Small House Kitchen Remodel

Small House Kitchen Remodel – Incorporate these small kitchen renovation ideas to renovate and transform your small, cluttered kitchen into a “big” one with functional and design appeal, natural light and a sense of space!

Do you want to create the kitchen masterpiece of your dreams? Is your style limited by the small area of ​​your existing kitchen? Is it not possible to expand your small kitchen? The dream kitchen is not lost. Check out the small kitchen design ideas below to discover the kitchen makeover of your dreams!

Small House Kitchen Remodel

Small House Kitchen Remodel

. Implement innovative solutions to alleviate the inconvenience of a small kitchen. Assess the flaws in your kitchen organization and try to correct them in your new kitchen design with smart kitchen design ideas. Consider the work triangle (the area between the sink, stove, and refrigerator) and specific work areas (washing, prep, and cooking) in your current kitchen. Can all of this be improved by renovating the kitchen? They should be large and strategic enough to accommodate several people in the kitchen at once, to perform numerous tasks, but compact and organized enough to eliminate distance and unnecessary inconvenience.

Big Ideas For Small Kitchens

For example, during a recent small kitchen remodel, our owners lacked the space in the existing kitchen to accommodate large appliances, ample storage, and adequate work surfaces. This has negatively affected their use and enjoyment in the kitchen. Food storage, preparation and cooking were limited. With a few changes to the existing floor plan and some kitchen remodeling ideas, the homeowner’s concerns about functionality are solved. The outdated, impractical and insufficient supply of storage space and work surfaces has been replaced by efficient, diverse and numerous alternatives. The pony wall was removed and the space reconfigured to include a peninsula with additional storage, a counter, breakfast bar and serving buffet in the dining room. In addition, full size gourmet appliances are installed.

In a small kitchen, storage space is at a premium and should therefore be maximized whenever possible. It’s important to consider kitchen design ideas that address both

When designing the perfect kitchen. After all, kitchen renovation is not only about improving the modernity of the finishes and the aesthetic value of your kitchen. Clever kitchen design ideas, small kitchen design techniques and decor ideas can be used to solve problems with the existing kitchen. In our blog titled “Meet Your New Kitchen… One Cupboard at a Time!”, we describe

In 24″ and 15″ depth options. On a peninsula or island, these cabinets can be combined to provide space on both sides. Additionally, these cabinets can be adjusted to provide different depths to accommodate small kitchen areas. Wherever possible, install furniture with full extension drawers that allow you to store dishes, trays and plates, pots and pans, glasses and even small appliances.

Reflections On Personal Style And A Small Kitchen Remodel

Be installed. These countertops are 40 inches tall and mount to the ceiling. They not only provide additional storage space, but also visually expand the height of a small kitchen.

In your small kitchen where storage space is lacking, consider corner units like Lazy Susans and cabinets with extendable shelves. A wonderful storage alternative to fill otherwise impractical and inaccessible corners, these units are perfect for housing a wide range of items from small appliances, cans or tins and crockery to spices, oils and powder and dry goods.

They are a great addition to renovating your small kitchen. They can provide adaptable storage for a variety of purposes, such as food pantries, utility storage and shelving to accommodate built-in appliances such as wall ovens and microwave ovens. Plus, it offers a significant amount of handy storage square footage in a relatively narrow unit—the perfect addition when you’re short on space.

Small House Kitchen Remodel

For added functionality, consider customizing cabinets with hidden drawers, a dedicated drawer with a 110V power source and USB ports for storing and charging electronics, or a drawer to house small kitchen appliances like coffee makers and toasters, along with a 110V outlet.

A Kitchen Remodel Filled With Budget Friendly Ideas

To redo your small kitchen, carefully consider the multitude of alternative countertops and floor plans you can fit into. We recommend you

. Quartz countertops are an affordable and simple alternative to consider. They provide a non-porous, non-absorbent, food-safe, hygienic, scratch- and stain-resistant surface. They are impact resistant and very durable and do not require sealing or polishing. However, placing extremely hot items directly on the plate is not recommended. Also, for those looking for consistency of color and pattern, artificial quartz countertops are a must. Granite countertops are cut and polished from huge blocks of granite quarried around the world. Granite is formed in nature over time under the influence of heat and pressure, so it is quite durable, heat resistant and naturally hygienic. Granite countertops will need to be sealed and polished regularly if they stain. Try to choose a less porous variety to avoid staining and excessive etching.

