How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business At Home

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As the best student in school I have always thought of starting a learning project. But even if I don’t, Matt Fuentes can.

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business At Home

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business At Home

In this post and interview podcast He counted the steps. To build a $1,000-a-week tutoring business, he focused on the ACT, the American college admissions test. even wrote a book about it. But I believe you can apply these techniques to other tests or courses.

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The ACT is a college admissions test that many colleges use to rank students applying to their schools. Topics include English grammar. Reading comprehension, math and science

Millions of students take the exam every year. And the test prep business grows into billions of dollars a year.

As a Side Hustle Nation reader, I want to show you how to make money!

Don’t be discouraged if you are not a teacher. I will give you resources to gain knowledge and it costs $0.

How To Start A Tutoring Business

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I’m no expert, far from it, but I understand the need and choose to work to be able to meet my needs – and put money in my account at the same time.

That’s what being an ACT tutor did for me, it gave me freedom and choice. This post and my Amazon book give you the knowledge and insight to start your own ACT tutoring business and start making extra money. (money that can change your life)

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business At Home

My plan is easy to follow. and before you know it you will definitely be getting clients and income.

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A few years ago I struggled to get my first child on the way. One night when I went out to dinner I met a couple who learned and made a lot of money. So I decided to try it myself. I learned all the tools Start running by reaching everyone I know!

In the first month I had my first client, a high school student whom I helped with reading comprehension. I made business cards and distributed them to everyone.

And even though I called myself an ACT teacher, I still found myself referring to other courses. I earned $200 a month.

In three months, I gained six more clients and averaged $90 an hour. I had several weeks to teach two students at a time. (my brother and sister) and earn $200 an hour!

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Within six months I had grown my monthly coaching fees to over $2,000,000 and couldn’t keep up. I also hired a partner to manage things. I’ve made money from students I never taught myself!

Today I have a network of clients and referrals that keep me busy and I earn between $3000-$4000 a month

Let me say it again: I am not smarter than anyone. I just followed the same steps to create my tail.

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business At Home

Many people ask me: Why ACTION? Why is the focus limited to a single test?

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College entrance exams impose a large number of tuition fees. Test prep is one of the best options as prices usually range between $75-$125 per session.

Nick’s Note: This makes sense because parents want their children to succeed so they can attend good schools.

The test will never end. I know there are many stories about colleges accepting applications from students without SAT or ACT scores. However, the number of colleges that do so is very small. The test is here and millions of kids are taking it.

According to the SAT Suite of Assessments, more than 6.7 million test-takers took SAT® or PSAT-related assessments during the 2015-16 school year.

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Exams are given throughout the year The ACT offers six exams per year. Absolutely no space Unlike course teachers who can work with students before exams or during private lessons.

Nick’s Note: Another fun teaching option is BookNook, a service where you teach math and reading online to kids in grades K-8. Teachers earn $15-$22 an hour, and the only requirement is to be eligible to work in the United States and have at least one year of experience, education, or work experience


How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business At Home

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I did well in high school, my SAT and ACT scores were in the top 25% in the US. My results increased so much that I realized I could turn my testing skills into a successful business.

It takes time, effort and a positive attitude. I know there are tools out there. All I have to do is work. You too

I have set the starting price according to my needs and you should too. (How much do you need to win to make this special event worth it?)

Creating A Tutoring Business Plan

For example, $80 is my lowest hourly rate, $120 is my highest rate. The price also depends on the following factors and the method you choose.

The busier I am My time just got better. And my rates are higher too. I have developed the following and have been able to quote previous clients to show higher prices.

If the referral client asks for the same fee as the referral I politely said that I had others willing to pay more and my time was short. A few words about the request for my service caused my “rate” to skyrocket above 90%.

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business At Home

You may be wondering how I got my first client. This is the best marketing strategy I have ever used.

Tutoring Business Plan

I have found this to be a great way to find clients. Let’s say you started this business and you want them to know. Even if they don’t want to. They can know anyone who knows!

Nick’s Note: That way, your network really is your network. And this is where the magic happens. Matt allows people to send clients who can show them exactly what he does.

Be polite. “I hate to hurt you. Although I wanted to tell you…” or “We hope everything is okay! I just wanted to say that I have just started tutoring for the ACT, if you know anyone, please send me my number.”

In the hundreds of lessons and emails I’ve sent. I have never had anyone ask me not to contact them or say my messages are spam.

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Business cards make you stand out and give your clients and partners something to go by.

Call your local libraries, schools and recreation centers. Most potential customers are looking for free information. And this site is a great way to provide information individually.

I have held private events in coffee shops, libraries and entertainment venues. I highly recommend this event is free.

How To Start Your Own Tutoring Business At Home

Nick’s note: I’ve mentioned this trick for clicking people. And we’ve covered it in detail on the podcast. where my guest booked a $9,000 event using a very similar plan.

Start Your Own Tutoring And Test Prep Business Bymintzer: Mintzer: Books

All activities are not confined to the room, that’s good. I was training with only 5 people and with 60 other people.

I’m not too worried about the crazy numbers because everyone who attends is a potential customer. Five people can get me 2 clients and more than $1000.

For advertising I will build my skill and ask hosts to put it on their website and in their ads.

As well as the business tutor These consultants often have business books that students can work with. Prepare essays and college applications. and advises on follow-up options.

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Each of their customers is

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