How To Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

How To Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger – They say bigger is better, but we think there is something very special about small rooms. Although they have their challenges (like where to put all your stuff), they can be just as open and welcoming as a larger home. And with a few surefire tips, a small space can appear (and feel) bigger than it really is, and we’ll show you how.

Incorporating a few key items is key to making your small space feel much more spacious than its modest size. Even the smallest studio can have a contrasting look to its square footage! And it’s as easy as adding an element to a room, changing paint color, verticality or even doing the smallest things.

How To Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

How To Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

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Top Color Choices To Make Small Rooms Feel Bigger

Mirrors are perhaps the easiest way to bring in a lot of light and trick the eye into thinking that a room is bigger and more open than it actually is. Try a mirror in a narrow entryway, above a console in a small dining room, or a full-length version in a bedroom to add valuable visual centimeters.

BOBBY’S TIP A round mirror softens the room well and breaks the vertical and horizontal lines of the room.

, Emphasizing the height or width of the room is another trick to make the space more spacious. If you have a room with high ceilings, focus on vertical space, whether through a tall bookcase, vertical artwork or a slim pendant, to increase the feeling of spaciousness. Whereas a spacious room with a lower ceiling will benefit from highlighting the horizontal aspects of the room (such as horizontal paneling or stripes). It also moves your eye and creates the illusion of a larger space.

BOBBYS TIP Peel and stick vertically striped wallpaper is an easy way to add height (and just as easy to change).

How To Make A Small House Feel Bigger

So when it comes to furniture, downsizing a sofa, coffee table or dining table can make a small room look proportional and (you guessed it) bigger! Apartment-sized sofas or loveseats, round dining tables and armless side chairs are good choices for keeping things just the right size.

BOBBY’S TIP Choose furniture with narrow legs or a glass top, as they will feel lighter and take up less visual weight in a small space.

Color isn’t just for adding color – you can also use it for visual tricks and expanding space. Darker walls can make a room appear wider, while extending the color from one wall a few centimeters towards the ceiling creates the illusion of higher ceiling height. You can also paint walls, trim, doors and ceilings

How To Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

BOBBY’S TIP Always test your paint colors by placing a 12″ x 12″ swatch on the wall (and observing it at different times of the day) before deciding on a color. If you want to sell your home, you need to make it an attractive place for potential buyers. Any professional real estate video or home photos should represent it to the best of their ability. But small spaces make it difficult. By creating an illusion and tricking the eye, you can make a room appear larger than it is, both in photos and in real life.

Ways To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

To achieve this, we have created a list of techniques to use depending on the illusion you want to create. Here’s how you can make small areas appear larger:

Boxed spaces can feel closed or claustrophobic. The last thing you want is for your buyer to think the walls are closing in on him. Create more space with these tricks:

It is fine to place the sofa against the wall, but consider tilting some of the smaller chairs to avoid jagged edges in the living room. Tilting the bed in a small bedroom makes the eye think there is more open space.

Covering the windows with curtains cuts the room and makes it smaller. Leave them exposed or consider using a translucent material that lets in as much natural light as possible to make the room appear larger.

Ways To Make A Tiny Half Bath Seem Bigger

Furniture with visible legs tricks the eye into adding more square meters. Avoid enclosing rooms with objects that sit directly on the floor, as they enclose the room and make it unappealing to buyers.

Add square footage to make it look like higher ceilings. You can do this trick in different ways:

Although we don’t recommend using window coverings, they can be useful here. Consider using curtains that reach the floor. This tricks the eye into thinking that the space is higher than it actually is. Leave the curtains open when photographing the room.

How To Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

Lamps can add more height to a room. A unique ceiling light helps draw the eye upwards and makes you think the room has high ceilings.

Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Most people believe that small rooms should only contain smaller objects. Make your room look bigger with some larger pieces to break up the room. Use a large prominent piece of furniture or several large wall decorations so that the buyer thinks of a large space instead of a small one.

Why tear down walls to expand a room when you can use inexpensive hacks to make the room more open? You can do it like this:

Mirrors are one of the best ways to create an illusion in any room. Mirrors reflect light and create depth for the eye. You can use a simple mirror to hang against a wall that gets natural light so you can reflect it. This will create the illusion that there is another door or window in the room.

Color contrast is the key to tricking the eye. You can use one color but accentuate it with different shades of that color. You can also use light and dark tones. The strong contrast between light and dark will divide the room and make you think you have more space than you really do.

Expert Advice: 11 Tips For Making A Room Look Bigger

A large rug defines the space within the room. It helps break it up, giving the buyer the illusion of a larger square footage.

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How To Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

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Ways To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger

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How To Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

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