How To Make Keyboard On Phone Bigger

How To Make Keyboard On Phone Bigger – The mobile phone keyboard is too small. If you always struggle to see characters or hit the wrong keys, increasing the size of the keyboard makes a big difference.

While there isn’t a lot of screen real estate to work with, this tutorial will walk you through a few ways to make the on-screen keyboard look bigger on your iPhone or Android.

How To Make Keyboard On Phone Bigger

How To Make Keyboard On Phone Bigger

If you’re using a standard Apple iPhone keyboard, you can zoom in, switch to landscape orientation, or turn on bold text to make the keys bigger and easier to see.

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Zoomed View increases the default size of the iPhone keyboard, including the entire iOS interface (buttons, menus, icons, etc.) and the applications running on it.

If you don’t like zooming everything, you can always go back to the default display setting: Settings > Display & brightness > Display zoom.

Almost all apps on your iPhone run in landscape orientation (also called landscape view). This makes the keyboard stronger and shortens typing.

Simply hold your iOS device sideways to open landscape view. The keyboard should also expand to automatically fill the screen size when making a call.

Iphone: How To Make Your Keyboard Bigger

Note: iOS does not support the landscape view of the iPhone home screen, so you cannot use the horizontal version of the keyboard when interacting with the template. Spotlight search.

Enabling bold text on iPhone doesn’t make the keyboard bigger, but it does affect text size and character visibility.

Bold text applies to all text you see on your iPhone. If you don’t like it, you can always change it back to normal text via display and brightness.

How To Make Keyboard On Phone Bigger

Popular third-party keyboards for iPhone — such as Gboard and Microsoft SwiftKey — don’t provide additional options for increasing key size. However, the App Store has many keyboards that offer similar functionality, but from unknown developers – for example. TuneKey and ReBoard.

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Privacy Warning: Before installing a third-party keyboard, check the app’s data collection policies (scroll down to the App Store page) and make sure they don’t violate your privacy and security.

If you’re using Google’s standard Gboard on your Android phone, you can increase the screen size, raise the height of the keyboard, or switch to landscape view to make the keys bigger.

Android allows you to increase the screen size to make the user interface and keyboard look bigger. It is done:

A larger and easier way to see Gboard is to hold your Android phone in landscape mode.

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If the Android UI doesn’t switch to landscape view, open the app drawer (swipe down from the top of the screen) and make sure auto-rotate is turned off.

Unlike iOS, third-party keyboards for Android have separate settings that allow you to enlarge the keyboard. For example, here’s how to access them in Microsoft SwiftKey:

Android keyboards from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) – like Samsung – also allow you to change the key size. For example, if you’re using a Samsung keyboard, you can visit the phone’s keyboard controls screen through your Settings app to make the keyboard bigger.

How To Make Keyboard On Phone Bigger

A larger keyboard goes a long way to reducing typos and increasing typing speed on mobile devices, and the various methods and solutions above can help. Use a third-party keyboard app on your iPhone or Android if you need more customization options.

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Do you like this idea? If so, check out our very own YouTube channel where we cover Windows, Mac, software and apps, and have tons of troubleshooting tips and videos. Click the button below to subscribe! Using your iPhone keyboard can be frustrating if you have trouble with small keys or reading keyboard characters! While you can’t adjust the size of your native keyboard, you can change your phone to landscape mode, download a third-party keyboard app, or bold iPhone text to make it easier to see. Let’s cover these popular ways to make your iPhone keyboard bigger.

This first option doesn’t change the size of your keyboard or individual keys, but it can make characters easier to read if you have trouble identifying small fonts when typing. However, an important note about this option is that it bolds all text on your iPhone screen, not just keyboard characters. If this is not appealed, go to one of the other options below. However, here’s how to set your iPhone to display bold text:

Now when you open the app and start typing, hopefully the keyboard characters will be easier to read! If you’re interested in learning more about your iPhone’s features, sign up for our free daily newsletter.

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If you want to avoid using a third-party keyboard app, this method may be the best option. To try this option, simply turn your phone sideways to type in landscape mode. Your iPhone’s keyboard extends across the screen, making it easier to right-click. If you turn your phone sideways, but your phone doesn’t go into landscape mode, then no problem! You might just have the screen locked to portrait orientation. If that’s the case, we’ll show you how to remove this setting so you can easily get a great iPhone PC by switching to landscape mode:

Another way to enlarge the iPhone keyboard is to use a third-party application. Many apps offer keyboards, such as TypeWise Custom Keyboard and TuneKey. While the keyboard download and operation may vary slightly between apps, the steps will be the same for each. I recommend using Typewise Custom Keyboard, which is simple and free (unless you need additional functionality, such as the ability to write messages in multiple languages). In the example below, we’ll show you how to download and activate Typewise Keyboard:

There you have it! Hopefully, with one of the options above, you were able to find a solution to make your iPhone keyboard bigger and easier to use. Did you accidentally delete words? If so, you might also be interested in learning this simple trick to recover deleted messages on your iPhone.

How To Make Keyboard On Phone Bigger

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Sign up for the only free daily newsletter that shows you the latest things you can do with your iPhone in just one minute a day. If you can’t comfortably type on your iPhone keyboard, you can enlarge it. If you have an iPhone Mini model, this change will definitely come in handy. But how exactly can you do this? If you go to keyboard settings, there is no such option. Well, you need to change your iPhone’s display settings or use a third-party app.

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Your iPhone screen will go black for about three seconds. After that, the entire user interface will be enlarged, including your virtual keyboard.

For all the great work Apple has done to improve accessibility features on the iPhone and iPad, you might think there’s an option to enlarge your keyboard hidden somewhere. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the only other solution we can suggest besides the others listed here is to simply change your iPhone to landscape when you click. The keyboard also rotates with it, making the keys larger and more convenient to use compared to using the keyboard in portrait mode.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can install third-party software. Go to the App Store and download Keyboard XL, Large Keyboard, TuneKey Keypad & Fingertip, Large

How To Make Keyboard On Phone Bigger

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