

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“If you decide to line the inner rim of your eye like this, choose a shade lighter than your liner, such as a light bronze,” says Dorman. “This will make the eyes look wider and prevent them from looking tired.” Choose a white or cream eyeliner to get the most eye-brightening effect. Essence Cosmetics White Kajal Pencil is creamy and easy to blend if desired.

Instead of applying a simple smokey eye, another option is to go for a more “halo” effect. This means applying a darker shade to the outer and inner corners of your lid and a lighter shade in the center, which will instantly brighten your eyes. Go all out with a shimmery shade like the lightest shade (if you need inspiration, pick one of the ORYZA Precious Platinum Shimmer Eyeshadow shades), then step back and watch your eyes sparkle.

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Elizabeth is a freelance beauty writer. Previously, she was beauty and fashion editor at Time Out New York, Seventeen and Aller. She has over a decade of experience in the world of beauty and fashion for Nylon, Stylecaster, Cosmopolitan and more. Sometimes, we do eye makeup and then when we look in the mirror, we realize that our eyes look much smaller than they are. Or maybe you are nearsighted and so your glasses make your eyes look smaller. Or maybe you want to make your eyes stand out that day, or maybe you want to try a different look without doing something too overwhelming, like wearing colored contacts. Whatever your case, in this article you will learn how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup. It’s basically all a game of optical illusions, but you don’t have to be an artist to pull it off. If you follow along, it’s actually easy.

Wicked Amazing Eyeliner Tips For Almond Eyes

Here is the eye drawing without makeup. I’ve intentionally left some parts in black and white so that you can properly understand each step I show you. I decided to keep the same eye color to show you that no, you don’t need colored contact lenses to make your eyes look bigger. Please note that I am using digital art makeup drawing software to show the art and science behind each makeup. Of course, with real makeup, the results will be much better.

This will help open up the eyes and since light colors will expand, it will make the eyes look bigger and brighter. It’s also perfect if you’re a glitter lover like me, looking for the perfect excuse to add a little extra sparkle to your lids.

It may seem like a kind of paradox, but it will help you visually advance your mobile front page. It will also help to smooth out the crease if your eyes are hooded.

How To Make Almond Eyes Look Bigger

If this part is done right, it will draw the eye upwards and towards the inner corner. This will add a bit more depth and lift the eye as well. If you want, you can add eyeshadow to the inner corner up to a third of the lower lid for continuity, but this is optional.

Eyelash Extensions For Different Eye Shapes: Almond, Monolids Eyes

I’m not saying pull/thread/shave extra strands of hair, especially if your brows are already thin (I never think that’s a good idea). I’m just saying fill them a little less than you normally would. This helps to focus attention on the eyes and make them look optically larger.

Highlighters are products that help create points of light. To make your eyes look bigger, you need to create these highlights under the browbones, where the arches are, and in the inner corners. You want to move the highlighter from the inner corner to your lid, like in the drawing below. Celebrity secret: Make-up artists for the British royal family use this trick to keep royal women’s eyes looking fresh and awake in every frame. It definitely works!

Make sure the eyeliner and mascara you are going to use on the upper waterline are the same color. This will make your lashes look fuller and help save space on your lids, especially if your eyes are already small, hooded or droopy.

If you apply falsies, apply them to the outer half of your upper lashes and make them look thin and natural.

Top Makeup Tips For Almond Shaped Eyes

Last but not least, you may want to skip the mask on the tabs below. It can emphasize any fine lines under your eyes, and if your eyes are already small, you can close them instead of open them. The continuity between these also breaks down

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