How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

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Being a good student in school, I always wanted to start an education business. But I didn’t act on it, but Matt Fuentes did.

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

In this post and podcast interview, he describes the steps he took to build a $1000 a week business. He focuses on the ACT, the American college entrance exam, and even wrote a book about it, but I think this tactic can be applied to other exams and other disciplines.

Mistakes Teachers Make When They Start A Tutoring Business

The ACT is a college admissions test used by many colleges and universities to rank students applying to their schools. Subjects include English grammar, reading, mathematics and science.

Millions of students take tests each year, and the test prep business generates over $1 billion in revenue annually.

As a Side Hustle Nation reader, I want to show you how to get that money.

Don’t worry if you’re not a teacher. He offers the means to acquire skills for $0.

How To Start A Tutoring Business

Good luck! A list of great ideas will arrive in your inbox in no time. (If you don’t see it within 5-10 minutes, check your spam/promotions.)

I’m no genius. after that. But I felt a need, and decided to work to meet that need, while depositing money in my bank account.

That’s what my ACT teacher did for me. It gives me freedom and possibility. This post and my Amazon book provide the knowledge and understanding to launch your own ACT tutoring business and start making more money (life-changing money).

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

My plan is easy to follow and you’ll almost certainly get customers and revenue before you know it.

The Tutoring Toolkit

A few years ago I was having a hard time coming to terms with my life and was about to have my first child. At a dinner party one night, I met a couple who were making a lot of money tutoring, so I decided to try it myself. I learned all the material, hit the ground running, and achieved all I knew.

Within her first month, I got my first client, a high school student to help me read. I made business cards and gave them out.

And even though I brand myself as her ACT teacher, people still call me for other subjects. I already earn $200 a month.

Within three months, we had six more clients and an average hourly wage of $90. I taught two of her students (brother and sister) at the same time for a few weeks, making $200 an hour.

One In Demand Side Hustle For 2023 Is Online Tutoring: How To Start

Within six months, my monthly education income had increased to over $2000 and I was barely able to sustain it. We even hired a partner to manage the overflow. I make money from students who don’t tutor themselves!

Now, with a network of clients and referrals, I keep busy and earn $3,000 a month to him $4,000.

Let me be clear again, I am no smarter than you or anyone else. I took just a few steps and cut off the tail.

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

A lot of people ask me, “Why ACT?” Why should we focus on just one test?

Things To Consider Before You Hire A Tutor For Your Child

College entrance exams are the most expensive per exam. Exam prep counseling is one of the best side deals as it typically costs between $75-$125 per session.

Nick’s Note: Parents want their children to get good grades so they can get into good schools, so this makes sense.

The test will not go away. I know there is talk of colleges accepting student applications without SAT or ACT scores, but very few colleges do this. This test will continue to exist and will be taken by millions of children.

According to the 2016 SAT Suite of Assessments, over 6.7 million candidates completed her SAT® or PSAT-related assessments during the 2015-2016 academic year.

A Step By Step Guide To Become An Online Tutor

Exams are administered throughout the year. ACT is offered six times a year. Unlike subject tutors who only work with students on tests or specific topics, there are no breaks at all.

Nick’s note: Another interesting educational opportunity is his BookNook, an online math and reading service for kids from kindergarten through her eighth grade. Teachers are paid between $15 and $22 an hour, and are only required to be eligible to work in the United States and have at least a year of teaching, teaching, or coaching experience.



How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

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As Schools Return To In Person Learning, Demand For Online Tutoring Remains High

start a tutoring business


When I was in high school, I was good at taking tests. My SAT and ACT scores were in the top 25% in the US. However, once I started following the system below, I realized my scores went up and I could actually link my improved testing skills to business success.

It takes time, effort, and a positive attitude. I know the resources are there. All I have to do is work. The same goes for you.

I set the initial price based on my needs and yours. (How much do you have to earn to be worth this extra work?)

The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Private Tutoring Business

For example, the minimum hourly wage is $80 and the maximum is $120. The price depends on the following factors and also on how particular you are:

As it got busier, the time value increased and so did the rates. You’re also cultivating followers and can refer to previous customers to justify higher prices.

If the referred client asks for the same fee as the referrer, I politely let them know that there are other people willing to pay and that my time is limited. This little statement about how requests to my service increased my “close rate” by over 90%.

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

You may be wondering how I got my first customers. These are the most effective marketing tactics I use.

How To Build Online Tutoring Website Platform

I have found this to be the best way to acquire customers. Tell them you’re starting this business and you want them to know, even if you don’t have to. Maybe they know someone who does!

Nick’s note: This way your network really becomes your network’s network and that’s where the magic happens. Matt makes it easier for people to refer him by letting potential clients know exactly what he does.

Please be polite. Sometimes I say, “I don’t want to bother you, but I just wanted to let you know…” or “I hope everything goes well!” I’d like to send you a message, I’ve just started ACT tutoring. If you know anyone please feel free to send me my number.

In all the hundreds of texts and emails I’ve sent, I’ve never had anyone tell me not to talk to them or think my messages were spam.

How To Start A Tutoring Business

A business card should make you look legit and leave something to your clients and referral partners.

Call your local library, school, or recreation center. Many potential customers want free information and these sites are a great way to provide information in his one-to-many environment.

I personally host events at coffee shops, libraries, and local recreation centers. I clearly stated that the event was free, but asked permission to hand over my business card at the end of the event.

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business

Nick’s Note: I call this tactic stealing other people’s audiences, and I cover it in detail on my podcast. There, my guest posted a very similar plan where he posted $9,000 worth of work.

Tutoring Lessons Appointment Scheduler And Booking System

Not all events are standing room only, but that’s okay. I’ve done workshops with just 5 people, and I’ve done workshops with 60 people.

Everyone in the room is a potential customer, so you never worry about the numbers going wrong. 5 people can get you 2 clients and you can earn over $1,000 a month.

To advertise, I create my own flyers and have certain hosts post them on websites and message boards.

Similar to tutoring firms, these counselors typically read business books with the students they work with, prepare essays and college applications, and even advise students on opportunities they may need. increase.

How To Make $100,000 Income Tutoring And Teaching Online In 2021

Each of their customers

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