Mid Century Modern Living Room End Tables

Mid Century Modern Living Room End Tables – Size: Coffee Table: 50″ L X 24″ D X 17″ H End Table: 20″ L X 18″ D X 22″ H Long Sofa: 72″ L X 32.5″ D X 35″ H Medium Sofa: 52″ L X 33.5″ H X Small Sofa: 30″ L X 32.5″ D X 35″ H

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Mid Century Modern Living Room End Tables

Mid Century Modern Living Room End Tables

Size: Coffee Table: 50″ L X 24″ D X 17″ H End Table: 20″ L X 18″ D X 22″ H Long Sofa: 72″ L X 32.5″ D X 35″ H Medium Sofa: 52″ L X 32.5″ H X Small Sofa: 30″ L X 32.5″ D X 35″ H Create an inviting and timeless environment with the Teak Wood Mid-Century Modern 6 Piece Living Room Set. Completely handmade and full of splendor, the living room set includes three sofas in different sizes, a coffee table and an end table. Together, these pieces create a sophisticated, statement-making ensemble that will wow your guests and leave you satisfied with their function and style. This teak wooden sofa offers you a comfortable seat. , especially after a busy schedule or exercise, and can help you relax and de-stress. They are available in different sizes; Small for one, medium for two and long for three. With soft cushions and curved back design. With sloping legs, they provide good seating for your family and guests. Our teak wood coffee table will be central to your living room with the sofa pieces around it, providing great storage and decoration options. With open shelves and spacious drawers, this utilitarian coffee table adds plenty of style and function to any setting. Offering additional storage options and a top surface for placing decorative items, our 22″ Solid Wood Open Space End Table completes this beautiful collection. With Bowen curved edges, rounded legs and an open space unit, this end table will transform your living room into a living room. a stylish and sophisticated arrangement This living room set is well designed and rustically inspired, with lovely touches of Scandinavian and mid-century aesthetics Given the quality of its treasures and its thoughtful construction, it will stand the test of time and travel through generations.Special Features: • Teak craftsmanship • Entirely handcrafted • Mid-century aesthetic • Sofa in three sizes – small, medium and long • Curved back and legs • Refined cushions • Collapsible sofa (requires easy assembly) • Open shelf coffee table • Thick round Legs • Treasure quality • Mid-Century Modern 6 Piece Living Room Set Note: Wood is very much a natural product and therefore no two pieces are alike. Variations in the hardwood grain patterns are to be expected and make each piece of furniture uniquely beautiful, just like us humans.

Irresistibly Stylish Midcentury Modern Living Room Idea

As well as taking 5 months to receive the furniture (obviously due to Covid), the XPO suppliers did not know we had paid for the extra delivery service. It was just for them to say and they did a complete job, but it could be a communication problem that you can make sure doesn’t happen on your own.

We really enjoyed our online shopping experience. Live chat and a phone call with a sales representative were used to select products. A very good experience. We also enjoyed seeing pictures of the products as they were built, finished and packaged. At one point our portal had uploaded pictures that were two different pictures of the same product, so we weren’t sure which one was ours, but that was fixed. During the build process, emails we sent with questions were answered promptly. When we ordered the furniture in November, we were told to expect delivery in the third week of February. We inquired about delivery in March and were told to expect it in early April. The order did not arrive until the third week of April. It wasn’t a big problem and we know a lot of things have been delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis, but there would be communication on the portal about the expected completion date and the arrival date, even if it eventually changes , is useful. I was pleased to receive an inquiry regarding preparation for the White Gloves in January. This gave confidence in the delivery process. However, it appeared that the selection and order for the delivery service did not begin until about a week after the product arrived in the US and was sitting in New Jersey awaiting collection. Then the choice of white glove service was not kept until the delivery reached the nearest destination. Apparently he delayed the delivery as the products waited in New Jersey to arrange the delivery and waited again in Cadillac Michigan until they found the company and then waited for the white glove company before they could work on their schedule. Like I said, I know things are tough right now. The dining table arrived damaged during the shipping process. The communication flow during delivery and during the damage repair process was a bit confusing (my lost email was part of that). You immediately worked with us to arrange a replacement, which is being processed. I really like the concept of your business model and we enjoyed the experience. We also love the furniture! I was nervous about finishing as many pieces as we chose. I like the look of your website but wasn’t sure if it would be too busy in our house. But I love it! Thank you

The ordering process, including fitting the furniture to size (we shortened the headboard) and painting/finishing, was easy. – Sierra can easily make small design changes. – The product came out exactly as desired and exactly as expected from their catalog pictures. – The build quality was excellent! – The status emails we received during production, which included photos of the furniture at various stages of production, were very insightful! – This furniture is made overseas, so be realistic about the shipping process (packing in a long and laborious journey, truck to the port, loading it on a ship, shipping it by sea around the world, via Suez Canal, unloaded at a port in the United States, cleared at a port in the United States, loaded on a truck to be transported from the port to your home) and it takes time ! The total time from order to manufacturing ranged from 2-3 months, and then the delivery time was another 2 months. – The net result is beautiful furniture made at a reasonable price and delivered within a reasonable timeframe. We couldn’t recommend Sierra more highly!

When choosing furniture, it is usual to consider the dimensions of the room. However, it is also important to think about a few other things, such as will the furniture fit through every doorway or will it cross your stairs?

We Furniture Mid Century Modern Hairpin Coffee Accent Table

Here are some goals to keep in mind before ordering a large piece of furniture so that it can successfully reach its intended location in the home without much trouble.

Note: For flats and multi-storey buildings with an elevator, it is important to measure the interior height and width along with the elevator opening and the distance from the opposite wall.

Follow these steps to ensure the smooth delivery of your furniture. Many times, just an inch of space can make all the difference and save time and energy when moving large furniture.

Mid Century Modern Living Room End Tables

There may also be times when you see furniture that you don’t think is suitable. This is ours

Best Affordable Mid Century Modern Side Tables

Personalization services come to the rescue. Make your favorite furniture in the size, shape and shade you want.

All our products are handmade and hand crafted using techniques passed down through many generations using authentic old fashioned hand tools. It refers to skilled labor done abroad in India. The end product is a very unique piece of furniture unlike the assembly line furniture you see at big box retailers!

In order to offer you a large selection of quality at affordable prices, we keep inventory at a minimum and make most of our items to order. An additional advantage is the conservation of valuable wood instead of losing its excess stock.

All our standard products are handmade to order, we currently estimate around 8-10 weeks from order to delivery of your furniture.

Antares End Table

Although the time seems long, we deliver much faster than the standard delivery times in the solid wood furniture industry, where product delivery times exceed 16-18 weeks! Your satisfaction is our goal and we assure you that you, like hundreds of our customers, will find it

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