How To Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

How To Make Your Teeth Look Bigger – Are you unhappy with the shape of your teeth? Then it’s time to do something, and this treatment is amazing! Simple yet so effective, gently shaping your teeth, enamel can transform your smile.

Completely painless, it is one of our most conservative cosmetic dental treatments, yet it offers truly convincing results.

How To Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

How To Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

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With years of experience, our dentists can quickly see how a little filing, done in the right place, can change your smile and your confidence. So why not get in touch?

Although very simple, clients are often surprised by the results of our dental contouring procedure. Minimum treatment costs and expenses, maximum results! Just look at the before and after photos to see your options.

This involves carefully adjusting the teeth with a fine file to create more harmonious sizes, shapes, and levels to help balance and strengthen your smile.

The procedure is performed by an experienced cosmetic dentist and is an effective way to transform your smile. Although talking about the removal of tooth enamel may sound a bit alarming, it is a completely safe and painless procedure.

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The abrasion is done gradually, making sure that no more enamel is removed than necessary. And it only takes a little bit of shaping to completely change the overall look of your smile.

It is common for the tips of the teeth to be slightly misshapen or for one tooth to feel longer than the other. A little filing can smooth things out, improve the appearance of individual teeth, and in many cases, reshape your entire smile.

And it’s not just about the upper teeth. The lower teeth also tend to be crooked, but just a small amount of sawdust along the biting edge is enough to create the illusion of a much straighter and more aesthetically pleasing smile.

How To Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

Although tooth contouring is often used as a stand-alone procedure, it is also often used when the upper teeth are laminated. Just a small amount of shaping can greatly improve the appearance of your lower teeth and help avoid the need or expense of additional veneers.

Ways To Improve Your Smile

If you have had braces, after orthodontics, tooth modeling can be used to further improve the end result, making the tips of your teeth look more perfect.

This is one of the many great things about this treatment, it can be done over lunch. And you won’t even work with a stiff mouth again, just a big smile!

Do you want to know how contouring can improve the appearance of your teeth? Good news, we offer a free image. All you have to do is send us a photo of your smile using our contact form or send us an email. We’ll then assess the current shape of your teeth, determine where realignment can help, and share a digital image of what you can expect from the results.

If you like what you see, no further inquiry is required. Just book and we will do the treatment for you in a speedy appointment.

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Dental contouring is a very effective procedure suitable for almost anyone with minor dental defects that they wish to correct. Minimally invasive and harmless to health, if you have normal and healthy teeth, there is no reason why you cannot benefit from this treatment.

Equally effective for men and women, with angled teeth for a more masculine effect and smoother rounded edges for a more feminine feel, whatever look you want to achieve, we can help you achieve it.

It’s not just the impressive results and speed of tooth contouring that make this treatment so popular, but also the price.

How To Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

Here at The Smile Clinic, teeth shaping starts from £495, regardless of how many teeth need to be shaped in that arch. If work is required on both the upper and lower arches, the price increases, but remember that we offer great value deals to make our services as affordable as possible.

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If you’re not satisfied with your smile but aren’t sure if a more invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure is right for you, a dental file may be the perfect solution.

We know that cosmetic dentistry can be a bit overwhelming for many, but we make sure that our teeth sculpting procedure is not only fast and effective, but also painless.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking. So why not get in touch and find out how plastic enamel can change your smile.

You can contact us now or send us a photo of your teeth for a free simulation and a personalized quote.

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We shape the teeth with paper discs. This treatment involves careful enamel formation that is completely safe and completely painless. It’s not like filing your nails to shape them. And the results can be amazing. Very often we find that although your teeth may be nice and straight, they may not be the same length after braces, so you may still not be completely satisfied with the results. Dental contouring is the answer to that. Soft filing to even out the length and reshape your smile for even more harmony.

It is highly unlikely that you will experience any sensitivity after teeth contouring. If you experience tooth sensitivity at any point, no further contouring is done in that area of ​​the tooth. However, there is so little wear to the enamel that the risk of sensitivity is low. The minimal presentation can achieve the most dramatic results in the most conservative manner.

This dental treatment costs £495, regardless of the number of teeth in this bracket. If both arches are formed it will cost £695. If you would like to assess whether you would benefit from having your teeth shaped and see what they would look like if you had the treatment, please email a letter [email email protected] and request a free review.

How To Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

There are many factors that a cosmetic dentist must consider before deciding which product and procedure to use in each case. It’s not a simple case of one being better than the other, as there are elements that would be better used in one case but not the other. For example, a single porcelain may look more natural, but it is so thin that it cannot mask the discoloration of the lower tooth.

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The esthetic dentist and laboratory technician work closely together to determine the best way to achieve the optimal final cosmetic result. As a lay person researching which dental veneers are best, he should seek the advice of a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist rather than assuming that he knows which porcelain veneers would be best for his teeth.

No, an initial consultation is not necessary, since we will carry out the treatment quickly and easily on the first visit.

No, your teeth will not be more susceptible to decay if they are shaped. This is a completely safe treatment that aims to improve the appearance of your smile in the most conservative way without breaking the bank.

The dentist will take the treatment very slowly and you can monitor each part of the treatment to ensure that the correct amount of your tooth can be removed. This is always minimal, but we’ll give you instructions on which areas you want redone so you’re happy with the end result.

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Modeling or contouring of the teeth is a cosmetic dental procedure that removes a small amount of tooth enamel to correct the shape of the teeth. Before beginning this procedure, dental X-rays will be taken to determine if the teeth are healthy. If this is not the case, dental reshaping cannot begin and our experienced dentists will discuss alternative procedures that can help create the perfect smile.

If you qualify for dental contouring, the process begins when your dentist marks the areas that need shaping. They then use a special dental tool and sandpaper-like strips to remove irregularities in the teeth and shape them. This is followed by the usual ironing and polishing. The results can be amazing! Uneven teeth suddenly look perfectly straight. The chips are so easy to disguise. The shapes of the teeth can be shaped to make them look more handsome or masculine. This is very common these days. Men’s teeth tend to be angular, but more and more the teeth and face are looked at together to determine the most harmonious appearance. Men and women prefer angular or more rounded teeth.

We provide free simulation to be specific.

How To Make Your Teeth Look Bigger

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