. They will bring a timeless aesthetic and years of enjoyment to your kitchen. Kitchen design ideas with a light and bright color story will transform your small kitchen and help its compact area appear larger. In addition, a monochromatic color palette full of texture and interest will unify your kitchen design plan, visually expanding the kitchen area. Think a light-toned kitchen with white, off-white, or light gray cabinets, oatmeal or toasted hues, and accents of gold, caramel, and champagne.

They are a practical addition to any kitchen renovation. Consider a set of large format porcelain tiles with solid grout lines as a wash option.

Small Kitchen Ideas For Your Next Kitchen Renovation

It is hassle free and easy to maintain. Most spills can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. Narrow grout lines leave little room for kitchen grease, grime and bacteria to build up. Aesthetically, this backsplash design creates a streamlined look that mimics the look of a stone slab without any maintenance. Alternatively, consider continuing the top material as the back. This creates a nice symmetry in your kitchen remodel, but is less budget-conscious than a tiled backsplash.

Due to low energy consumption and long life. In addition, LED linear lighting with remote control can be flush-mounted along the entire length of kitchen cabinets. Not only as an additional light source in a compact space, under-cabinet lighting is an excellent and relatively inexpensive source of ambient lighting.

Consists of 3 main components. Cabinets are usually made of melamine boards. If not constantly exposed to water, these frames should last for many years. The aesthetic components of the cabinet, i.e. door/drawer fronts and decorative panels, are made of solid wood, lacquered or painted MDF. If cleaned regularly, these surfaces should be quite durable and long lasting. The most sensitive part of the kitchen element is the hardware, hinges and drawer guides. They are constantly used in a busy kitchen. Ensure their longevity by choosing hardware from a reputable manufacturer like Blum.

Small House Kitchen Remodel

They can be useful in a small kitchen as they make it possible to install wall units accessible from both sides. This can greatly improve the storage and work surfaces available in a compact kitchen. In particularly small spaces, peninsulas or islands can also serve as a dining table or service buffet. A cantilevered top on the kitchen cabinet fronts creates a functional breakfast bar. Incorporating an island into your kitchen remodel requires more space than a peninsula because you need access around the island.

A Small House Gets A Big Kitchen

And the possibility of storage in the design of a small kitchen. Even seemingly small changes can change the world. Include an inner drawer in a deeper drawer or hinged cabinet to take advantage of the space lost above the kitchen cabinets.

Your limited work space in a small kitchen by creating a dedicated cabinet for storing small kitchen appliances when not in use. Use tall floor-to-ceiling cabinets that offer the ability to accommodate a coffee maker or microwave.

From small and impractical, lacking functional and convenient storage alternatives, useful work surfaces and efficient layouts, to bright, practical and family-friendly, create your own impressive kitchen with plenty of space to cook.

We hope these kitchen makeover ideas and small kitchen design tips will get you thinking about ways to renovate and transform your small, impractical kitchen into a modern kitchen that’s “big” with a look functional!

Kitchen Remodel On A Budget: 5 Low Cost Ideas To Help You Spend Less

! design & construction is a family-owned, North Shore-based design/build firm with over 40 years of experience in interior and exterior commercial and residential improvements.

We specialize in home renovations in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, including kitchen and bathroom renovations. Planning to remodel a small kitchen? Remodeling can be daunting, but our six steps will guide you smoothly through the process.

Remodeling a small kitchen is similar to remodeling a whole house, which we have detailed in this article, but some of the details are slightly different. Here are six steps to get you started.

Small House Kitchen Remodel

First, decide how much money you want to spend. This will help you track your spending in the long run. Pause

Kitchen Remodel: Before & After!

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