Small Kitchen Diner Ideas With Sofa

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Small Kitchen Diner Ideas With Sofa

Small Kitchen Diner Ideas With Sofa

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Small Dining Room Ideas

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Where can I place the table in my kitchen-dining room? In a bay, next to a garden, next to a wall… As these ideas show, there are many possible places for a table.

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Getting your dining area right can free up space, improve flow, reduce clutter in a multi-functional room and provide extra storage space. Of course, a lot depends on the size and shape of your room, but scroll down to see some ways designers have solved this problem.

Stylish Dining Room Decorating Ideas

When space is at a premium, this arrangement from Wilding & Wolf is a great way to make the most of the kitchen. Due to this arrangement of the dining area near the rear of the kitchen units with a fixed bench seat, very little space is required to accommodate six to eight people comfortably.

Bench also provides a useful opportunity to increase the amount of memory; This design has drawers in the base, and on the left end (not visible here, but you can click on the photo and click on “Other photos in this project”) is a small built-in wine rack.

If you are trying to add a living room to your kitchen-dining room, this idea can also provide you with the space you need.

Small Kitchen Diner Ideas With Sofa

This is a great way to place the dining table near a window or glass door, keeping the view of the garden from the kitchen area.

The Best Kitchen Diner Layouts

As in the last image, in this family kitchen renovated by Zulufish, the dining bench is key to fitting a good-sized table without taking up too much space, but this time it’s against the side wall. It visually increases the length of the room.

Thanks to the compact arrangement of the table, a wardrobe has valuable space for storing toys and placing a TV on the opposite wall.

A retractable dining table can be the answer to a growing kitchen space and laconic decor. Here, Scenario Architecture worked with the homeowners, for whom a sense of space is important.

Being able to tuck the desk away when not in use – it slides neatly under the island – is a good way to go. In addition, doubles the work surface if necessary.

Clever Ways To Lay Out Your Open Plan Kitchen

Share the view from the window with a thin island. When a kitchen is extended, deciding what to put in the lighter end of the room with the best view of the garden can be a puzzle. If it is desirable – or necessary – to place the functional part of the kitchen at this end, perhaps to give the sink a green look, where does the dining table go?

If you want similar views while dining, this Sarah Ross design is a solution – the narrow island can also fit a small table next to the glass door.

When Sam Cooper of E2 Architecture + Interiors remodeled his own Victorian cottage in East London, he designed a small extension that would function as a separate dining room, but separated from the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Diner Ideas With Sofa

When guests arrive, they can enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by the greenery of the garden (especially when the doors are open). They are also removed from the main cooking action, so the chef has less audience.

Kitchen Diner Ideas

For many, the ability to enjoy the garden from the kitchen table is paramount, and in this case, the placement of the dining area horizontally to the glass door may be the best choice. Having the doors open on hot days can also create the feeling of eating outside.

However, it’s worth adding some flexibility. In this project by EMR Architecture, the bench on the left is a table that can be turned and pushed against the wall if more space is needed near the door.

If the dining room can be moved like this, make sure flexible lighting is designed to accommodate it.

Kitchen-dining rooms are often at the back of the house, but sometimes it makes sense to place this double room at the front. With a cove in the space, like in this Huntsmore project, those precious extra inches can make all the difference in squeezing into a dining area.

Small Dining Room: 14 Ways To Make It Work Double Duty

The alcove next to this impressive fireplace is a good place for an antique chest of drawers, handy for storing plates, napkins, etc.

Here, designer Roslind Wilson created a dramatic cushioned banquette that echoes the curve of the window and table, making room for a larger number of dining guests and maximizing the square footage of the space by pushing the table further.

Tell us… which of these layouts could work in your kitchen-dining room? Share your thoughts and let us know your update plans in the comments.

Small Kitchen Diner Ideas With Sofa

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